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Abraham Peacock MP (1761 - 1832)

Alfred Edward Peacock MP (1911 - 1912)

Master Alfred Edward Peacock was born at 35 Orchard Place, Southampton on 8 September 1911, the son of Mr Benjamin Peacock (mechanical engineer) and Mrs Edith Peacock (his mother christian name was inc...

Amy Vining Peacock (Thomas) MP (1746 - 1820)

Anna Peacock (Joy) MP (1762 - 1818)

Benjamin Moore (Peacock) MP (aft.1686 - c.1751)

Benjamin Moore - b. 1696, Chester Co., PA, d. 1751, PA. Son of Mary MOORE and George PEACOCK. Benjamin was called "Benoni Moore alias Peacock" in will of Margaret GREEN, his probable maternal great gra...

Caleb Peacock MP (1841 - 1896)

Catherine Peacock (Andrews) MP (1653 - 1692)

"William Peacock, son of William Peacock and Mary Taylor, was born 1642 in Yorkshire, England and died 1772 in Surry County, Virginia. Husband of Katherine Kindred and Catherine Andrews."* Reference: F...

Clarisse Loxton-Peacock - Lady Dunnett MP (1914 - 2004)

DOB May 7 1915 according to 1939 census

David Charles Peacock MP (deceased)

Edith Peacock (Nile) MP (1886 - 1912)

Mrs Benjamin Peacock (Edith Nile) was born in Carnkie near Illogan, Cornwall in 1886. The daughter of Mr Richard Nile (Tin Miner and latterly Mine Engine driver) and Mrs Mary Ann Nile. She was sister t...

Eleanor Peacock (NN) MP (1530 - d.)

Elizabeth Peacock (Whipple) MP (1680 - d.)

Elizabeth Scarlett (Peacock) MP (1743 - 1775)

Elizabeth Peacock (Farmer) MP (c.1727 - d.)

Gabriel Peacock MP (c.1680 - d.)

George Peacock MP (c.1670 - d.)

George PEACOCK - Although conclusive evidence is not available, it is highly likely that George PEACOCK was the father of Mary MOORE's son Benjamin. Only a few records concerning George are available, ...

George Peacock MP (1791 - 1858)

George Peacock From Wikipedia George Peacock (9 April 1791 – 8 November 1858) was an English mathematician. Early life Peacock was born on 9 April 1791 at Thornton Hall, Denton, near Darlington...

Hannah Peacock (Gifford) MP (1762 - 1825)

Isham Peacock MP (1742 - 1851)

The birth and death dates need to be checked. Did he live to be 109? Doubtful, but the nickname IS "Elder" so this bears some investigating! Also found on Other Event(s) Source...

John Peacock MP (c.1716 - 1781)

Peacock Family Association of the South

John Joy Peacock MP (1802 - 1860)

Jonnie Peacock MP

Jonathan "Jonnie" Peacock, MBE English sprint runner. An amputee, Peacock won gold at the 2012 Summer Paralympics and 2016 Summer Paralympics, representing Great Britain in the T44 men's 100 metres e...

Joshua Peacock MP (1758 - 1848)

Here's a reference describing the geneology of Joshua Peacock:

Lettice Aggar (Peacock) MP (1551 - 1621)

[5420] Ancestry of Zipporah Smith from a GEDCOM at RootsWeb by Helen S. Ullmann [ ]. "Ancestry of Lettice (Alger) Eliot of Nazeing, Essex" William Wyman Fiske NEHGR v160 pp181-18...

Lydia Shiver (Peacock) MP (1774 - 1850)

Margaret Cox (Peacock) MP (1801 - 1876)

Margaret Raine (Peacock) MP (deceased)

Maria Peacock (Johnson), SM/PROG MP (1790 - 1867)

Mary Richardson (Peacock) MP (1647 - 1719)

Mary Taylor Peacock (Stringfellow) MP (c.1675 - c.1719)

From Peacock Family Association of the South : People used to get into genealogy in hopes of finding out they were descended from royalty. But even those who found royal ancestors often found them on...

Mary Miller (Peacock) MP (1661 - 1720)

Matilda "Tilsey" Peacock (Cicily) MP (c.1710 - 1800)

Patience Peacock (Raiford) MP (c.1724 - c.1808)

notes From Descendants of Johm (1715-1781) & Patience Peacock John Peacock himself, as we have seen, must have been born about 1715 or a few years earlier, The dates for his wife, Patience Raiford,...

Richard Peacock, SV/PROG MP (1782 - 1849)

SAG, 2002, Heese en Lombard: Richard * Kent, England, British Settler a. on board La Belle Alliance with Wilson's Party in Algoa Bay on 24.5.1820, settled by 1825 dist. Somerset-East. x St. George's ...

