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Eduardo A. Quisumbing, Sr. MP (1895 - 1986)

Eduardo Quisumbing was a noted expert in the medicinal plants of the Philippines. He was author of more than 129 scientific articles. many on orchids. Eduardo Quisumbing served as the Director of the N...

Leonardo A. Quisumbing MP

Appointed Supreme Court Associate Justice in 1998 by President Ramos. Served as Labor Secretary since March l996 and also served as senior deputy executive secretary and defense undersecretary. A 1...

Norberto B. Quisumbing, Jr. MP

Norberto B. Quisumbing, Jr. was once considered one of the most influential people of Cebu. Being the chair and founder of the Cebu-based Norkis Trading Co., Inc. (now Norkis Group of Companies) Mr. Qu...

Agaton Legaspi Quisumbing (deceased)

(of Malbog, Southern Masbate) Died a day apart with his wife According to Nella, the Atlas or Arroyo gold mines (very huge tract) could not be from Vicente the 1st otherwise, it would have been subdi...

Albert Jesus V. Quisumbing (1951 - d.)

Alberto Eduardo C. Quisumbing (1922 - 1945)

Alberto Ricardo Quisumbing (1947 - 2005)

Alejandro de los R. Quisumbing (deceased)

Alejandro was a ship owner whose ships plied the Manila-Saigon route. Damiana hi wife was a direct descendant of Rajah Lakandula of Tondo. Her father, Cornelio Maninang, was the tax collector for the i...

Alexander Baranechea Quisumbing (deceased)

Alfredo Eduardo J. Quisumbing (deceased)

Alter G. Quisumbing (deceased)

Amado M. Quisumbing (b. - 2008)

Amelia Quisumbing-Aldaba (c.1918 - c.1975)

Ana Quisumbing (Marcelino-Pineda) (deceased)

Ana Maria Quisumbing-Tuason (1928 - 2011)

Angela N. Quisumbing-Degracia (1911 - 1999)

Anita Quisumbing (Lahoz) (deceased)

Antonio J. Quisumbing, Sr. (1931 - d.)

Artemio J. Quisumbing (deceased)

Augusto C. Quisumbing (deceased)

Aurora Arias Quisumbing (1905 - 1977)

Basilisa Lim-Quisumbing (deceased)

Baudillo Quisumbing (deceased)

On June 2005, Lourdes Q. Q. Belo (daughter of Jose M. Quisumbing of the Alejandro Line) confirmed that Baudillo is her grandfather, the father of her mother, Estrella Quisumbing. When Sotera was widowe...

Benjamin S. Quisumbing (1926 - 2007)

Benjamin(+) Quisumbing (deceased)

Boy Quisumbing (deceased)

Carlos Quisumbing (deceased)

Carlos A. Quisumbing (deceased)

Carmen F. Quisumbing-Ongsioco (deceased)

Cesar Arias Quisumbing (deceased)

Charles B. Quisumbing (deceased)

Consolacion C. Quisumbing (1913 - 1913)

Constancio C. Quisumbing (deceased)

Consuelo Quisumbing Mateo (deceased)

Damiana Quisumbing Montilla (Quisumbing) (1940 - 2001)

Dolores Q. Quisumbing-de Gorostiza (b. - c.2003)

Lolita passed away in 2003 and is buried at Holy Name Cemetery at West Side Avenue in Jersey City ( a few blocks away from St. Aloysius Church).

Dolores C. Quisumbing (deceased)

Dominador C. Quisumbing (deceased)

Eduardo L. Quisumbing, Jr. (1928 - 1987)

Sources: Eduardo Quisumbing, Jr.'s Birth Certificate (Back): Eduardo Quisumbing, Jr.'s Birth Certificate (Front): Eduardo Quisumbing, Jr.'s Death Certificate:

Edwarda Baranachea Quisumbing (deceased)

Elias F. Quisumbing (deceased)

Elias was the youngest of the children of Vicente. According to Nelia Q Sanchez of the II Agaton Legaspi Quisumbing Line, Elias was a very fair and tall (six footer).

