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Pierre-Auguste Renoir MP (1841 - 1919)

The French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir was one of the central figures of the Impressionist movement. His work is characterized by a richness of feeling and a warmth of response to the world and to ...

Alain Renoir (1921 - 2008)

English professor Alain Renoir was the son of famed director Jean Renoir and grandson of famed Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. He was a Professor Emeritus at the University of California, ...

Alain Renoir (deceased)

Aline Victorine Renoir (Charigot) (1854 - 1915)

Aline Charigot was the wife of Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. She was born in the French village of Essoyes on the 23rd of May 1854. Charigot met Renoir in 1880 and they were married on...

Catherine Hessling (1900 - 1979)

Catherine Hessling (born Andrée Madeleine Heuschling) was a French actress and the first wife of film director Jean Renoir. Hessling appeared in 15, mostly silent, films before retiring from the...

Anne Renoir (Regnier) (deceased)

Anne Renoir (deceased)

Anne Marie Janine Renoir (deceased)

Blanche Renoir (David) (deceased)

Claude Renoir (1901 - 1969)

Claude Renoir (1913 - 1993)

Claude Renoir was a French cinematographer. He was the son of actor Pierre Renoir and nephew of director Jean Renoir. He was also the grandson of painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Renoir was born in Par...

Dido Renoir (Freire) (1907 - 1990)

Dido Freire was the second wife of director Jean Renoir. She was the script girl on his film Rules of the Game. They married after the completion of the film.

Edmondus Renoir (1908 - d.)

Edmund-Victoire Renoir (1849 - 1944)

Evangèle Renoir (Reynaud) (1931 - 1995)

Francois Renoir (1773 - 1845)

An infant namless orphan adopted by a shoemaker possibly with the name Renouard. He took his name, but the marriage certificate spelled his name Renoir and so it became.

Jane Renoir (Wagner) (1921 - d.)

Jean Renoir (1894 - 1979)

Jean Renoir was a French film director, screenwriter, actor, producer and author. As a film director and actor, he made more than forty films from the silent era to the end of the 1960s. As an author...

Jean Renoir (deceased)

Kyle Renoir (deceased)

Leonard-Victoire Renoir (deceased)

Lisa Renoir (Ruiz) (deceased)

Louis Renoir (1929 - d.)

Louise Renoir,Lenoir (Renoir) (deceased)

Louise Renoir (Hernandez) (deceased)

Léonard Renoir (1799 - 1874)

Marguerite Renoir (Merlet) (1807 - 1896)

Marianne Pensier (Renoir) (deceased)

Marie Henriette RENOIR (1846 - d.)

Marie Paulette Renoir (Dupré) (1902 - 1987)

Marie Renoir (Matail) (deceased)

Marie-Elisa Renoir (deceased)

Marie-Louise Renoir (Iribe) (1884 - 1946)

Melanie Renoir (Porteret) (deceased)

Monica Renoir (Kingsly) (deceased)

Nicolas Renoir (1972 - 1978)

Paul Renoir (1925 - 2005)

Pierre Renoir (1885 - 1952)

The son of Impressionist artist Auguste Renoir, actor Pierre Renoir was also the older brother of director Jean Renoir and the father of cinematographer Claude Renoir. He was director of the Le Th�...

Pierre-Henri Renoir (1830 - 1903)

Robert Renoir (deceased)

Roland Renoir (1935 - d.)

Rose Renoir (deceased)