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Aurora A. Quezon MP (1888 - 1949)

Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon was a civic leader and First Lady of the Philippines. She served as the first Chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross after its creation in 1947. She, her daughte...

Manuel L. Quezon MP (1877 - 1944)

Manuel Luis Quezon y Molina was President of the Philippines from 1935-1944. More here: . He was made a Mason on March 17, 1908 in Sinukuan Lodge No. 272, now Sinukuan Lodge No. 16. More here: . In 1...

Aurora Molina Aragon-Quezon (Aragon) (1888 - 1949)

Aurora Quezon (deceased)

Ciriaco Quezon (deceased)

Consuela Laguerta (Quezon) (deceased)

Edgardo Quezon (deceased)

Edith Quezon (deceased)

Emmanuel Quezon (deceased)

Escolastica Quezon (deceased)

Fe Quezon Jamero (Quezon) (deceased)

Guadalupe Abella Quezon (Abella) (1926 - 2001)

Illuminada C. Quezon (deceased)

Iluminada Quezon (deceased)

Josefa Quezon Miñoza (Quezon) (deceased)

Leovino Quezon (deceased)

Lourdes Orense Casas-Quezon (Casas) (1928 - 2012)

Lucio Quezon (b. - 1898)

Lucio Quezon, a retired Spanish sergeant, was a boat captain from Infanta. He traded in balatan, cola, and almaciga, when he came to Baler and there married Maria Dolores Molina. References Mesin...

Luisa Corazon Paz Quezon (1924 - 1924)

Manuel Quezon (deceased)

Manuel L. Quezon Jr. (1926 - 1998)

Manuel Lucio Aragon Quezon, Jr. (1926 - 1998)

Manuel Luis Molina Quezon (1878 - 1944)

Manuel Luis Molina Quezon (deceased)

Maria Aurora Quezon (1919 - 1949)

Pedro Quezon (c.1881 - 1898)

Precilla Quezon (deceased)

Renato Quezon (deceased)

Rosario(Osi) Limon (Quezon) (deceased)

Rufina Molina Quezon (deceased)

Second Unknown Quezon (deceased)

Simprosa Quezon (deceased)

Unk Quezon (deceased)

Unknown Quezon (deceased)

Zosimo Abesamis Quezon (deceased)

Zosimo Quezon (deceased)