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André Previn MP

André George Previn KBE (born Andreas Ludwig Priwin) is a German-born American pianist, conductor, and composer. He is a winner of several Academy Awards for his film work and Grammy Awards for his rec...

Alice R Preshaw (Previn) MP (c.1856 - 1928)

Andy Previn MP (b. - c.1950)

Avraham Previn MP (deceased)

Charles Previn MP (1888 - 1973)

American film composer Charles Previn is a familiar name to anyone who's ever watched a Universal film of the 1940s or 1950s. For nearly three decades, Previn was musical director at Universal, oversee...

Jenny Hurtig (Previn) MP (deceased)

Lark Previn {adopted} MP (1973 - 2008)

Lark Previn was the adopted daughter of actress Mia Farrow and internationally acclaimed pianist Andre Previn. Previn came to live with Mia and Andre in 1973, joining their three natural children Matth...

Leah Seltzer (Previn) MP (c.1874 - d.)

Mollie Previn (Freedman) MP (c.1910 - c.1957)

Molly Previn (Freedman) MP (deceased)

Terry Previn MP (b. - c.1950)

Unknown Previn MP (deceased)

Yehuda "Yidl" Previn MP (deceased)