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Joe Piscopo MP

American comedian and actor Joe Piscopo is most famous for his work on the popular sketch comedy series “Saturday Night Live” (1980 to 1984). The show brought him Emmy nominations for his...

amalia piscopo (deceased)

Angela Carbone (Piscopo) (1911 - 1984)

Angelo Piscopo (deceased)

Angie Piscopo Perrini (deceased)

Anglu Piscopo (deceased)

Anna Piscopo (deceased)

Anna PISCOPO (deceased)

Annuziata Piscopo (Mizzi) (deceased)

Antonette Piscopo (deceased)

Assunta Piscopo (deceased)

Benjamin Piscopo (c.1892 - d.)

Bernard Piscopo (1914 - 1996)

Biase PISCOPO (1646 - 1715)

Brenda Piscopo (James) (deceased)

Calogero Piscopo (deceased)

Carmela Tanti (Piscopo) (deceased)

Carmelo Piscopo Piscopo (deceased)

carolina piscopo (deceased)

Charles Piscopo (deceased)

Chiara Piscopo (Loisi) (deceased)

Chris Piscopo (deceased)

Claire M Piscopo (Fitzpatrick) (1921 - 1988)

Clotilde Piscopo (deceased)

Concetta Emolo (Piscopo) (deceased)

Dolores Martori (Piscopo) (deceased)

Estelle Dunn (Piscopo) (deceased)

Filomena Piscopo (Squillante) (deceased)

Filomena Piscopo (deceased)

Frances Milazzo (Piscopo) (b. - c.1948)

Francesco Aniello PISCOPO (b. - 1733)

Francisco Piscopo (deceased)

Frank Bisco (Piscopo} (deceased)

Gaetana Parello (Piscopo) (deceased)

Gaetano Piscopo (deceased)

Gionine Bisco (Piscopo} (deceased)

Giovanni Piscopo (deceased)

Giovanni PISCOPO (1753 - 1803)

Giuseppe PISCOPO (deceased)

Giuseppe PISCOPO (deceased)

Gloria Piscopo (c.1925 - d.)

Greg Piscopo (1968 - 2009)

Grezz Piscopo (deceased)

Grezz Piscopo (deceased)

Guza Piscopo (deceased)

James Piscopo (deceased)

Joe Piscopo (deceased)

John Piscopo (deceased)

John Piscopo (deceased)

John J Piscopo (1917 - c.1970)

Jordan (Giordano) Piscop (Piscopo) (deceased)

Joseph Piscopo (deceased)

Joseph Piscopo (deceased)

Joseph P Piscopo (1916 - 2002)

Joseph Piscopo (1940 - 1984)

Justine Alfieri (Piscopo) (1910 - d.)

Karmena Piscopo (deceased)

Katerina Piscopo (deceased)

Kelina Buttigieg (Piscopo) (deceased)

Konsi Piscopo (deceased)

Louis Piscopo (deceased)

Louis Piscopo (1908 - 1990)

Louis is son of Acrippino Piscopo and Luigia Bomba, both from Italy. Louis is the youngest of six children

Louis Piscopo, jr (deceased)

Louise Piscopo (c.1918 - d.)

Louise Valentine (Piscopo) (deceased)

Louise Piscopo married to George Valentine. Parents of David, Linda, Eric, Lisa Olsen, Kim McGlyn, Tracy Ricciardone

Lucy Giglio (Piscopo) (deceased)

Madeline (Lilly) Piscopo (Romano) (deceased)

Manwel Piscopo (deceased)

Maria Piscopo (deceased)

Maria Bologna Piscopo (deceased)

Maria Giuseppa Rosato (Piscopo) (deceased)

Marianna Piscopo (deceased)

Marie Mauro (Piscopo) (deceased)

Marie Piscopo married Dominic Mauro. Parents of Laura Buck and Rosemarie Abbate

Mario Piscopo (deceased)

Martha Piscopo (deceased)

Mauro PISCOPO (1915 - 1985)

Michele Piscopo (deceased)

Nicola PISCOPO (1789 - 1866)

Nicola Aniello PISCOPO (1719 - 1775)

Pandolfello Piscopo (deceased)

Pasquale Piscopo (deceased)

Pasquale Piscopo (deceased)

Pasquale Piscopo (deceased)

Pasquale PISCOPO (1885 - 1937)

Pasquale PISCOPO (b. - 1877)

Paul Piscopo (deceased)

Peppina Piscopo (Damasco) (1894 - d.)

Philomenia Piscopo (Squillante) (deceased)

Raffaele Piscopo (deceased)

riccardo piscopo (deceased)

Rosa Piscopo (deceased)

Rosario Piscopo (1883 - 1971)

Rosario Piscopo (deceased)

Rose Guida (Piscopo) (1890 - d.)

Salvatore Manduca Piscopo Macedonia, 3rd Conte di Mont Alto (b. - 1800)

Salvu Piscopo (deceased)

Salvu Piscopo (deceased)

Spiru Piscopo (deceased)

Stephen Piscopo (1921 - 2000)

Stephen Piscopo children Nancy Cashnelli (Piscopo) Stephen Piscopo Jr. Gerald Piscopo. Grand children are James Cashnelli Clarissa Baressa (Piscopo) Jennifer Piscopo Marcy Piscopo and Lindsey Piscopo.

Tobia PISCOPO (deceased)