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Ada Rhodd (deceased)

adeline rhodd (thorpe) (deceased)

Alexander Rhodd (deceased)

Alexander (Pierre) Rhodd Sr. (deceased)

Alice Rhodd (deceased)

Alice Rhodd (Goslin) (deceased)

Alice Jane Monica (1922 - 2005)

Alma Grace Rhodd (1919 - d.)

Andrew "Andy" Rhodd (deceased)

Anna R. McKinney (Rhodd) (1900 - 1988)

Anna R. McKinney - Indian drum services will be at 5 pm Thursday, October 20, 1988 at the Old Kickapoo Community Building on the Reservation, Horton, for Mrs. Anna R. Kah Ke Ka Quah McKinney, 88, Human...

Anna Rhodd (Vietenheimer) (1906 - 1976)

Audrey Rhodd (deceased)

Beatrice Martina Nicholasa Rhodd (Richards) (deceased)

Betty Rhodd (deceased)

Brenda Rhodd (Da Costa) (deceased)

My mom (Ava) once showed me a photo she had of my grandmother. I must admit that she (Brenda) reminded me of myself in the way she was poised in the photo. I would like to know a bit more about her. ...

Carol Rhodd (deceased)

Carrie Rhodd (deceased)

Claire Rhodd (deceased)

Clarice May Rhodd (1908 - 1995)

Known as "Aunty Sissy"

Daphne Albertha Rhodd (1913 - d.)

Avalina Rhodd (1936 - 2009)

Dorris Albertha Rhodd (Forrest) (1908 - d.)

Aunt Dorris's grandkids Tamu Bracken, Saddiya Rhodd, Carol Soares...

Earl Rhodd (deceased)

Edgar Rhodd (deceased)

edith nave (rhodd) (deceased)

Elizabeth Rhodd (deceased)

Enos Edward "Doc" Rhodd (deceased)

Ethlyn Maud Rhodd (1900 - 1996)

Eugene Laverne Rhodd (1940 - 1999)

December 11, 1961 Living at 304 S. Fresno St. Stockton, CA Employed at longshoreman for the Port of Stockton

Frances Rhodd (deceased)

Francis L. Rhodd (1887 - d.)

George Rhodd (deceased)

George Rhodd (deceased)

George William (A) Rhodd (c.1909 - 1984)

Hilton Rhodd (deceased)

Inez Rhodd (deceased)

Inez Jane Little (Rhodd) (deceased)

James ARTHUR Rhodd (1910 - 1970)

James Auther Rhodd (deceased)


James Arthur Musseth Rhodd (1910 - 1970)

James ARTHUR Rhodd (deceased)

James Arthur Rhodd (deceased)

Jean Baptist Rhodd (deceased)

Johannah Mathilda Duhaney Rhodd (Clarke) (deceased)

John Rhodd (deceased)

John Baptist Rhodd (deceased)

John Rhodd (deceased)

john rhodd (deceased)

Joseph Alexander Rhodd (1905 - 1968)

Josephine Ellen Viola Rhodd (deceased)

Karl Rhodd (deceased)

Twin deceased

Karl H Rhodd (deceased)

Keith Rhodd (deceased)

Died in infancy

Keith Alphonso RHODD (deceased)

Laila Rhodd (deceased)

Laura P. Rhodd JR (Primeaux) (deceased)

Leila Rhodd (deceased)

Leila Rose Rhodd (deceased)

Leona Rhodd (deceased)

Leroy Rhodd (deceased)

LLoyd Douglas Rhodd (1927 - 1996)

Known as " Unlce Johnny"

Lydia Rhodd (1887 - d.)

Dearie Lydia arrived at Ellis Island via ship Caldas on 3 Jun 1920 to stay with sister Alice Rhodd in Brooklyn, NY.

Margaret I Rhodd (1905 - 1997)

Margaret Rhodd (deceased)

Maria Bruno (Rhodd) (c.1848 - c.1938)

Mary Elizabeth Rhodd (deceased)

Mavis Britton (nee Rhodd) (deceased)

Olga Wheeler Rhodd (1907 - d.)

Oswald Rhodd (deceased)

Ozzy Rhodd (deceased)

Pauline Grace Monica Cummings (Rhodd) (1945 - 2002)

Pete Rhodd (b. - 1979)

Peter Albert Rhodd (1880 - 1966)

Peter Albert Rhodd (deceased)

Pierre Alexander Rhodd JR (c.1843 - 1910)

killed during the War of 1812, by Indians at the Black River bridge in Port Huron, Michigan. Killed by Wawanosh in 1812

Polias Rhodd (deceased)

Rachel G. Rhodd (1897 - d.)

Rosemary (Marie) (nee Rhodd) (deceased)

Roy Vernon St George Rhodd (1917 - 2003)

Ruth Odela Dickman (Rhodd) (1927 - 14)

Sam Rhodd (deceased)

Samuel B. Rhodd (1859 - d.)

Stephen Edward Rhodd (1948 - d.)

Stephen Edward Rhodd (1948 - c.2010)

Thomas Alva Rhodd (deceased)

Tuleta Beaton Rhodd (1919 - 2011)

Known as "Ms Mel"

Tuleta Beaton Rhodd (deceased)

Viola Jines (Rhodd) (deceased)

Wendelina Rhodd (Immel) (1886 - 1975)

Zoa (Zoe, Zoie) Rhodd (Bruno) (1843 - 1936)

Alexander and Zoa Rhodd. Rhodd was an ogema and founder of the city of Maud, Oklahoma and Zoa was a chasgied, which is like an herbal doctor and mid-wife. Mother Rodd- Niece of Shignebeck, Swan-Creek...

Zoe Rhodd (Bruno) (deceased)

Zoe Rhodd (Bruno) (1840 - 1936)