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Herman Redford (deceased)

Herman Redford (deceased)

Hiram Vernon Redford (1922 - 1982)

hiriam vernon redford (deceased)

Hubert Edward Redford (deceased)

Husband Redford (deceased)

Hyrum Edwin Dewsnup Redford (deceased)

Ida Redford (Snow) (1888 - d.)

Ida Mae Scofield (Redford) (deceased)

Ida Mary redford (Swearingen) (deceased)

Ida Mary redford (Swearingen redford (Swearingen) (deceased)

Inez Ellen Redford (Hungerford) (1879 - 1967)

Inez May Helwig (Redford) (1900 - d.)

Irene Moore (Redford) (deceased)

Isabel Hampton (Redford) (1685 - d.)

Isabel Hampton (Redford) (c.1685 - 1747)

Isaiah Redford (1835 - d.)

Isiah Newton Redford (deceased)

Ivy Louise Llyod Sorensen Palmer (Redford) (1891 - d.)

Born 24 Mar 1891 at Mt. Sterling, Cache, Utah; Married 30 Oct 1912 in Logan to James Christian Sorensen, son of Jens Christian Sorensen and Christine Jensine Laurina Pedersen. Who was born 6 July 1888 ...

Jack Redford (deceased)

Jack D. Redford (1929 - 1996)

James Redford (1867 - 1905)

James Redford (deceased)

James Redford (deceased)

James Redford (deceased)

james branklin (redford) (deceased)

James Edward Redford (deceased)

James Redford (deceased)

James Redford (deceased)

James E Redford (1838 - d.)

James Addison Redford (1854 - 1915)

James Herman Redford (deceased)

James Almarion Redford (1874 - d.)

James P REDFORD (deceased)

James Redford (deceased)

James Redford (1793 - 1878)

James Bronaugh Redford (c.1878 - d.)

James Redford (1871 - 1879)

James was killed while working in Mines at Eureka, Utah. on 3 May 1879. The day after he had been baptised into the LDS church. His family had him sealed to Maria Fausley on 14 Nov. 1907. So they had...

James Redford (1842 - d.)

Fathered a daughter, born between Burdus and Adelaide, whose name is unknown - Erceldoune Gray-Donald, June 21, 1965.

James Redford (deceased)

James Lewallen Patrick Redford (1955 - 1972)

James Henry (Jack) Redford (deceased)

James William Redford (deceased)

Jane Winslass Fraser (Redford) (1873 - 1946)

Jane Mable Redford (Parkin) (c.1896 - d.)

Jane Redford (Smyth) (deceased)

Jane Redford (Smith) (deceased)

Janet Bell Redford (Beveridge) (deceased)

Jes Redford (deceased)

jess eli redford, Jr. (deceased)

Jesse Redford (1770 - 1855)

Jesse Redford (deceased)

jesse eli redford, Sr. (deceased)

Jesse E. redford (1840 - d.)

Jesse E. redford (deceased)

Jesse eli redford (1770 - 1855)

Jesse Eli jr redford (1801 - 1863)

Jessie Lee Redford (1885 - 1946)

Joan Taylor (Redford) (1930 - 1986)

Joan Marie Redford (Matthews) (528 - d.)

Joe Redford (deceased)

Joester Redford (deceased)

Johanna Redford (Petersen) (deceased)

John Redford (deceased)

John Ephraim Redford (1866 - 1941)

John Redford (1718 - d.)

John E Redford (1858 - 1901)

John Newton Redford (1822 - 1891)

John Newton Redford was born on July 22, 1822 in Williamson County, Tennessee and came to Texas before 1836. When he was 14 years old Texas was fighting the War of Independence from Mexico. After the...

John Redford, III (deceased)

John S. Redford (1848 - 1933)

John Redford, III (c.1730 - 1767)

John Redford (deceased)

John Redford (deceased)

Death of John Redford On Thursday last, the 12th, inst. at the home of Duncan Clark on the 7th, of Bentinck, John Redford, Sr. passed peacefully from this life into the larger life beyond. Mr. Redfor...

John Redford (deceased)

John Redford (deceased)

John Redford (1781 - 1838)

John Ephraim Redford (1866 - 1941)

Burial at Leavitt, Alberta, Canada on 2 Aug 1941 Married to Sarah Almira Leavitt on 20 May 1886 in Logan, Cache, Utah Children: Antionetta, Eleanor, John, Julia, Blanche, Owen, Arvin, Arilla, and Nora....

John Fielding Redford (deceased)

John Eckersall Redford (1844 - 1930)

John grew up in Halfacre. Sometimes his father took him to Manchester to watch the pony and cart while he went to market, as he was a green grocer and trader until 1855. The Redford family belonged to ...

John Ephraim Redford (b. - c.1941)

John Redford (deceased)

My notes from Philip williams have Shrewsberry (burg), New Jersey

John Redford (1589 - d.)

John Redford (deceased)

John Redford (deceased)

John Eckersall Redford (b. - 1930)

John Andrew Redford (deceased)

John Redford (deceased)

John Dinsdale Redford (1877 - 1877)

John Redford (deceased)

John Redford, I (1674 - 1751)

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John Redford (c.1781 - c.1836)

John Vernon Lloyd Redford (1906 - 1976)

Born 21 Jan 1906 at Logan, Cache, Utah; Died 30 Oct 1976 at San Francisco, California, with services held 1 Nov 1976 in the LDS Daly Ward Chapel in San Francisco. Interment was in Logan Cemetery 3 Nov ...

John (Jack) Redford (deceased)

Joseph Mills Redford (1838 - 1903)

Joseph Redford (deceased)

Joseph Edward Redford (1934 - 1938)

Joseph Redford (deceased)

Joseph Napolean Bonaparte Redford (1846 - 1912)

Joseph Redford (deceased)

Joseph Edward Redford (1882 - 1905)