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Ramon Racelis MP (1900 - d.)

Ramon Racelis, a US government pensionado , studied banking at Columbia University and interned at the Department of the Treasury in New York.

-- Racelis (deceased)

? RACELIS (deceased)

Anatolio Racelis, III (deceased)

Anselma Racelis Clores (Racelis) (deceased)

Anselma Racelis (deceased)

Antanas Račelis (deceased)

Antanas Račelis (1898 - d.)

Antonio Racelis (deceased)

Apolonio Racelis (deceased)

Aurora Racelis Delloro (Racelis) (deceased)

Constancia Zarsadias Racelis (deceased)

Consuelo Fortun Racelis (Fortun) (deceased)

Cornelia Rodil Ricohermoso (Racelis) (deceased)

Crisanta (Sining) Dy (Racelis) (1930 - 1977)

Crispolo Racelis (deceased)

Elisa Racelis Aylett Lockley (Racelis) (1929 - d.)

Elsie Racelis (deceased)

Elsie Aylett Racelis (Aylett) (1903 - d.)

Emeteria Racelis (deceased)

Emiliano Racelis (deceased)

Eufrocina Racelis (deceased)

Felipa Medrano (Racelis) (b. - 2008)

Felisa "Fesing" Torregrosa-Racelis (deceased)

Felix Racelis (1941 - 1996)

Florentina Racelis Tagulinao (Racelis) (deceased)

Francisca Racelis (b. - c.1981)

Genoveva Racelis (deceased)

Gerald Racelis Dator (deceased)

Helen Racelis (deceased)

Ireneo Racelis (deceased)

Jonas Račelis (deceased)

Jose "Pepito Racelis (deceased)

Jose (Pepe) Racelis (deceased)

Josefa Racelis (b. - 1963)

Josefa Racelis (deceased)

Josefina Albrando (Racelis) (deceased)

Juana Vega Lo Racelis (deceased)

Leticia Letty Balderosa (Racelis) (deceased)

Lorenzo Racelis (deceased)

Lourdes Dealino (Racelis) (1903 - 1993)

Lucio Racelis (deceased)

Luis Nañagas Racelis (deceased)

Manuel Racelis (deceased)

Maria Racelis (deceased)

Mauricia Racelis (deceased)


Miguelito Racelis (deceased)

Necitas Racelis (deceased)

Nemecio Racelis (deceased)

Nicolasa Racelis (Nañagas) (deceased)

Nicolasa Nanagas Racelis (deceased)

Placido (Sit Co) Racelis (deceased)

Pomposa Racelis (deceased)

Pranas Račelis (1908 - 1984)

Ramon P. Racelis (1900 - d.)

Ramon, Sr. Racelis (deceased)

rosario racelis (deceased)

Segundina Racelis (deceased)

Stanislovas Račelis (1859 - 1922)

Stanislovas Račelis (b. - c.1912)

Stanislovas Račelis (deceased)

Teofila Lo Vega Racelis (1912 - 1982)

Valentina Racelis (Oracion ) (deceased)

Venancio Racelis (c.1899 - c.1944)

Vicenta Racelis (deceased)