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Nancy "Polly" Ann Moore (Pathkiller) MP (1777 - 1832)

Event: full blooded Cherokee Nationality Note: believed to be from the Red Paint Clan. Father: Nunnaa hi-Dihia PATHKILLER b: 1742 in NC, USA Mother: Peggy Marriage 1 Robert Alec MOORE b: Abt ...

Nellie 'Leaf' Pathkiller U'ga'lo'gv Canoe (Pathkiller) MP (c.1734 - c.1790)

The Children of Chief Pathkiller and Peggy (woman of the Red Paint Clan of The Overhill Cherokee, NC.) Chief Nunnaa hi-Diha Pathkiller B. abt 1764 Nancy Ann (Polly) U’ga’lo’...

Nunna'hi-dihi, Chief Pathkiller MP (c.1764 - 1839)

Birth: 1742 Death: Jan., 1827 Cherokee Chief. Born it present day Alabama, he rose to the chieftainship of Gun'-di'ga-duhun'yi or Turkey Town, the largest of the Cherokee settlements and a princi...

Col. Pathkiller, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation (from 1811–1827) MP (1742 - 1827)

Pathkiller From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pathkiller, (c 1749 to 8 January 1827), was a Cherokee warrior, town chief, and Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. He also served as a colonel ...

Peggy Pathkiller, ll MP (1804 - 1852)

Peggy "Chow-a-you-cah" Pathkiller Ratliff, Jr From Find A Grave Memorial# 82351128 PEGGY PATHKILLER, JR Bef. 1820,She was the daughter of CHIEF PATHKILLER and PEGGY. She was born Abt. 1804, and die...

Ailcey Pathkiller (deceased)

Ailsey Pathkiller (c.1790 - d.)

Alcey Eldridge (Pathkiller) (1790 - 1835)

Alcey Pathkiller (1790 - d.)

Annie Pathkiller (Bird) (1890 - 1982)

Arhhilla Pathkiller (deceased)

Archilla Pathkiller (deceased)

Black Bear Meat Pathkiller (1821 - d.)

Cheif Pathkiller (deceased)

cherokee Indian Peggy Pathkiller (deceased)

Chief Pathkiller (deceased)

Chief Nunna'hi Pathkiller Pathkiller (c.1719 - 1827)

Chief Nunnaa hi-Diha Pathkiller (1764 - 1841)

Chief Nunnadihi (Moytoy) Pathkiller (Pathfinder) (deceased)

Chief Onocosota Pathkiller (deceased)

Chief Pathkiller Pathkiller (1742 - 1827)

Chowayoucha Pathkiller (deceased)

Elsie Pathkiller (deceased)

Elsie Eldridge (Pathkiller) (c.1790 - d.)

Gah nung to be Pathkiller (1831 - d.)

granny pathkiller (deceased)

Inola Pathkiller (deceased)

Jennie Pathkiller (deceased)

Jenny Pathkiller (1804 - 1852)

johnson pathkiller (b. - 1929)

Johnson (John) Crittenden Pathkiller (1857 - 1977)

Johnson (John) Robert Pathkiller (1887 - 1969)

Judge Pathkiller (c.1820 - d.)

Judge William Choo Huh Loo Huh Pathkiller (1835 - d.)

Julie Pathkiller (deceased)

key pathkiller (deceased)

martha ann pathkiller (west) (1884 - d.)

Nancy Ann Polly Pathkiller (deceased)

nancy pathkiller (crittenden) (deceased)

Nancy A. Pathkiller (deceased)

Nancy Ann Thompson (Pathkiller) (deceased)

Nancy anne polly pathkiller (deceased)

Nelly Ugalogv Pathkiller (deceased)

Oo doo lah do nah Pathkiller (1826 - d.)

Oo le sa go ge duh Pathkiller (1836 - d.)

Peggy Jr Chowayoucah Pathkiller (c.1804 - c.1852)

Peggy Pathkiller (Pathfinder) (deceased)

Peggy Pathkiller (deceased)

Charwahvooca PathKiller (1719 - 1770)

Red Paint Clan

Polly Pathkiller (deceased)

Princess Nancy Ann "Polly" Moore (Pathkiller) (deceased)

Quatee Elizabeth Pathkiller (deceased)

Racheal Tabatha Moore (Pathkiller) (deceased)

Robert Pathkiller (deceased)

Sara Pathkiller (deceased)

Sarah Pathkiller (deceased)

Sarah "Sally" Pathkiller (c.1812 - 1860)

PATHKILLER GARDENHIRE, James T. & wife, Sarah vs. Wiley BLAIR & others - Circuit Court - 1849 Editor's Note: The following case is a follow-up to a case involving Pathkiller, a Cherokee Indian, who...

Sarah Bear Meat Pathkiller (1822 - d.)

warren nmn pathkiller (25 - 73)

warren pathkiller (deceased)

william ezra pathkiller (1896 - d.)

Woodrow Louis Pathkiller (1920 - 2008)

Woody Pathkiller (deceased)

You-choo-howee-yah Bearmeat Pathkiller (deceased)

YouChoohoweeyah BearMeat Pathkiller (c.1791 - d.)