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Edouard Poindestre (Poingdestre) MP (c.1538 - 1622)

The Poingdestre Family Coat of Arms can trace its roots back to ancient times where it was carried onto the battlefield with honor and chivalry to defend family, allies, King and country. The coat of a...

Elizabeth Poingdestre (Effard) MP (1597 - 1690)

George Poingdestre MP (1626 - 1692)

Sources: Name: George Poindexter Sex: M Birth: 1627 in St. Saviour's Parish, Isle of Jersey Death: ABT 1690 in St. Paul's Parish, New Kent (Hanover), Virginia Baptism: 23 DEC 1627 St. Savio...

John Thomas Poingdestre MP (c.1878 - d.)

Marriages Sep 1906 Gallichan Florence M M Southampton 2c 57 POINGDESTRE John Thomas Southampton 2c 57 Titanica Name: Mr John Thomas Poingdestre Born: Wednesday 6th November 187...

Susannah Poingdestre (Nichols) MP (c.1625 - 1693)

Thomas Poingdestre MP (1581 - 1669)

Poindexter Family - Isle of Jersey This page is dedicated to the Poindexter, Poindestre, or Poingdestre family. My great great grandmother was Louisa Poindexter. Info on the first 15 generations wa...

Alinor Poingdestre (c.1473 - d.)

Alinor poingdestre (c.1438 - d.)

Andre Poingdestre (deceased)

Anne Poingdestre (c.1696 - 1763)

Anne Poingdestre (HAMPTONNE) (c.1633 - d.)

Anthony Poingdestre (1913 - 1965)

Burnulf Poingdestre (c.1140 - d.)

Charles Poingdestre (deceased)

Clarence Phillip Poingdestre (deceased)

Clemence Binet (Poingdestre) (1499 - d.)

Clement Poingdestre (c.1503 - c.1544)

Clement Poingdestre (deceased)

Rector of St Ouen, Jersey.

Clement Poingdestre (deceased)

coletee poingdestre (de st. helier) (deceased)

Constance Poingdestre (Chittenden) (c.1920 - d.)

constance poingdestre (chittiden) (deceased)

Domyan Poingdestre (deceased)

Edouard POINGDESTRE (1538 - 1622)

Edouard Poingdestre (deceased)

Edouard Poingdestre (c.1540 - 1622)

Edouard 1652 Poingdestre (c.1562 - 1622)

Edward Gibbs POINGDESTRE (c.1839 - c.1905)

Eliza Jane Poingdestre (Warr) (deceased)

Elizabeth Macken (Poingdestre) (deceased)

Elizabeth BANDINEL (POINGDESTRE) (1665 - 1697)

Elizabeth Bandinel (Poingdestre) (1660 - 1684)

Eunice E Poingdestre (Best) (1890 - d.)

NSW BDM has two records listed for the following marriage 9408/1914 - POINGDESTRE JOHN W married BEST EUNICE E at SYDNEY 9408/1914 - POINGDESTRE JOHN W married BEST EUNICE E at SYDNEY

fay poingdestre (deceased)

Florence Maud Poingdestre (Gallichan) (c.1884 - d.)

G. Poingdestre (Nichols) (deceased)

Gabrielle Poingdestre (deceased)

geoffrey raoul poingdestre (c.1250 - d.)

Geoffrey or Raoul Poingdestre (c.1250 - d.)

The most ancient contemporary reference to the family by it s present surname occurs in the archives of St Lo, France. Geoffrey and Raoul Poindestre are mentioned as landowners in Jersey in the year ...

Geoffroy Poingdestre (c.1200 - d.)

George Poingdestre (1627 - 1690)

George Poingdestre (c.1478 - 1544)

Inherited Fief es poindestre. Part owner of Fief de St Germine, Jersey.

George Poindexter Poingdestre (1627 - 1692)

Girette Ahier (1464 - 1542)

Guillaume Poingdestre (deceased)

Guille Poingdestre (deceased)

Helen Poingdestre (Morin) (1477 - d.)

Helene Morin (c.1439 - d.)

Herbert Douglas Poingdestre (deceased)

Hélène Poingdestre (Morin) (c.1414 - 1477)

Jacob Poingdestre (1624 - d.)

James P Poingdestre (1911 - d.)

Jane Hannah Poingdestre (Madgwick) (1894 - 1977)

Jean Poingdestre (c.1379 - c.1458)

Jean Poingdestre (deceased)

jean poingdestre (c.1300 - c.1389)

jean poingdestre (c.1359 - d.)

Jean Poingdestre (c.1505 - 1583)

Jean Johan Poingdestre (c.1411 - 1477)

Notes It is possible that the Johan (Jean) Poingdestre who lived from 1411 to 1477 was the only member of the family who held the office of Bailiff, but the dates tend to support the view put forwa...

Jean Poingdestre (deceased)

Jean Poingdestre (c.1429 - 1506)

Johan (Jean) Poingdestre (1445-1500) Parents: Johan (Jean) Poingdestre (1411-1477) m Helen Morin (1425-1476) Married: Alinor (1436- ) Notes One of fifteen main Lords of Jersey. First ...

Jean Poingdestre (c.1320 - c.1360)

Abt 1414 : Baliff of Jersey. Jurat of the royal court.

Jean Poingdestre (c.1359 - d.)

1420 - 1425 : Leutenant baliff of Jersey.

Jean Poingdestre (1473 - d.)

Jean Poingdestre (deceased)

Jean or Cosnard Poingdestre (deceased)

jeanette poingdestre (le lorreur) (c.1380 - d.)

Jeanette Le Lorreur (c.1416 - d.)

Jeanne Poingdestre (deceased)

Jeanne Payn (Poingdestre) (deceased)

Jeanne Gallichan (Poingdestre) (1719 - 1767)

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Joan Poingdestre (deceased)

joanna poingdestre (des augres) (c.1360 - d.)

Johan (Jean) Poingdestre (c.1340 - c.1375)

Johan (Jean) Poingdestre (c.1305 - c.1389)

Johan (Jean) Poingdestre (c.1270 - d.)

Johanna Poingdestre (deceased)

Johanna Poingdestre (deceased)

Johanna des Augres (c.1310 - d.)

johanna poingdestre (deceased)

John Poingdestre (c.1477 - d.)

John Poingdestre (c.1411 - c.1477)

John Poingdestre (deceased)

John Poingdestre (c.1477 - 1477)

John Poingdestre (c.1908 - 1916)

John Poingdestre (c.1618 - d.)

john day Poingdestre (deceased)

john gallican Poingdestre (deceased)

Jordain Poingdestre (deceased)

Before 1325 : Monk of Mont St Michel. 1325 - 1331 : Prior at St Michel Au Valle, Gurnsey ?

Katherine Poingdestre (deceased)

Keith George Poingdestre (deceased)

Lyle Gordon Poingdestre (1890 - 1953)

Marguerite Hue (Poingdestre) (deceased)

Marguerite Poingdestre (deceased)

Marguerite Poingdestre (c.1441 - d.)

Marie Poingdestre (c.1638 - 1710)

Marie Poingdestre (deceased)

Marie Esther Fielding (Poingdestre) (deceased)

Marie Esther Poingdestre (1820 - d.)

(Baptised 29 May 1820 Marie Esther daughter of Jean & Marie Fielding St Brelade)

Martha Poingdestre (deceased)