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Elizabeth Case (Purchase) MP (c.1642 - 1728)

Elizabeth Case (Purchase) MP (1593 - 1618)

George Purchase MP (1566 - 1585)

Joan Capen (Purchase) MP (1578 - 1653)

There is another profile of Joan Capen with a picture of the house that she and Bernard lived in. Wish we could merge these two profiles and get the picture of the house on this profile and on Bernard ...

John Purchase MP (1542 - 1614)

Point of interest: This Google search gets 80 hits as of 10/16/2007: "john purchas" OR "john purchase" 1545 kreables In his will, John Purchas calls himself a tanner of Much Waltham, Essex. This wi...

John Purchase MP (deceased)

John Purchase MP (1570 - 1645)

Margaret Purchase (Kreables) MP (c.1542 - 1585)

John and Margaret had five children: i. John Purchas: (the "eldest son, John") three children are mentioned in his will: John, William, and Alice. ii. Thomas Purchas: his will refers to one daughte...

Mary Ann Purchase (Perkins) MP (c.1528 - 1557)

Mary Purchase MP (c.1570 - d.)

Mary Warner (Purchase) MP (1568 - 1627)

Mary Purchas was born in England and died in Essex County, England, about 1627. Her will was proved on May 12, 1627. The six children named in the will of John Warner, of Hatfield Broad Oak written J...

Oliver Purchase, Jr., of Hammersmith MP (c.1552 - c.1633)

Possible d.o.d. November 12, 1633 Joan Purchase, born about 1578, daughter of Oliver Purchase. The most economical intepretation of this collection of records is that there were four Purchase sibling...

Oliver Purchase, Sr MP (c.1522 - 1556)

OLIVER1 PURCHASE. Children of OLIVER PURCHASE are: THOMAS PURCHASE, born Bef. 1610 in Dorchestor, Dorset England; died May 11, 1678 in Lynn, MA. Aquila PURCHASE, died 1633 at sea. PURCHASE. She...

Ruth Phillips (Purchase) MP (1664 - 1738)

Sarah Phippen (Purchase) MP (1626 - 1683)

Sarah Purchase Birth: before Aug 6 1626 - Weymouth, Dorset, England Death: Jan 17 1683 - Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States Parents: Aquila Purchase, Ann Squire Husband: Gamaliel P...

Sarah Royall (Purchase) MP (1641 - 1697)

Thomas Purchase MP (1564 - c.1585)

Thomas Purchase MP (c.1657 - 1681)

Thomas Purchase was born at Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts 1657. His parents were Thomas Purchase and Elizabeth Andrews. He married Elizabeth Williams 3 Dec 1679 at of Essex, Massachusetts . Elizabeth Wi...

Thomazine Purchase (Harris) MP (c.1556 - 1633)

1/10/2015 Found on CTC: Thomasine Harris 12th Generation — 9th Great-grandmother of Calvin Coolidge Ahnentafel No: 2931 Father: Mother: Birth Date: Birth Location: Chr...

Wife of Thomas Purchase MP (deceased)

? Purchase (deceased)

Abigail Shore (Purchase) (c.1618 - d.)

iii ABIGAIL, bur. 20 July 1622. Abigail PURCHASE [Parents] 1, 2 was christened 4 Jul 1624 in Holy Trinity, Dorchester, Dorset, England. She married Sampson SHORE on 1642 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachuset...

Abigail (Ghiggooie) Shore (Purchase) (deceased)

Abner Benjamin Purchase (1892 - 1954)

Abner Benjamin Purchase Service Number: 4505 Rank: Private Roll title: 28 Infantry Battalion - 9 to 18 Reinforcements (February-December 1916) Conflict / Operation: First World War, 1914-1918 ...

Ada Priscilla Purchase (1877 - 1884)

Ada Alice Rose Hawthorn (Purchase) (deceased)

Adriaan Albertus Purchase (1933 - d.)

Adrian Albertus Purchase (deceased)

Agnes I Purchase (1892 - 1979)

Agnes was the first child in the Purchase family born in the United States. The family was documented in the 1891 Canadian census in Ste. Cecile de Milton, Quebec (on May 1) but Agnes was born in Ludlo...

Albert William Purchase (1876 - 1954)

Albert Knight Purchase (1839 - d.)

