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Aaron John Henry Fitz Roger, III MP (c.1280 - 1325)

Rogers Family ROGERS ARMS: Argent, a chevron between three stags sable, attired or. CREST: A stag trippant sable, bezantee, ducally gorged and attired or. MOTTO: Nil conscire sibi - To have a con...

Catrin verch Roger MP (1168 - d.)

Constance Standish (Roger?) MP (c.1503 - 1523)

Dafydd ap Roger MP (deceased)

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Edward ap Roger, of Y Faendre MP (deceased)

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Edward ap Roger MP (deceased)

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Elinor verch Roger MP (deceased)

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Eupram Roger MP (1498 - d.)

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Florence verch Roger MP (deceased)

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Gabriel Roger MP (1718 - 1800)

Gervais Roger MP (c.1557 - c.1640)

Notes Parents are unknown. Connections to William Roger and Margaret Rollock do not appear to be supported by documentation. Geni Discussion #141775 Location info: Perche, France (birth,marriage,...

Gruffudd Heilin ap Roger, of Alderton MP (deceased)

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Guillaume Roger, comte de Beaufort-en-Vallée MP (c.1289 - d.)

Guillaume Roger, seigneur de Rosiers MP (1265 - 1338)

Isabelle de Beaumont-le-Roger, dame de Meulan MP (c.1147 - 1220)

Isabelle de Meulan, Dame de Mayenne, Dame de Craon (born c.1148- 10 May 1220) was a French noblewoman, being the daughter of Waleran de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Worcester, Count of Meulan. Isabelle marrie...

Jean Quessy MP (1676 - c.1747)

Jeanne Roger MP (c.1490 - d.)

Jenkin ap Roger MP (deceased)

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Sir John Fitz Roger, Knight MP (c.1387 - 1441)

History and Genealogy of the Mayflower Planters By Leon C. Hills, Leon Clark Hills Pg.130 Gen.1 John Fitz Roger, born about 1335 England. Married1385/6 Elizabeth, born 1330, daughter of Sir Symon d...

John Roger MP (1497 - d.)

Sir John Fitz Roger MP (1335 - 1385)

'History and Genealogy of the Mayflower Planters By Leon C. Hills, Leon Clark Hills Pg.130 Gen.1 John Fitz Roger, b. abt. 1335 Eng. m. 1385/6 Elizabeth, b. 1330, dau. of Sir Symon de Furneaux of As...

Margaret Dykes MacArthur (Roger) MP (deceased)

Merike Kull (Roger) MP

Michel-Joseph Quessy dit Roger MP (1714 - c.1752)

Michel Quessy, son of Pierre Caissy and Therese Mirande, was born before 1707 at Beaubassin. He married twice, first to Catherine Poirrier around 1733, and second to Rosalie Commeau, daughter of Jean...

Renée-Madeleine Roger MP (c.1580 - 1633)

Notes Lieux info: Perche, France (naissance,mariage), Seigneurie de la Côte-de-Beaupré (décès) Pionnière de la Nouvelle-France . Arrive au Québec en c164...

Rhys Ap Roger MP (1135 - d.)

Capt. Roger Marsh MP (deceased)

Roger Richard Edward Chorley (Roger Richard Edward Chorley, 2nd Baron Chorley) MP (1930 - 2016)

Roger Richard Edward Chorley, 2nd Baron Chorley (born 14 August 1930) is a British chartered accountant and peer. The son of the 1st Baron Chorley was educated at Stowe School, Buckinghamshire, and G...

Trahaearn ap Roger MP (deceased)

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William Roger MP (c.1527 - 1604)

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Roger's (deceased)

Roger (deceased)

VUILLEUMIER Roger (1933 - 1934)

Roger (deceased)

june roger (deceased)

.... Roger (deceased)

1a Roger (Alberiz) (1097 - d.)

? Roger (Hunter) (deceased)

? Roger (deceased)

? Röger (deceased)

? Roger (deceased)

??? Roger (???) (deceased)

??? Roger (deceased)

[--?--] Roger (deceased)

A ? ROGER (deceased)

Aaron Fitz Rogers, I (1235 - 1270)

Aaron Fitz Roger, II (c.1130 - c.1156)

Aaron Fitz Roger (1248 - d.)

