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Anne Poschet (de Colnet) MP (1580 - 1618)

This entry is speculative, and is derived from Chapter one of "The Posey Family in America" by Lloyd Franklin Posey and Betty Sue Drake Posey.

Sir Marteyn Poschet MP (1585 - 1617)

Marteyn POSCHET: Knight Seigneur of Voyaux was born in France. Claims have been made by some that Francis was born in France, that he was a son of Marteyn POSCHET of London, and descended from the Po...

? Poschet MP (deceased)

Anne De Colnet Poschet MP (1509 - d.)

Anthoni Poschet MP (deceased)

Antony Posset nämns på s 196 och på s 199 sägs att "han i domböckerna alltid går under namnet Antony fransman" På s 200 kan man läsa att han kallas "I Kristine kyrkas böcker Poscheth; möjligen kan han ...

Eustache Joseph Poschet, Baron of Razem MP (c.1387 - c.1427)

Baron of Razem, early 1400s in Cambrai, France. Title: Baron De Raazem Occupation: Knight Sources: Title: "Meet Your Ancestors" compiled by Noland (Hubbard) Bowling. Copyright 1985 Library of Con...

Eustache Joseph Poschet MP (1400 - d.)

Joseph Poschet MP (c.1400 - c.1421)

Giles Poschet MP (1557 - 1648)

Sergeant-Major in French Infantry

Giles Poschet MP (1538 - d.)

Joseph Poschet, Lord of Giberet MP (1523 - 1561)

Lord of Generet TITLE: Lord of GIBERET

Joseph Poschet MP (deceased)

Lucien Poschet MP (deceased)

Marie Poschet MP (deceased)

Marteyn Martin Poschet MP (c.1606 - 1669)

Martin Poschet MP (1549 - 1614)

Martryn Poschet MP (1562 - 1625)

Mathieu/Mathis Poschet MP (1541 - 1581)

Mathilde Poschet MP (1390 - d.)

Matthieu Poschet MP (deceased)

Modest Poschet MP (deceased)

Philippe Theodore Poschet MP (1467 - 1515)

Philippe Octave Emmanual Poschet, Viscount Razem MP (c.1421 - 1474)

BK 5 #2637 Chart Line #2: Phillipe Octave Emmanuel Poschet, son of Eustache Joseph Poschet and Mathilde de Foeleimberg was born in France between 1421 and 1441. He was also titled nobility, being ident...

Phillippe Theodore Poschet MP (1450 - 1497)

Phillippe Octave Poschet MP (1424 - d.)

Phillippe Theodore Poschet MP (1450 - 1497)

Phillippe Octave Poschet MP (c.1424 - c.1531)

Unknown Poschet MP (deceased)

Unknown Poschet MP (deceased)