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James Louis Petigru (Pettigrew) MP (1789 - 1863)

"James Louis Petigru (May 10, 1789-March 9, 1863) was a lawyer, politician, and jurist in South Carolina. He is best known for his service as the state's Attorney General, his juridical work that playe...

James Louis Petigru (Pettigrew), Jr. MP (c.1811 - 1832)

James Louis Petigru, Jun.Drowned in little River, 11 January 1832, Obt. 12 Sept 1853 "On the 12th of September, two days after the date of this letter, James Louis Petigru, Jr., was accidentally dr...

James Luis Petigru, I MP (c.1635 - 1658)

Moved from France to Scotland before 1648.

James Louis Pettigrew (Petigru), III MP (1670 - 1753)

James Pettigrew, sometimes known as "James 2nd", one of two sons of James Pettigru, who emigrated from France to Scotland in 1648. "James Pettigrew 2nd and his brother, John Pettigrew, were two des...

Albert Pocher Petigru (1818 - 1826)

Dame Geiles Petigru (Moncrieff) (1643 - d.)

Daniel Elliott Huger Petigru (1822 - 1863)

Elizabeth Rabnsom Moore (Petigru) (b. - c.1738)

Harriette Louise Lesesne (Petigru) (b. - 1877)

The youngest of the Petigru children, Harriette married Henry Deas Lesesne in 1836. Already an accountant, by 1840 Henry was a partner in James’s successful law firm. Considered a lax disciplina...

James Petigru (deceased)

james petigru (deceased)

James Louis Petigru, Sr. (1584 - d.)

James Petigru, Jr. (c.1613 - 1663)

Records of the Pettigrew Family, which was originally French, but migrated to Scotland and Ireland prior to 1496 – James Pettigrew, of Irish branch, emigrated to Delaware and Pennsylvania, then ...

James Louis Petigru (deceased)

Jane Amelia Petigru (deceased)

Jane Caroline Carson (Petigru) (1820 - 1892)

John Petigru (Pettigrew) (deceased)

martha petigru (deceased)

Susan DuPont King (Petigru) (1824 - 1875)