Albina Purchase (1882 - c.1968)

alfred purchase (deceased)

alfred william george purchase (deceased)

Alfred James Purchase (deceased)

Alfred James Purchase (1867 - d.)

Alfred James Purchase (1872 - d.)

Alfred Rufus Purchase (1887 - 1929)


Alfred Purchase (deceased)

Alfred John Purchase (deceased)

Alfred James Purchase (deceased)

Alfred or Albert Purchase (deceased)

Alice Marie PURCHASE (1910 - c.1986)

Alice Purchase (deceased)

Alice Elizabeth Purchase (deceased)

Alice Morey (Purchase) (1801 - 1872)

Migration: On "SS Blonde" Departure: 26 Jun 1848 Plymouth, DEV, ENG. Arrival 15 Oct 1848 Port Phillip, VIC, AUS.

Alice Purchase (Snook) (1882 - d.)

Alice Purchase (Gibson) (deceased)

Alida Antionnette Judias (Purchase) (c.1922 - d.)

Ambrose Purchase (1766 - d.)

Ambrose Purchase (1656 - d.)

Ambrose Purchase (deceased)

Amelia Purchase (Green) (1856 - d.)

Amelia Purchase (deceased)

Amy Annie Purchase (Houston McMillan) (1907 - 1993)

Andrew Purchase (deceased)

Andrew Purchase (deceased)

Andrew James Purchase (deceased)

Anita M Purchase (c.1919 - 2014)

Anita Mae (Purchase) Chagnon, 95, passed away peacefully on Saturday December 20th. Born in Springfield to the late Edward and Edith (Brown) Purchase, she was a graduate of West Springfield High School...

Ann Purchase (1868 - 1963)

Ann Purchase/Purchis (c.1550 - d.)

Ann Phippen (Purchase) (1666 - 1696)

Ann Purchase (Condinell) (deceased)

Ann Oliver (Purchase) (deceased)

comments May 2016, Geni member J Sherman notes: Insofar as I can tell, Thomas Oliver is not the son of Thomas Oliver and Ann Ann Oliver . Thomas Oliver and Ann Squire are allegedly from Northampton...

Ann Mary Purchase (1850 - 1913)

Ann Purchase (Squire) (deceased)

Anna Recorder Franklin (Purchase) (1846 - d.)

Anna was born on the ship , Recorder, in 1846 Excerpt from Aided immigration Purchase, George Recorder 12.4.46 & wife Delivered of female infant 13.3.46 (ZP 1/1/153 48/262)

Anna Magdalena Purchase (1963 - d.)

Anne Purchase (1673 - d.)

Anne Purchase (1582 - d.)

Anne Purchase (Talbot) (c.1691 - c.1724)

Anne Purchase (1617 - d.)

Annie Cecilia Joynes (Purchase) (1906 - 1988)

Anton Jasper Purchase (1920 - d.)

Aquila Purchase (1589 - 1633)

Aquila and his wife Ann sailed with Bernard and wife Joan on the unnamed ship from Weymouth in 1633 for Dorchester, Mass. Unfortunately, Aquila died during the voyage. A Line of Descent to President ...

Aquila Purchase (c.1631 - d.)

Aquila PURCHASE 1 was christened 17 Apr 1631 in Holy Trinity, Dorchester, Dorset, England.

Aquila Purchase (deceased)

Arthur L Purchase (deceased)

Arthur Thomas Purchase (1882 - d.)

Arthur Vibert Purchase (1916 - d.)

Arthur Walter Edmond (Purchase) (c.1888 - 1937)

Arthur George Purchase (1927 - 2008)

Arthur Purchase (deceased)

Arthur Edmund Walter Purchase (deceased)

Baby Purchase (1900 - d.)

Baden Purchase (1933 - d.)

Baden Powell Purchase (1899 - 1963)

Baden Powel Purchase (deceased)

Barend Purchase (1862 - d.)

Barend Purchase (deceased)

Beatrice Purchase (deceased)

beatrice purchase (neal) (deceased)

Beatrice Purchase (deceased)

Beatrice Purchase (deceased)

Beatrice Purchase (Fourie) (deceased)

Beatrice (Polly) Purchase (deceased)

Benjamin Charles Purchase (1876 - d.)

Bernard Purchase (deceased)

Bertha Ball (Purchase) (1879 - 1947)

Bertina Farrel (Purchase) (deceased)