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Adele Rabi (Schaechter) MP (1896 - 1942)

Al-Rabi ibn al-Rabi' l-Huqayq al-Nadir (ibn Abi' l-Huqayq al-Nadir) MP (c.585 - c.614)

The Qur'an says the Jews of Yathrib thought that Ezra was the "son of God". Rabbi Ben Abrahamson, Director of ISraeli Rabbinate's "Committee for Historical Research in Islam and Judaism" argues, an...

Aqilah wife of al-Rabi' al-Huqayq al-Nadir MP (c.583 - d.)

Azariah ben Daniel ibn Abī ʿl-Rabīʾ ha-Kohen MP (c.1190 - d.)

Azariah (mentioned by Eleazar ben Jacob; see van Bekkum, p. 46, l. 24) Bibliography van Bekkum, Wout Jac (ed.). The Secular Poetry of El‘azar ben Ya‘aqov ha-Bavli (Leiden: Brill, 2007).

Daniel ben Shmuel ibn Abī ʿl-Rabīʾ ha-Kohen, Gaon of Yeshiva Geʾon Yaʿaqov MP (c.1163 - c.1250)

Daniel ben Samuel ibn Abī ʿl-Rabīʾ ha-Kohen succeeded Isaac ben Israel in 1248 as gaon of the main Babylonian yeshiva in Baghdad and continued in office until his death in 1250/51. The Arabic historian...

Dona bat Rabi Yehuda Narboni (ibn Yachya) MP (c.1457 - d.)

Reference: "Divrei ha-Yamim le-Bnei Yahya,( דברי הימים לבני יחייא )", by Eliakim Carmoly, Printed in Frankfort am Main/Rodelheim, Published by: Isak Kaufman, 1850. Genealogy of, and biographical work o...

Isidor Isaac Rabi, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1944 MP (1898 - 1988)

Isidor Isaac Rabi (29 July 1898 – 11 January 1988) was an American physicist and Nobel laureate, recognized in 1944 for his discovery of nuclear magnetic resonance, which is used in magnetic resonance ...

Naftali Rabi MP (1899 - 1942)

Shmuel ben Daniel ibn Abī ʿl-Rabīʾ ha-Kohen, Gaon of Yeshiva Geʾon Yaʿaqov MP (c.1195 - d.)

Shmuel ben Yaḥyā HaKohen ibn Abī ʿl-Rabīʾ ha-Kohen MP (c.1130 - d.)

ʿĀmir Luḥaiy ben ibn Rabīʿa MP (c.230 - d.)

K̲h̲uzāʿa b. ʿAmr, name of a South-Arabian tribe, a branch of the large tribe of Azd. The genealogists with few exceptions are unanimous in tracing their pedigree through ʿAmr, surnamed Luḥaiy, b. Rabī...

"Umme Habeeb" as-Sahba' binte Rabi'ah MP (deceased)

Wilaadat (Birth): Wafaat (Death): Source 1: Souce 2: Source 3: Source 4:

'Utbah bin ar-Rabi'ah bin 'Abd Shams MP (b. - 624)

Utbah ibn Rabīʿah prominent leader of the Quraish tribe ʿUtba b. Rabīʿa b. ʿabd s̲h̲ams b. ʿabd manāf, abu ’l-walīd, one of the chiefs of the Meccan tribe of Ḳurays̲h̲, who refused to follow Muḥammad...

[Kurrena] Andres Rabbi (Rabi) MP (1832 - d.)

Sünd Vanemad: Kurrena Mihkel ja Marri Laulatus 26.Apr.1867 Räägu, Sauga, Pärnumaa P-J Personaalraamat 1859-1870 P-E personaalraamat 1852-1879

[Kurrena] Marri Rabi MP (c.1795 - 1866)

Laulatus 23.Nov.1813 Kurrena Jaani poeg Mihkel Elbust ja Anni (Aini) Hansu tütar Marri Halingast P-J Personaalraamat 1859-1870 Surm

Aba Baba Rabi MP (deceased)

Abdul-Muttalib bin Rabī‘ah MP (deceased)

abraham rabi, green MP (deceased)

Abraham Levie Rabi MP (b. - 1728)

Abram Rabi MP (1864 - 1886)

P-J Personaalraamat 1859-1870 P-J Pesronaalraamat 1870-1889 Võeti soldatiks 1885?, surnud 16.Nov.1886

Abu Hudhaifah bin 'Utbah ar-Rabi'ah MP (b. - 633)

Wilaadat (Birth): Wafaat (Death): 11 AH (633 AD) Source:

Abu'l-'As ibn ar-Rabi' MP (deceased)

Abu'l-'As ibn ar-Rabi' MP (deceased)

Agajan rabi meir(tavakolpanah) MP (deceased)

Aharon Rabi MP (deceased)

Aino Keeroja (Rabi) MP (1908 - 1960)

Aiyyash bin Abu Rabi'ah MP (deceased)

al-Shifa Al-rabi I, of Cordoba MP (c.800 - d.)

al-Waleed bin 'Utbah ar-Rabi'ah MP (b. - 624)

Source: was one of the members of the hunting party of his maternal uncle Walid bin Utbah that pursued Muhammad during the hijra (migration), when Muhammad and Abu Bakr were hiding in Ghar al-Thawr (Ca...

