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Anno O'Rahilly MP (1873 - 1958)

Anno O'Rahilly was an Irish revolutionary and Cumann na mBan member, republican prisoner and hunger-striker active in the period from 1916 to 1923. Born in Ballylongford, Co. Kerry to grocer and nation...

Nell (Rahilly) Humphreys MP (1871 - 1939)

Nell Humphreys was an Irish revolutionary, Cumann na mBan leader, and Dublin city councillor active in the period from 1916 to 1923. Born in Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, she was a sister of the 1916 lea...

Michael Joseph Rahilly "The O'Rahilly" MP (1875 - 1916)

Returning from emigration to America, he was a founder - member of the Irish Volunteers in 1913. Originally in favor of cancelling the Easter Rising of 1916, he took part of the fighting in Dublin and ...

? Rahilly MP (deceased)

Abbey O'Rahilly (McCarthy) MP (deceased)

Abina Rahilly MP (1891 - d.)

Agnes Leo (Rahilly) MP (b. - 1982)

Agnes Ida Rahilly MP (deceased)

Alfred O'Rahilly MP (1884 - d.)

Anges O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Anne Rahilly (Hartigan) MP (deceased)

anne o rahilly (Healy) MP (deceased)

Annie Rahilly (Dolan) MP (b. - 1960)

Annie Rahilly MP (c.1875 - 1954)

Batt O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Batt O'Rahilly MP (1858 - d.)

Batt Rahilly MP (deceased)

Batt Rahilly MP (deceased)

Bride O'Rahilly (Clyne) MP (deceased)

Bridget Rahilly (Jones) MP (1854 - d.)

Bridget Rahilly MP (1881 - d.)

Bridget O'Rahilly (O'Callaghan) MP (deceased)

Bridget Hammond (Rahilly) MP (1784 - 1844)

Bridget Gleeson (Rahilly) MP (1808 - 1888)

Bridget Gleeson (Rahilly) MP (deceased)

Cal John O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Catherine Rahilly MP (1883 - 1951)

Catherine Roach Serviss (Rahilly) MP (1916 - 2000)

Cecile O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Cecilia Rahilly MP (deceased)

Christopher Rahilly MP (b. - 1946)

Con Rahilly Smith nee O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Conn O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Constance O'Laughlin (Rahilly) MP (deceased)

Constance O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Constance O'Loughlin (Rahilly) MP (1930 - 1991)

Dan Rahilly MP (deceased)

Dan Rahilly MP (deceased)

Daniel Rahilly MP (deceased)

Daniel O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Daniel Rahilly MP (deceased)

Daniel Rahilly MP (deceased)

Denis O'Rahilly MP (1936 - 2010)

Denis Rahilly MP (1834 - d.)

Denis Rahilly MP (1893 - d.)

Denis Rahilly MP (1853 - d.)

Denis O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Elizabeth ( Bess) Rahilly (Callanan) MP (deceased)

Ellen Rahilly MP (1876 - d.)

Ellen Rahilly MP (1876 - d.)

Ellen Rahilly (O'Shea) MP (deceased)

Ellen Rahilly (O'Shea) MP (deceased)

Ellen (Nellie) Rahilly MP (deceased)

Ena O'Rahilly MP (1898 - 1969)

Fionn O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Florence O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Gerard Rahilly MP (deceased)

Grace (Greta) Rahilly (Kochanowski) MP (1898 - 1952)

Hanoria Rahilly (O'Sullivan) MP (c.1770 - d.)

Harold Rahilly MP (deceased)

Helen Rahilly (O'Connor) MP (b. - 1988)

Honora Rahilly MP (1895 - d.)

Honora McGillicudy Rahilly MP (deceased)

Humphrey Rahilly MP (deceased)

James Rahilly MP (1888 - d.)

James Rahilly MP (1928 - 2006)

James P Rahilly MP (c.1870 - 1953)

James Patrick Rahilly MP (1896 - 1969)

James Patrick Rahilly MP (deceased)

Jim O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Jim Rahilly MP (deceased)

Jim Rahilly MP (deceased)

Johanna Rahilly MP (deceased)

Johannah/John Rahilly MP (1898 - d.)

John Riley (O' Rahilly) MP (deceased)

Joseph Rahilly MP (deceased)

Joseph Rahilly MP (deceased)

Joseph O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Joe Rahilly MP (1909 - 1962)

Julia Hickey (O' Rahilly) MP (1850 - c.1934)

Julia O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Julia O'Rahilly (Curry) MP (deceased)

Julia Rahilly (Harrington) MP (1872 - d.)

Julia Rahilly MP (deceased)

Kate Jer O'Rahilly (O'Sullivan) MP (deceased)

Kathleen C. Rahilly Mulry MP (deceased)

Lillian Mary Rahilly MP (deceased)

Lily Barry (Rahilly) MP (1900 - 1996)

Mairead Herlihy Smith nee O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Margaret Rahilly (McEllistrem) MP (1812 - 1866)

her family (also shopkeepers in Ballylongford) didn't want her to marry him, she stayed in Ballylongford, set up shop with him (i.e. continued Rahilly family business), just down road from her own fa...

Margaret O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Margaret O'Rahilly MP (deceased)

Margaret O'Sullivan (Rahilly) MP (deceased)

Margaret Rahilly MP (1869 - d.)

Margaret Rahilly MP (deceased)

Margaret (Dan William) Rahilly (Sheehan) MP (deceased)

Margaret Mary O'Rahilly MP (1872 - d.)

Marianne Morris (Rahilly) MP (c.1845 - d.)

Marianne O'Rahilly is related to Michael O'Rahilly of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland and William Yeats' "The O'Rahilly". Michael Joseph O'Rahilly (Irish: Mícheál Seosamh Ó Rathaille), (April 22, 1...

Mary Agnes Rahilly MP (1897 - d.)

Mary Rahilly (Callaghan) MP (deceased)