Eloisa B. Quisumbing-Villar (1926 - 1983)

Emilio A. Quisumbing, Sr. (1885 - 1976)

Emilio C. Quisumbing Jr. (1915 - 1945)

Ernesto Arias Quisumbing (1909 - 1975)

Estrella Quisumbing Quisumbing (c.1901 - c.1973)

Fe Nieva Quisumbing (deceased)

Federico M. Quisumbing (deceased)

Felisa Quisumbing (Corteza) (deceased)

Feliza Quisumbing (Corteza) (deceased)

Fernando A. Quisumbing (1886 - 1937)

Fernando E. Quisumbing, Jr. (1928 - 1935)

Fernando R. Quisumbing (deceased)

Filomena G. Quisumbing-Zamora (deceased)

Filomena Quisumbing (deceased)

Flora de los R. Quisumbing-Santos (deceased)

Flora Legaspi Quisumbing (deceased)

Francisco Q. Quisumbing (deceased)

Francisco (Ronnie) P. Quisumbing (1942 - 1997)

Gaudencio de los R. Quisumbing (1873 - d.)

gaudencio,de los reyes quisumbing (deceased)

Glicerio F. Quisumbing, Sr. (deceased)

Glicerio C. Quisumbing, Jr. (deceased)

Honorato de los R. Quisumbing (deceased)

Honorato E. Quisumbing (1926 - 1990)

Honorato Lim Quisumbing (1918 - 1945)

Here is Dr. Honorato Quisumbing's story, this is from Ambrosio Jumangit III through their brod Bong Yogore whose parents are Rety's classmates. mgyog3 wrote: To: From: "m...

Honorato Quisumbing (deceased)

Jaime C. Quisumbing (deceased)

Jerson S. Quisumbing (1944 - d.)

Jesus Felices Quisumbing (1921 - d.)

Per Andy Quisumbing: Tiyoy Eddie was actually named Jesus. He was very, very mestizo. Not surprisingly, all the kids are very good looking Quisumbings. Tiyoy Eddie and family were residents of Dumarao,...

Joaquin Maninang Quisumbing (deceased)

Joaquin Quisumbing (deceased)

Jose Maninang Quisumbing (c.1890 - c.1979)

Jose Q. Quisumbing, Jr. (deceased)

Jose F. Quisumbing (deceased)

Jun Quisumbing (deceased)

Leonilo C. Quisumbing (deceased)

Leopoldo M. Quisumbing, Sr. (1918 - 1993)

Leticia F. Quisumbing (1942 - 2006)

Lilia Q. Quisumbing-Villanueva (1919 - 2010)

Lourdes L. Quisumbing-Roxas (b. - 2005)

Manuel A. Quisumbing (deceased)

Manuel Q. Quisumbing Jr. (deceased)

Manuel (Manny) P. Quisumbing III (1945 - 1965)

Manuel Vicente C. Quisumbing (1918 - 1995)

Margarita Quisumbing (deceased)

Maria N. Quisumbing-Yuzon (deceased)

Maria Amparo M. Quisumbing-Ignacio (deceased)

Maria Paz C. Quisumbing (1912 - 1998)

Maria Paz Isolde F. Quisumbing-Kitane (c.1943 - c.1989)

Melanio de los Reyes Quisumbing (deceased)

Mercedes Quisumbing (Floresta) (deceased)

Milagros Quisumbing-Villanueva (deceased)

Milagros Quisumbing Salgado (Milagros Quisumbing Salgado) (1937 - c.1997)

Napoleon E. Quisumbing (1924 - 1993)

Napoleon Quisumbing (deceased)

Natividad Quisumbing (deceased)

Nenita B. Quisumbing (deceased)

Norberto A. Quisumbing, Sr. (1897 - 1984)

Norberto J. Quisumbing (1919 - 1988)