Samuel Peacock, Sr. MP (c.1671 - c.1742)

Samuel Peacock was born about 1668 in Surry County, Virginia and died about 1742 in Albemarle County, North Carolina. Dates for birth and death are estimated. He lived to be about 74 years old. He li...

Samuel Peacock, II MP (1705 - 1793)

Samuel Peacock Birth: 1705 - Death: 1793 Parents: Samuel Peacock, Mary Taylor Stringfellow Wife: Tilsey He grew up in Maherrin, NC. He and his brother John, received land grants in the Na...

Samuel Peacock, III MP (1730 - 1814)

Sarah Sarah Peacock (Turner) MP (1760 - c.1800)

Sarah Parker (Peacock) MP (1784 - 1867)

Sophia Peacock MP (c.1792 - c.1896)

Susannah Jordan (Peabody or Peacock) MP (1585 - bef.1655)

Stephen Jordan was born around 1589 in Denham, Suffolk, England. He married Susannah PEACOCK or PEABODY around 1614 in Denham, Suffolk, England. He sailed with his family sailed for America on the ship...

Thomas Peacock MP (1500 - 1583)

Treasteall Peacock MP (1908 - 1912)

Miss Treasteall Peacock, 3, was born in 1908, her birthplace is unclear but it could either be the Illogan area of Cornwall or London. She was the daughter of Mr Benjamin Peacock (mechanical engineer) ...

Uriah Peacock, Sr. MP (1758 - 1846)

William Peacock MP (c.1642 - 1722)

Other Event(s) MILITARY: 1687 Surry County, Virginia, Militia Records Note: URL: Note: URL:

William Peacock MP (1726 - 1749)

Peacock MP (deceased)

Peacock MP (deceased)

Peacock MP (deceased)

Price (Peacock) MP (deceased)

Peacock (Satherley) MP (deceased)

Peacock (Cozens) MP (deceased)

#Nancy Eileen PEACOCK MP (1927 - 2007)

(Agnes) Loretta Hodges (Peacock) MP (1917 - 1996)

* Cora Marie Loomis (Peacock) MP (1863 - 1925)

* George Henry Peacock MP (1836 - 1894)

* Lovina ( Larevina) Peacock (??Koer,Neer or Holden) MP (1839 - 1911)

After her husband George H. Peacock died Lovina apparently married John Carpenter of Clinton, NY. He apparently was married before and never obtained a devoice. He was brought up on charges of bigamy.

- Clement (Peacock) MP (deceased)

--- Peacock MP (b. - 1864)

. Peacock MP (deceased)

<Private> Peacock MP (deceased)

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<Private> Forman (Peacock) MP (deceased)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via sister Hilda Frances Dunkley (born Peacock) by SmartCopy : Mar 25 2015, 2:27:18 UTC

? Peacock MP (deceased)

? Peacock MP (deceased)

? Peacock MP (deceased)

? Peacock MP (deceased)

? Peacock MP (deceased)

? Griffin (Peacock) MP (deceased)

? Rivers (Peacock) MP (deceased)

? Vaughn (Peacock) MP (deceased)

? Rivers (Peacock) MP (deceased)

? Robert ? Peacock MP (deceased)

?? Peacock (Forsman) MP (deceased)

a Peacock MP (deceased)

Aaron Peacock MP (deceased)

Aaron Peacock MP (deceased)

Aaron Peacock MP (1830 - 1849)

Abdel Kader Peacock MP (deceased)

Abdul Kader Peacock MP (1874 - 1938)

Abiah Peacock (Storm) MP (deceased)

Abiah Peacock (Storm) MP (1748 - d.)

Abigail Peacock MP (deceased)

Abigail Peacock (Morris) MP (1800 - 1853)

Abigail Hall (Peacock) MP (deceased)

Abigail Peacock (Dare) MP (1828 - 1883)

Abigail Peacock (Thorne) MP (c.1740 - 1789)

Here is Abigail's grave marker:

Abigail Peacock Morris (Baldwin) MP (1822 - d.)

Abigail Peacock MP (deceased)

Abner Peacock MP (deceased)

Abner Peacock MP (1727 - 1809)

Abner Peacock MP (1809 - d.)

Abraham Peacock MP (1761 - 1835)

Abraham Peacock MP (1814 - 1852)

Abraham Peacock MP (deceased)

Abraham Peacock MP (1814 - d.)

Abraham Peacock MP (c.1867 - d.)

Abraham Peacock MP (1732 - 1808)

Abraham Peacock MP (1689 - 1782)

Abraham Peacock MP (1761 - 1835)

abraham Peacock MP (1761 - 1835)