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1st wife Kulangattuparambu Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

2nd Wife Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

3rd wife Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

4th wife Mariumma Padiyath Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

A. Kara Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Aami Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Aami Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

Aami Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Abdu Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

ABDU P.V. Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Abdul Kadir Puthiyaveettil (deceased)


Abdul Rahiman Haji Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

ABDULKADIR P.V. Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Abdulla Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Abdulla Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Abdullah Ahmed Haji Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

Abdulrahiman Master Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

Abdulrahimankutty Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

Abdurahman Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Abdurahmankutty Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Abubacker Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

Achuthankutty Menon Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Ahamed (Valiya Ahamoo Koorikuzhi) Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Ahamed Haji -Kizhakumury Janmi Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Ahamed Haji (deceased)

Ahamed Haji Kizhakum Muri Janmi Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Ahamed's 3rd Wife -Amina C Parambathkandy (Td) puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Ahamed's 5th wife-1st cousin puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Ahamed's1 st Wife Kandathiparambil puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Ahamu Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

Ahamu Velikettil Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Aisha Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

Aishabi Ibrahim Thattamparambil Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Aishu Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Aishumma w/o Kattakath Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

Amina padiyath puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Aminabi Ayyaril Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Aminabi Veliyathunadu Puthiyaveettil (deceased)


Smt.AMMU AMMA (daughter of Smt. KARUMATHIL KUNJU AMMA and Chembilveetil Sri. CHATTU MENON) was married to Sri. KATTAYATTU GOVINDA MENON, the then Prime Minister of the Zamorins. Kattayattu Sri. Govinda...

Ammunji Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

AMMUNJI P.V. Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

appunni nair puthiyaveettil (deceased)


Aysha Ahamed Haji Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Ayshumma Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

baburaj puthiyaveettil puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Balagopal Varma Puthiyaveettil (1934 - d.)

Dr. P.B.Menon (1908 - d.)

Dr. P.B. Menon was the first and only Eye Specialist in Calicut and probably in the whole of Malabar.He started his practice in the year 1933. He built Gita Eye Hospital in the year 1965 at Chalappuram...

Balaram Menon Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Bava Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

Bavu Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

Bavu Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

BAVU P.V. Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Beeran Puthiyaveettil Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Beevathu Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Beevathu Puthiyaveettil puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Beevi Kadija Valiya Ahamu puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Beevi Puthiyaveettil puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Chandran Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Dr. K.P.G. Menon M.R.C.P(Lond) (1899 - 1966)

He did his M.R.C.P. from London and joined the Medical Service at Chennai. During the World war II , he joined the Indian Army as Lt. Colonel . later he served as the Supdt. of the Madras General hospi...

Dr. Narayana Menon Puthiyaveettil (1887 - 1919)

Narayana Menon did his Postgraduation in Medicine at London, but died at a very young age of galloping T.B. at London.

Dr.Aabdullah Veternary Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)


Fathima Puthiyaveettil Puthiyaveettil (b. - c.2003)

Fathimakutty Kdalayi Parambu Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

Fatima Puthiyaveettil (b. - 1997)

Gangadharan Menon Puthiyaveettil (1911 - d.)

Girl Puthiyaveettil (1907 - 1907)

Girl Puthiyaveettil (1907 - 1907)

Col. P.G.Menon (1917 - 1994)

He joined the Territorial Army and after independence the regular Indian Army. Later he switched over to N.C.C. and was stationed at trivandrum . After retirement he settled down in Mysore .

Gopalakrishna Menon Puthiyaveettil (b. - 1922)

Gopinath Puthiyaveettil (1948 - 1971)

Gopinathan Menon Puthiyaveettil (1909 - 1981)

Govinda Menon Puthiyaveettil (1861 - 1926)

Govinda Menon was in Govt. service at Chennai. He is remembered for the case he filed against his mother Kalyani Amma for construction of a house in a common family property. It went up to the Privey C...

Govinda Menon Puthiyaveettil (1903 - d.)

Govindan Nair Cheekonnumel Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

H Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Haidrose Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Hamza Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

HYDROSE Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Janaki Menon Puthiyaveettil (c.1920 - c.2010)

K Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Kadar Puthiyaveettil Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Kader Puthiyaveettil- (deceased)

Kadijabi Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Kalyani Amma Puthiyaveettil (1889 - 1978)

Kalyani Amma PUTHIYAVEETTIL (1901 - d.)

KALYANI AMMA Puthiyaveettil (1845 - d.)

Puthiyaveettil Kalyani Amma a great Sanskrit Scholar and exponent of veena

Kalyani Kochunny Nair Puthiyaveettil (1904 - 1973)

Kalyani is the eldest daughter of Kunhammaman Raja, 142nd Zamorin of Calicut 1958/1960 and married to Kochunni Mannarkad Muppil Nair.

Kamala Puthiyaveettil (1930 - d.)

Kamala Amma Menon Puthiyaveettil (1923 - 2005)

KAMMATI P.V. Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Kammatti Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Kammatty Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Kammatty Kader -AD 1700 to 1825. Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Kammatty Puthiyaveettil Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Kapilnath Menon Puthiyaveettil (1912 - d.)

Karthiayani Puthiyaveettil (deceased)

Karunakara Menon Puthiyaveettil (1871 - 1944)