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Wife of John le Savage MP (c.1158 - 1188)

Lady le Boteler MP (deceased)

From Robert Bulkeley, of Bulkeley, Esquire, the eldest son, married a daughter of Thomas Bulter (Boteler), Baron of Warrington, in Cheshire, by whom he had two sons. First, William, his heir, and sec...

Abraham Andries le Roux, a2b2c1d3 MP (1758 - 1823)

Sterfdatum ook aangegee as 1823 - PJ Du Pré Le Roux en familie deur Gerard & Adéle Tillema Ek glo eerder die 1823 sterfdatum omdat van sy kinders etlike jare later as sy vroeër-geskatte sterfdatum van ...

Abraham Andries le Roux MP (1857 - 1926)

Eie sterfkennis/Own death notice - MHG 18452

Abraham Andries le Roux, SV2b2c1d3d3e3 MP (bef.1786 - 1883)

Abraham Joseph Le Roux, II MP (1663 - 1712)

Possible birthdates: 1 March 1663/64 (11March 1664) Possible death information: 14 June 1712 in Hunterdon, NJ According to LaRue, Abraham 00 New Netherlands at 1684, M...

Roelof Erasmus le Roux MP (1814 - 1865)

Abraham le Roux, a1b2c8 MP (bef.1753 - c.1809)

Volgens die boedel en inventaris van Abraham se vader MOOC8/13.70a en b was hy 19 toe sy vader in 1771 oorlede is. Judi Marais-Meyer registers - MARAIS/MARNEWICK -----------------------------------...

Adam le Kue MP (1250 - 1305)

Adam le Clerc MP (deceased)

Adam le Clerc, Seigneur des Roches MP (deceased)

Adam le Kinge MP (1325 - 1389)

Adam was listed in a court case in 1369 as Adam "Homeresleye" of "Kyngelsye", and in 1377 was listed as Adam de Homersle(y). Ancestry Tree citing reference

Ade 'Adam' de Rowenhall le KINGE MP (1260 - c.1317)

History of Staffordshire Suffolk, England, Extracted Church of England Parish Record Text De Adam le Kyng 4 Book Burials Collection Suffolk: - Subsidy Returns, 1327 Adam's son Roberto was...

Agatha le Savage (St. Andreis) MP (c.1224 - 1270)

ID: I237641 Name: Agatha [>] St Andries Sex: F Birth: ABT 1224 in Stainesby, Derbyshire, England Father: Henry [>] St Andries b: ABT 1198 in Stainesby, Derbyshire, England Marriage 1 Lord Joh...

Agnes le Blount, of Allerton MP (1214 - d.)

Links : 1. William CRIKETOT b: 1239

Agnes Ratcliffe (le Scrope) MP (c.1442 - 1498)

Notes From If plotting was afoot the Scropes were likely to be there. Agnes was the daughter of Henry, the fourth Baron Scrope, and was the brother of John, the fifth Baron Scrope, who supported Ri...

Agnes le Franceis (de Tyckenhall) MP (1248 - d.)

Nichols, John Gough (Editor), "Pedigree of Franceis," The Topographer and Genealogist, Vol. 1 (1846) (London: Society of Antiquaries, 1846-1858.) page 361 "Table III. Franceis of Foremark, co. Derby" ...

Agnes le Chaucer (de Copton) MP (c.1317 - c.1381)

'Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer By Geoffrey Chaucer Pg. x. 2. Robert Le Chaucer. The earliest relative with whom we can certainly connect the poet is his grandfather Robert, who is first ment...

Agnes de Washington (le Gentyl) MP (c.1300 - 1346)

ROBERT de WASHINGTON II of Carnforth ABT 1296 - ABT 1348 RESIDENCE: England BIRTH: ABT 1296, Westmoreland DEATH: ABT 1348 Father: ROBERT de WASHINGTON Mother: JOAN de STRICKLAND Family 1 : ANG...

Agnes Le Blount (de LIsle) MP (c.1130 - 1198)

3 boys: Robert, Stephen (youngest), and William (oldest)

Agnes de Pyvelesdon (le Clerk) MP (c.1209 - d.)

