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Bela Pinkerle (Melrich) MP (1626 - 1704)

Bella bat Natan ⚭ Löb Staden [26.08.1704] holy name (Bella bat Nathan) is known from her tombstone. We don't know her German name. In Yiddish her father's family name may be either Melrich or Me'elrich...

Elkele Goldschmidt Stadthagen (Pinkerle) MP (aft.1638 - bef.1707)

Her father's German family name is unknown. In Yiddish, he was called Staden. Elkele does not appear in non-Jewish sources. Thus, her German family name is a reconstruction. Her husband's family name i...

Glückel von Hameln MP (c.1646 - 1724)

Glückel of Hameln Lecture/Biography Dr. Henry Abramson * Memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln Google Books Glückel of Hameln (also spelled Gluckel or Glikl of Hamelin; also known as Glikl bas Judah Leib) (1646...

Leib (Löb) Pinkerle (ben Nathan) MP (1595 - 1670)

Glückel of Hameln wrote: "My father ... was already a widower when he became engaged to my mother. For fifteen years or more he had been married to a splendid woman, of good family, named Reize, who ma...

Abraham Benjamin Wolf Pinkerle (c.1650 - 1721)

Abraham Benjamin Wolf Pinkerle-Staden (c.1650 - 1721)

Elkel Pinkerle (c.1648 - 1707)

Glückel PINKERLE STADEN von Hameln (b. - 1724)

Hendel Gompertz Kleve (Pinkerle) (c.1645 - 1670)

In her diary, Hendel's sister, Glückel of Hameln, wrote of Hendel's engagement. "At that time my sister Hendele, of blessed memory, became engaged to the son of the learned Reb Gumpel of Cleves. She re...

Hendel Hendele bat Loeb (Gomperz/Gompertz/Gomp... /Pinkerle (1645 - d.)

Judah Joseph Leib Loeb ANCETRE Pinkerle Staden (1595 - 1670)

Mata Mate /Pinkerle (1648 - 1713)

Mate Ries-Wiener (Pinkerle) (1648 - 1713)

Nathan Pinkerle

NN Aurich (Pinkerle) (deceased)

Rebecca Riwka Bonn (Pinkerle) (1652 - 1727)

Reize bat Jitzchak Pinkerle (Spanier) (1580 - 1640)

URL: bat Jizchak [23.08.1640] Seitenanfang Diplomatische Transkription und Übersetzung ‎‏זאת‏‎ ›Dies ‎‏מצבת קבורת‏‎ ist das Grabmal‹ ‎‏החשובה ה[%D7%92%D7%91%D7%99%D7%A8%D7%94]‏‎ der Angesehenen, d...

Wolf Pinkerle-Staden (1650 - 1721)