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Emilio Poggi MP (c.1884 - 1912)

Emilio Poggi Age 26 Last resided in Southampton, Hampshire Occupation - Waiter - part off the a la Carte Restaurant Crew Died in the sinking - boddy recovered and buried at Fairview Lawn Ceme...

Poggi (deceased)

... Poggi (deceased)

Abel Poggi (deceased)

Ada Poggi (deceased)

Adele Poggi (deceased)

Adele Berardi (Poggi) (deceased)

Adelina Poggi (deceased)

Adelmo Poggi (deceased)

Adolfo Poggi (deceased)

Agrippa Poggi (deceased)

AIDA POGGI (deceased)

Albert John Poggi (deceased)

Alberto Bolaña Poggi (deceased)

Albina Poggi (Ricci) (deceased)

Albino Poggi (deceased)

Aldo Poggi (deceased)

Alice Poggi (Feiner) (1898 - 1965)

Alice Poggi (1886 - d.)

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Alice Poggi (deceased)

Amalia Masi (Poggi) (deceased)

Ambrosia Poggi (deceased)

Ana Eulália Azambuja Poggi de Figueiredo (Azambuja) (deceased)

Ana Pereira (Azambuja Poggi de Figueiredo), da Silva (1908 - d.)

Ana M Poggi (deceased)

Anacleto Poggi (deceased)

Anacleto Poggi (deceased)

Angel Poggi-Donatti (deceased)

Angela Calcagnino Poggi (1868 - d.)

Angela Maria Poggi (1756 - 1824)

Angelica Poggi-Donatti (deceased)

Angelica Rodriguez-Poggi (deceased)

Angelo Poggi (deceased)

Angelo Poggi (deceased)

Angèle Poggi (deceased)

Angèle Marie POGGI (deceased)

Anna Poggi (deceased)

Anna Poggi (b. - 1991)

Annamaria Poggi Chimichi (deceased)

Antonio Poggi (deceased)

Anunciata Poggi (deceased)

Aquiles Poggi (deceased)

Ardelia Poggi (deceased)

Attilio Poggi (deceased)

August Poggi (1905 - 1965)

AUGUSTA Delli Poggi (deceased)

Barbara Mary Backwell (Poggi) (deceased)

Beatrice Poggi (deceased)

Beningno Poggi (deceased)

Bianca Del Monte (POGGI) (1710 - d.)

Bice Poggi (deceased)

Cadomira Poggi (deceased)

Carla Poggi (1911 - 1981)

Carla Poggi (deceased)

Carlo Poggi (deceased)

Carlos Poggi (deceased)

Carlos Poggi (deceased)

Carlos Calcagnino Poggi (1879 - d.)

Carlos Alberto Santos Poggi (deceased)

Carmela Poggi (deceased)

Carmela (Carmen) Poggi Ottaviani (deceased)

Carmen Poggi Guridi (1915 - 1959)

Carolina Poggi (deceased)

Carolina Poggi (deceased)

Cassilo Poggi de Araujo (deceased)

Catalina Poggi (deceased)

Catherine Poggi (Giacchino) (1919 - d.)

Clotilde Poggi (deceased)

Clotilde Poggi (deceased)

Clément Poggi (1904 - 1997)

Danny Leonel Begni Poggi (deceased)

Dante Alberto Poggi (deceased)

Dante Poggi (deceased)

Dele Poggi (Belotti) (deceased)

Dennis Poggi (deceased)

Dolores Catalina Pelegrina Poggi Maciel (1864 - d.)

Domenica Poggi (deceased)

Domingo Idelfonso Bolaña Poggi (1895 - 1931)

Domingo Poggi (deceased)

Edna Poggi (deceased)

Eduardo Poggi (deceased)

Efrain Bittencourt Poggi (deceased)

Elida Poggi (deceased)

Elizabeth Kathrine Poggi (Smith) (c.1902 - d.)

Elmo Poggi (deceased)

Elsa Freire Poggi (deceased)

Elsbeth Marie Poggi (1923 - 2003)

Enna María Poggi Lares (deceased)

Enrico Poggi (deceased)

Enrico Poggi (deceased)

Enrico Poggi Alessandria (1905 - 1978)

Enriqueta Poggi (deceased)

Ercilia Bittencourt Machado (Poggi) (deceased)

Ernest Poggi (deceased)

Ernesta Poggi (deceased)

Estela Bolaña Poggi (deceased)

Ester Delfina Bolaña Poggi (deceased)

Ettore Poggi (deceased)

Ettore Poggi (deceased)

Eufemia Poggi (deceased)