Aaron Fitz Rogers, II (c.1265 - c.1330)

Alex Moes 8-7-2013 at 10:21 PM Report Aaron's son (ie Aaron III) is a MP and in his About Me is the following text (unsourced): "Religious upheaval in Sicily forced Aaron Fitz Rogers, a merchant of ...

Abe Roger (deceased)

Abel Roger (1901 - 1961)

Ada May Tanner (Roger) (1882 - 1948)

Ada Ava Roger (c.1880 - d.)

Adam Fitz Roger (deceased)

Adelaide Campau (Roger) (deceased)

Adelasia of Aledramid (deceased)

Niece of Count Boniface I, He Conquered Sicily and Became its Ruler.

Adele Roger (Guillou) (deceased)

Adeline Campau (Roger) (deceased)

Adeline Parr (Roger) (deceased)

Adeline Roger (Renard) (deceased)

adolf roger (deceased)

Adolf Röger (deceased)

Adolf Röger Adolf Röger ist geboren worden zu Peter Röger und Barbara Röger (geb. Crum). Peter ist geboren worden am 8. März 1762, in Halzemich, Overath. Adolf hat ...

Adrien ROGER (deceased)

Adriënne Roger (deceased)

Adriënne Crucq-Roger hertrouwt op 24.04.1735 met Jasper Roger. Haar eerste echtgenoot Chrétien Crucq is dan al in 1733 overleden, evenals haar twee kinderen Marie Josepha en Jean Baptiste...

Adélaïde Roger (deceased)

Adélaïde Aimée DHULU (ROGER) (deceased)

Aglaé Honorine Bézodis (Roger) (deceased)

Agnes Roger (b. - 1872)

Agnes "Mary" Galloway Marshall (Roger) (1880 - 1934)

"David Thomas Marshall and "Mary" Roger were engaged for about twenty years prior to their marriage at long last in 1930. Unfortunately, she died only four years later in 1934." Source: Some Descenda...

Agnes Mcmillan Johnstone MacDonald (Roger) (1903 - d.)


Agnes Roger (Sweeney) (deceased)

Agnes McCreath Hay (Roger) (deceased)

Agnes Roger (McGarvy) (1922 - d.)

Agnes Brown (Roger) (deceased)

Agnes ROGER (1784 - d.)

Agnes Roper or Roger (Wood) (c.1548 - d.)

Agnès Roger (deceased)

Al Roger (deceased)

Alain ROGER (1948 - 2011)

Alain Roger (deceased)

Alan Stuart Roger (1910 - d.)

Albert ROGER (1885 - d.)

Albert ROGER (1922 - 1994)

Albert J Roger (1903 - 1984)

Alberto Faure Roger (1915 - d.)

Albrecht Conrad Röger (1661 - 1664)

Aldea Roger (Huard) (deceased)

Alec Roger (deceased)

Aleksander Roger (1849 - 1924)

Saaga EAA.1286.1.80:5?129,1042,871,224,0 (birth) Saaga EAA.1286.1.366:42?57,243,1866,269,0 Personaalraamat 1851-1875

Aleksander Roger (c.1856 - d.)

Aleksander Rudolf Roger (1895 - d.)

Aleksandra Dubkovskaja (Roger) (1853 - 1912)

Abielu: Saaga EAA.1939.1.51:50?250,858,2052,420,0 Surm: Saaga EAA.1956.1.29:255?532,2296,2117,616,0

Alexander ROGER (c.1882 - d.)

Alexander Walker Roger (deceased)

Alexander Walker Roger (1845 - d.)

Alexander ROGER (deceased)

Sir Alexander Forbes Proctor Roger (1878 - 1961)

Marriages Sep 1908 CLARK Helen Stuart Islington 1b 762 ROGER Alexander Forbes P Islington 1b 762

Alexander Roger (1792 - d.)

Alexander Roger (1864 - 1943)