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Jacinta Rafaela MP (deceased)

Jacinta Rafaela was a Chinese mestiza. She is believed to be the daughter of a Christian Chinese and a Chinese mestiza. The "Rafaela" part of her name was very likely added in adulthood, in honor of th...

andress rafaela MP (deceased)

Enriqueta Maria de la Concepcion Rafaela Nieves de Vilchez MP (deceased)

erene rafaela MP (deceased)

Fela Rafaela Gonzalez MP (deceased)

Francesca Mendoza (Rafaela) MP (deceased)

Francis Mendoza (Rafaela) MP (deceased)

Julia Paxton (Rafaela/borrero-nossa) MP (deceased)

Madre de Maria Rafaela Narcisa MP (deceased)

Mama de Rafaela Aleman Payares MP (deceased)

Maria Antonia Rafaela MP (deceased)

Senora Maria Francisca Rafaela Mendoza (Rafaela) MP (c.1766 - d.)

Maria Rafaela de Sequeira MP (deceased)

María Rafaela López de Groux (María Rafaela López) MP (c.1880 - 1955)

María Rafaela MP (deceased)

Mimi Winklaar-Rafaela MP (deceased)

Papa de Rafaela Aleman Payares MP (deceased)

Paul Rafaela MP (deceased)

Perez Rafaela MP (deceased)

Rafaela Ferrando (Rafaela Ferrando Crespo) MP (deceased)

BISABUELA: Rafaela Cervantes Soto MP (deceased)

Rafaela Austria Flordeliza MP (deceased)

Rafaela Córdova (doña Rafaela de Córdova) MP (deceased)

rafaela rivera (rafaela hernadez) MP (b. - 2007)

Rafaela Canicula Catral MP (1919 - 1987)

Rafaela Chaves Gonzales (Rafaela), Sra MP (1904 - 1997)

Rafaela Felicita De Colon (Rafaela Irizarry) MP (1917 - d.)

Rhysia Rafaela MP (deceased)

Rita Rafaela MP (deceased)