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Amy Mary Gordon-Lennox (Ricardo), Countess of March and Kinrara MP (c.1848 - 1879)

other possible birth dates are 24 June 1847 according to 28 April 1849 according to which writes that she was Duchess of Richmond but this is not possible since she died almost 30 years...

Rabbi Benjamin Ricardo MP (1872 - 1944)

Benjamin Israel Ricardo, birth 01 Jul 1872 Amsterdam, died 23 May 1944 Auscwitz, occupation: rabbijn, boekhouder, son of David Israel Ricardo and Sara Israel Ricardo Married 22 Aug 1900 Amsterdam, ...

David Ricardo MP (1772 - 1823)

David Ricardo (18 April 1772 – 11 September 1823) was a British political economist. He was one of the most influential of the classical economists, along with Thomas Malthus, Adam Smith, and John St...

David Ricardo MP (1803 - 1864)

David, b. 18 May 1803 at Mile End. He was at Charterhouse, 1812–1815; had a tutor at home, James Hitchings, 1815–1818; went in 1818 to the private school at Sunninghill, near Windsor, kept by Hitchings...

David Israel Ricardo MP (1830 - 1911)

Bruidegom: David Israel Ricardo Relatiesoort: Bruidegom Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam Leeftijd: 35 Beroep: loterijdebitant Vader bruidegom: Daniel Israel Ricardo Geslacht: Man Moeder bruidego...

David Ricardo MP (c.1836 - d.)

Bruidegom: David Ricardo Relatiesoort: Bruidegom Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam Leeftijd: 21 Beroep: sigarenmaker Vader bruidegom: Daniel Ricardo Geslacht: Man Beroep: commissionair Moeder bru...

Francisca Ricardo de Montalbán MP (b. - 1628)

Francisca RICARDO DE MONTALBÁN (RETF1992;DCUA1982;JIMS01;DIAV1960;CHAC1992;CELA2007;GENCHILE), n. España, + Santiago 1628; c. I° España c. Gabriel de CELADA (var. ZELADA) RIBA [n. Fuente de la Encina, ...

Joaquín Balaguer, Presidente de la República Dominicana MP (1906 - 2002)

Joaquín Antonio Balaguer Ricardo (1 de septiembre de 1906 - 14 de julio de 2002) fue un abogado, escritor y político dominicano. Presidente de la República Dominicana en los periodos 1960-1962, 1966-19...

Moshe/Moses Ricardo MP (1776 - 1866)

Moses, b. 13 Nov. 1776. He married about 1806 Fanny Wilkinson, sister of Ricardo’s wife. There were no children of their marriage. A surgeon by profession, he became in effect Ricardo’s family doctor, ...

Percy Ralph Ricardo MP (1855 - 1907)

From the Australian Dictionary of Biography, Vol 11 (MUP), 1988, by Betty Crouchley: Percy Ralph Ricardo (1855-1907), grazier, businessman and soldier, was born on 28 August 1855 at Weston, near Ba...

Sara David Ricardo MP (1842 - 1880)

Bruidegom: David Israel Ricardo Relatiesoort: Bruidegom Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam Leeftijd: 35 Beroep: loterijdebitant Vader bruidegom: Daniel Israel Ricardo Geslacht: Man Moeder bruidego...

Sarah Ricardo MP (1830 - d.)

Ricardo (deceased)

(Unknown) Capriles Ricardo (deceased)

(Unknown) Capriles Ricardo (deceased)

?Alexandrina? Ricardo (deceased)

Aaron Israel Ricardo (deceased)

Aaron 'Daniel' Ricardo (c.1852 - d.)

47a Crispin Street (1881 census)

Aaron Haim Ricardo (1859 - d.)

Aaron Haim Ricardo, birth 19 Feb 1859 Amsterdam, occupation: diamantslijper, makelaar in diamanten, son of Haim Aaron Israel Ricardo and Ribca (Rebecca) Vas Dias Married 04 Aug 1880 Amsterdam to: R...

Aaron Ricardo (deceased)

Aaron Israel Ricardo (1775 - 1854)

Aaron Israel Ricardo (1808 - d.)

Abigael Betje Jacob Israel Ricardo (1876 - d.)

Abigail Ricardo (Delvalle) (1752 - 1801)

Abigail Ricardo (c.1840 - d.)

Abigail Israel Ricardo (1782 - 1847)

Abigail, b. 1782.3 As the eldest unmarried daughter during the last years of her father’s life, she seems to have been in charge of his household. She died unmarried at Croydon Lodge, Beckenham, the re...

