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Josef Rosensaft (Rozensaft) MP (1911 - 1975)

Photo: April 1946, Josef Rosensaft, the General Director of the Central Jewish Commission, at an Unveiling Ceremony of a Memorial Commemorating The First Anniversary of the Camp's Liberation, Bergen-Be...

Brandla Briyonka Rosensaft pv Bajtner (Erlich) MP (1903 - d.)


Devora Rosensaft (Szpiro) MP (c.1867 - 1919)

Daughter of the wealthy Reb Jenkele Szapiro, who was know in Bendin as a gentle man and a very charitable man. Dworele ran the smelting for glassworks business for her father even after she was married...

Dwora Rosensaft MP (deceased)

Gertrude Rosensaft MP (deceased)

Golda Rosensaft MP (1915 - 1977)

Dr. Hadassah Rosensaft (Bimko) MP (1912 - 1997)

Isadore Rosensaft MP (deceased)

Izak Rosensaft MP (1896 - d.)

Julius Rosensaft MP (deceased)

molly rosensaft MP (deceased)

Nathan Rosensaft MP (deceased)

Nikki Anita Balter (Rosensaft) MP (deceased)

Rachel Rosensaft MP (deceased)

Rae Rosensaft (Shopper) MP (deceased)

Ruchla Openhajm (Rosensaft) MP (1888 - c.1943)

Sura Rosensaft MP (1899 - 1903)