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Josef Rosensaft (Rozensaft) MP (1911 - 1975)

Photo: April 1946, Josef Rosensaft, the General Director of the Central Jewish Commission, at an Unveiling Ceremony of a Memorial Commemorating The First Anniversary of the Camp's Liberation, Bergen-Be...

Devora Rosensaft (Szpiro) (c.1867 - 1919)

Daughter of the wealthy Reb Jenkele Szapiro, who was know in Bendin as a gentle man and a very charitable man. Dworele ran the smelting for glassworks business for her father even after she was married...

Dwora Rosensaft (deceased)

Gertrude Rosensaft (deceased)

Golda Rosensaft (1915 - 1977)

Hadassah Rosensaft (Bimko) (1912 - 1997)

Isadore Rosensaft (deceased)

Izak Rosensaft (deceased)

Julius Rosensaft (deceased)

molly rosensaft (deceased)

Nathan Rosensaft (deceased)

Nikki Anita Balter (Rosensaft) (deceased)

Rachel Rosensaft (deceased)

Rae Rosensaft (Shopper) (deceased)