Abraham Israel Ricardo (1786 - 1842)

Abraham van Daniel Israel Ricardo, birth 28 Feb 1786 Amsterdam, died 15 Mar 1842 Amsterdam, buried 17 Mar 1842 Ouderkerk a/d Amstel veld 6, occupation: arts, son of Daniel van Benjamin Israel Ricardo...

abraham Ricardo (deceased)

Abraham 'Aaron' RICARDO (deceased)

Abraham Israel Ricardo (1735 - 1812)

Abraham Ricardo (deceased)

Abraham Israel Ricardo (1771 - 1839)

Nothing is known of him. In the College of Arms genealogy of 1814 he is described as ‘of the City of London, unmarried, gentleman’; he died in 1839, and was buried on 1 August at the Spanish and Portug...

Abraham Israel Ricardo (1707 - 1780)

Abraham Israel Ricardo (1704 - 1771)

Abraham Israel Ricardo (1842 - d.)

Adarei Luiz Ricardo (deceased)

Adela Capriles Ricardo (1853 - d.)

Adela Ricardo (Cobbold) (deceased)

Adela Mary Lucy Ricardo (Cobbold) (1865 - 1921)

Adela Canales Ricardo (deceased)

Adelaida María de los Dolores Ramírez Ricardo (deceased)

Adelaide Ricardo Domingues (deceased)

Adriano Teófilo Ricardo Domingues Santos (deceased)

Agusta Pacheco Monte Raposo (Ricardo) (1888 - 1950)

Alana Melissa RICARDO (1984 - 2009)

Albert Ricardo (deceased)

Albert Dennis Ricardo (1885 - d.)

Alberto Capriles Ricardo (1841 - d.)

Alberto Capriles Ricardo (1841 - d.)

Alejo Ricardo (deceased)

Alexander Ricardo (1921 - 1944)

Alexander (Algernon) Louis Ricardo, Capt. (1843 - 1871)

Alfred Daniel Ricardo (1909 - 1973)

Alice Ricardo (Tootell) (deceased)

Alice Simões Ricardo (1911 - 1984)

Alice Daisy Gregg (Ricardo) (1887 - 1980)

Alipio Ricardo (deceased)

Alma Lois Ricardo (deceased)

Alonso Zelada Ricardo de Montalban (deceased)

Alvarina Ricardo (deceased)

Ambrosia Rayray Ricardo (deceased)

Ambrosio Ricardo (deceased)

Amelia Caroline Ricardo (Vaux) (1909 - c.1998)

Amy Cecile Hamilton (Ricardo) (1879 - d.)

Amy Beggs (Ricardo) (1880 - 1940)

Ana Ricardo (deceased)

Ana Ricardo Domingues (deceased)

Ana Hernández Ricardo (deceased)

Ana Gertrudis Ricardo Rosales (deceased)

angel dario castro ricardo (deceased)

angel eugenio ponce de leon ricardo (deceased)

Angela Edith Hughesdon (Ricardo) (1915 - 1976)

Angelina Borges Ricardo (1895 - d.)

Anita Augusta Ricardo-Rocamora, >USA (b. - 1963)

Anita Ramírez Ricardo (deceased)

Ann Bastard (Ricardo) (deceased)

Ann Verity Ricardo (1912 - d.)

Anna Ricardo (Halsey) (1824 - 1868)

Anna Ricardo (deceased)

Anna Catherine Ricardo (1889 - d.)

Anna Ricardo (Banks) (deceased)

Anna Esther Ricardo (deceased)

Anna Catherine Ricardo (deceased)

Anna Hanna Ricardo (1878 - d.)

Anna Hanna Israel Ricardo (1717 - d.)

Annabella Ricardo (Lyall) (1856 - 1895)

Anne Ricardo (deceased)

Annette Mary Ricardo (Campbell) (1847 - 1922)

Anthony Ricardo (deceased)

Anthony DeCoito Ricardo (deceased)

Antonia Barbara Ricardo (1855 - 1929)

Antonia DeCoito Ricardo (Gabella) (deceased)

Antonio Ricardo (deceased)

Antonio Julio Ricardo (deceased)

Antonio Ricardo (deceased)

Antonio Ricardo junior (deceased)

Antonio Ricardo (deceased)

Antonio DeCoito Ricardo (1885 - 1956)

Antonio Jacinto Dos Santos Ricardo (deceased)

antonio ricardo (deceased)