Aleksander Rabi MP (1901 - 1979)

Alex Rabi MP (deceased)

Aliide Rabi (Ainisson) MP (1899 - 1955)

Personaalraamat XVI köide. Sauga; EAA.1279.1.182; 1898-1940 Personaalraamat XVI köide. Sauga; EAA.1279.1.182; 1898-1940

Andrea Zlotnik (Rabi) MP (1967 - 2001)

Andres Rabi MP (1874 - d.)

Sünd P-E Personaalraamat 1852-1879

Andres Rabi (Rabbi) MP (1873 - d.)

Ann Rabi (Ild) MP (1868 - 1932)

ILD > RABI : EELK Pärnu-Jakobi kogudus Personaalraamat (Suigu, Sauga, Are, Halinga, ...; EAA.1280.1.212; 1870-1889

Anna Rabi (Kärp) MP (1889 - 1961)

Annamária Rabi MP (1969 - d.)

AnnMarie Rabi MP (deceased)

Anton-Voldemar (Ants) MP (1903 - 1947)

Aron Rabi MP (deceased)

Asad (Asar) bin Rabi'ah al-Farras MP (deceased)

Athab bin Rabi'ah al-Farras MP (deceased)

Avraham Rabi MP (deceased)

Badra Rabi-? set-hon---??? MP (deceased)

Basha Rabi (Basha) MP (deceased)

Bela Kaufman (Rabi) MP (deceased)

Bella Rabi (Weinstein) MP (deceased)

Bella Rabi (Kaufman) MP (deceased)

Bernarda Anaviso Rabi MP (deceased)

Breindel Rabi (Ferster) MP (deceased)

Béla Rabi MP (b. - 1997)

Chana Rabi (MAMAN) MP (deceased)

Chana Be Rabi MP (deceased)

Chana Mart (Rabi) MP (1905 - 2000)

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chaviv Rabi MP (deceased)

Chaya Rabi MP (deceased)

Cleonice Moscon Rabi MP (deceased)

Daniel ben Samuel ibn Abī ʿl-Rabīʾ ha-Kohen, Gaon of Yeshiva Geʾon Yaʿaqov MP (c.1190 - c.1250)

Dariyyah binte Rabi'ah al-Farras MP (deceased)


Darraj (Rizaaj) bin Rabi'ah bin Haram al-as-Sham MP (deceased)

From Bani Azra Tribe. Source:

David Rabi MP (deceased)

David Rabi MP (deceased)

David Rabi MP (deceased)

Davoud Rabi Abraham MP (deceased)

Dimitri Rabi MP (1907 - d.)

1919 Vallaelanike nimekiri -

Don Pedro Rabi MP (deceased)

Dorothy Rabi MP (deceased)

Dubaya ben Rabi'ah MP (deceased)

Eli Rabi MP (deceased)

Eliezer Rabi MP (1918 - 2000)

Eliezer Rabi MP (c.1911 - c.1955)

Elisabeth Bornschein (Rabi) MP (1910 - 1988)

Ellen Johanna Matsi (Rabi) MP (1908 - 1981)

Elli Elfriide Rabi/Koppel (Arust) MP (1907 - 1963)

Elli Elfriede Rabi (Arrust) MP (1907 - d.)

Elyahu Be Rabi MP (deceased)

Erna Rabi MP (1912 - 2001)

Sünd, birth Saaga EAA.1280.1.217:81?553,1846,1209,727,0 Pärnu-Jakobi kogudus Personaalraamat V. 1. köide: Suigu, Sauga, Are, ...; EAA.1280.1.224; 1890-1930 Saaga EAA.1280.1.224:50?3109,2515,658,122,0...

Erna Rabi MP (1912 - d.)

Ernest Jacob Rabie (Rabie/Raby/Rabi/Rabe/..., Mr MP (c.1870 - c.1933)

Erzsébet Rabi MP (1862 - d.)

Erzsébet Rabi MP (1881 - d.)

Erzsébet Rabi MP (deceased)

Erzsébet Rabi MP (deceased)

Esther Yenta Levine (Rabi) MP (deceased)

Esther Rubin (Rabi) MP (1885 - 1949)

Esther Rabi (Kritchmar) MP (deceased)

Esther Helena Rabi (Klapholtz) MP (1911 - 1998)

She is #72 in the Blue Book.

Evlalia Rabi (Gutmann) MP (1911 - 1979)

farah rabi MP (1917 - 2006)

Fatimah binte Shaibah ar-Rabi'ah MP (deceased)

Fazal Rabi MP (deceased)

Ferenc Rabi MP (deceased)

Ferenc Rabi MP (1927 - d.)

Ferenc Rabi MP (deceased)

Ferenc Rabi MP (b. - 1916)

Francis Rabi MP (deceased)

Gertrude Rabi MP (1903 - d.)

Gideon Rabi MP (b. - 2017)

Gita Rabi MP (deceased)