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Jose Zamora Revilla, Sr. MP (b. - c.1945)

Jose Revilla was part of the Royal Court of the 1921 Manila Carnival Queen.

Maritess Revilla-Araneta MP

Maria Teresa "Maritess" Revilla is a Filipina actress and model. She was a "Camay Girl", a product endorser of a popular soap brand from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Revilla MP (deceased)

. Revilla MP (deceased)

? Revilla MP (deceased)

Ada de Revilla de Witte MP (1937 - 2005)

Adela Sansom Revilla MP (deceased)

Adolfo Revilla Carrillo MP (deceased)

Adolfo Revilla MP (deceased)

Adrián Revilla González MP (1898 - 1947)

Agatona Revilla MP (deceased)

Agripino Revilla MP (1905 - 1909)

Sources: Agripino Revilla's Baptismal Register: Agripino Revilla's Burial Register:

Alberto Revilla Arias MP (1912 - 1998)

Alejandra Revilla Ragasa MP (deceased)

Alejandro José Revilla Mares MP (deceased)

Alfonso Revilla MP (deceased)

Alicia Revilla MP (deceased)

Alicia Revilla MP (deceased)

Alijandra Revilla Ordillano MP (deceased)

Almida Langwith Revilla MP (deceased)

Amadeo Revilla MP (deceased)

Amalia Argandoña Revilla MP

La esposa de Aniceto Arce Ruiz, 1824-1906 fue una de las hermanas de mi bisabuelo Manuel de Argandoña Revilla,Amalia de Argandoña Revilla,su otra Hermana fue Isabel de Argandoña Revilla esposa de Danie...

Amalia Argandoña Revilla MP (deceased)

Amalia de Argandoña Revilla era mi tia bisabuelita, hermana de mi bisabuelito Manuel Argandoña Revilla esposo de mi bisabuelita Amalia Arce Trigo de Argandoña . El esposo de mi tia bisabuelita Amalia d...


Ambrocia Domingo (Zalvidea Revilla) MP (deceased)

Amparo Pérez Revilla MP (deceased)

Amparo Revilla MP (deceased)

Ana de Balparda y Revilla MP (deceased)

ANA DE REVILLA MP (deceased)

Ana del Carmen Revilla Mares MP (deceased)

Ana María Cornejo Revilla MP (1934 - 2001)

Anacleta Revilla MP (c.1872 - c.1949)

Anastasia Revilla Aguado MP (1881 - d.)


Angel Revilla MP (1887 - 1950)

Angelina Gaviño Revilla MP (deceased)

Angélica Revilla, Soule MP (deceased)

Aniceto Montoya Revilla MP (1856 - d.)

Antonia Revilla MP (deceased)

Antonia Revilla MP (deceased)

Antonia Asuncion Lobregat (Zalvidea Revilla) MP (deceased)

Antonio González-Echenique y Revilla MP (1889 - 1971)

Antonio Vizmanos Revilla MP (deceased)

Antonio María Vitórica Revilla MP (1822 - 1871)

Aquilino MP (deceased)

Augusto Revilla MP (deceased)

Augusto R. Revilla was the eldest son of Judge and Philippine Legislator, Bartolome Revilla. Like his father and grandfather (Ceferino Revilla), Augusto went on to become a lawyer. Records indicate he ...

Aurea Revilla MP (deceased)

Aurella Revilla (Abrenilla) MP (deceased)

Bartoleme Revilla MP (deceased)

Bartolome San Jose Revilla MP (c.1867 - 1922)

My father calls him Lolo Tolome but my cousins and I often refer to him as Lolo Bart. The son of Don Ceferino Revilla y Guzman, Don Bartolome Revilla was a lawyer, a law professor, a judge and also t...

Beato Revilla MP (deceased)

Benito Revilla MP (deceased)


Bernarda Revilla y Flores MP (deceased)

Bernarda Agustina De Revilla y de la Peña MP (deceased)

Bernardino Revilla MP (b. - c.1904)

Tio Bernardino Revilla was the Revilla branch that went to San Miguel de Mayumo in Bulacan. The Revillas in San Miguel are still there though many of the elders have migrated to the USA. It is in San M...

Bernardino "Ninong" Revilla MP (deceased)

Bernardino Jr. Revilla MP (deceased)

Bertilla Portilla (Revilla) MP (deceased)

Blanca Aniela Rosales (Revilla) MP (1920 - 2000)

social security no. 047-30-8926. Immigrated to Florida from Havana, Cuba on August 17th 1946 to 1112 N Miami Ave. at the age of 25 with her 3 year old son, Nelson. Naturalized on February 25th, 1980

Bonifacio Revilla Trejo MP (deceased)

Brenda Revilla MP (deceased)

Buenaventura Revilla MP (deceased)

Buenaventura Asuncion Zalvidea Revilla MP (deceased)

buenoventura revilla MP (deceased)

Candelaria de Argandoña Revilla (Argandoña Revilla) MP

Candelaria Argandoña Revilla Hermana de mi bisabuelito Manuel de Argandoña Revilla, casada con Luis Rodriguez eran mis tios bisabuelitos. Por mi mama Isabel Prudencio Argandoña que se crio en la casa d...

Carina Magdaluyo MP (1955 - 1976)

Sources: Carina Labradores' Birth Index Card: Carina Labradores' Birth Register (Part 1): Carina Labradores' Birth Register (Part 2):

Carlos González Revilla MP (b. - 1816)

Carlos Revilla Lucero MP (deceased)

Carlos Alfredo Revilla Crespo MP (deceased)

Carmelo Pedro Montoya Revilla MP (1861 - d.)

CArmen Revilla Pacheco MP (deceased)

Carmen Revilla MP (deceased)

Carmen González-Echenique y Revilla MP (b. - 1919)

Carmen Revilla MP (deceased)

Catalina Revilla MP (deceased)

Catherine Revilla MP (deceased)

Cayetana Revilla (Maldonado) MP (1913 - 2006)

Cayetana Martín de Revilla MP (1703 - d.)

Cecilia Africa Revilla Santos MP (1952 - c.2001)

Ceferino Revilla MP (deceased)

Don Ceferino Revilla resided in Santa Cruz Manila where he and his wife, Doña Rosenda San Jose eventually had 6 children; 2 of which went on to have illustrious careers namely: Bartolome Revilla and Su...

Ceferino Revilla MP (deceased)

Cirila Padua Revilla MP (deceased)

Cirilo Revilla MP (1900 - 1920)

Sources: Cirilo Revilla's Baptismal Register: Cirilo Revilla's Burial Register:

CLAY REVILLA MP (deceased)

Clementina Revilla MP (deceased)

Clementina Revilla MP (deceased)

Clementina Molina Revilla MP (deceased)

Concepción González-Echenique y Revilla MP (1897 - 1993)

Concepción Reyes Revilla MP (deceased)

Constancio Revilla MP (1903 - d.)

Source: Constancio Revilla's Baptismal Register:

Corazon Madrid (Revilla) MP (deceased)

Cricencia Barba Revilla (Barba) MP (deceased)

Crisostomo Revilla MP (deceased)

Damian Revilla MP (deceased)

Daniel Revilla MP (1878 - 1962)

Daniel Revilla was a cabeza de barangay in Goa, Camarines Sur at some time notably during the early American period. Source: Daniel Revilla and Josefa Romero's Marriage Register:

Daniel Revilla MP (deceased)

Delfina Aguirre Revilla (Aguirre Moyano) MP (deceased)

Demetria Revilla Aguado MP (1870 - d.)

Desiderio Revilla MP (deceased)