Agnes Le Brun (UKN) MP (1302 - c.1338)

Agnes Le Bird (de Bikerton) MP (aft.1240 - d.)

Generation No. 8 8. HUGH*8 LE BIRD (DAVID*7, RICHARD*6, HUGH*5, CHARLTON HUGO*4, HUGO*3, HUGO*2, CARLTON HUGO*1) was born 1240 in England. He married AGNES DE BIKERTON Bet. 1265 - 1270 in England...

Public Domain

Agnes Le Couteur MP (c.1552 - d.)

Biography Agnes Le Couteur was born circa 1552. Her parents were Michel Le Couteur and Isabelle De Soulemont . Agnes married Louys Estur circa 1575. estimated from estimated age of father 1596 en...

Ailric le Carpentier (Carpentier) MP (1166 - 1212)

Alain le Norreys of Formby and Haigh MP (c.1205 - aft.1276)

Alain le Norreys of Formby and Haigh, Lancashire Born: Abt 1205, Lancashire, England 923 Died: Abt 1276, Speke, Lancashire, England about age 71 923 Parents: Hugh le Norreys (Abt 1150-1221) & a...

Alberède (possibly) le Goz MP (deceased)

According to Medlands the wife of Baudouin, Albreda was of unknown parentage. Il aurait épousé Alberade dont l'identité n'est pas certaine, peut-être une fille de Richard Goz, vicomte du Cotentin...

Alecia le Gros MP (deceased)

Ales "Alice" Le Byrd (Palyn) MP (1572 - 1606)


Aletta Magdalena (i) le Roux (de Koker), b5c8d1e6 MP (1868 - d.)

Beaufort-West Baptism Record

Alex Le Rey Alexander Boucaut MP (1866 - 1930)

Census : Glenelg SA

Brigadier General Alexander Hore-Ruthven, 1st Earl of Gowrie VC, GCMG, CB, DSO & Bar, PC MP (1872 - 1955)

Brigadier General Alexander Gore Arkwright Hore-Ruthven, 1st Earl of Gowrie VC, GCMG, CB, DSO & Bar, PC ( /ˈhɔər ˈrɪvɛn/; 6 July 1872 – 2 May 1955) was a British soldier and colonial governor and the...

Alexander Ruthven MP (1580 - 1600)

ALEXANDER RUTHVEN Master of Gowrie Unsupported Claim or Fake Genealogy A family of Trotters claim descent from Alexander Ruthven, MyHeritage but there is absolutely no evidence to suggest tha...

Alexander Ruthven of Freeland MP (b. - 1599)

ALEXANDER RUTHVEN OF FREELAND The Scots Peerage VII: 385 Evidence from the National Records of Scotland 1600-1609: Portfolio of papers relating to the Gowrie Conspiracy. Copy Summons of Forfeitur...

Alexander Ruthven MP (deceased)

ALEXANDER RUTHVEN Alexander Ruthven is the son of John Ruthven, formerly John Lindsay, and his wife Libra Livingstoun. The Scots Peerage IV: 258 William, first Lord Ruthven, gave certain lands, the...

Alexander Ruthven MP (deceased)

ALEXANDER RUTHVEN Fake Genealogy It has been claimed that Alexander Ruthven here treated is the same person as Alexander, Master of Gowrie, the third son of William, first Earl of Gowrie. Our...

Lady Alianore de Grey (le Strange) MP (c.1331 - 1396)

From: Subject: Re: Ancestry of Alianor le Strange, wife of Reynold de Grey Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 12:39:23 EDT In a message dated 4/12/00 1:02:44 PM, writes: << I have ...

Alianore Burnell (le Strange) MP (c.1386 - c.1410)

Alianore Claxton (le Scrope) MP (c.1424 - 1471)

Eleanor le Scrope1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 F, #47462 Father Sir John Scrope, 4th Lord Scrope of Masham, Treasurer of England1,2,3,4,9,7,10 b. c 1388, d. 15 Nov 1455 Mother Elizabeth Chaworth2,3,4,9,7,10 b....

Alice Hawkesworth le Rede MP (c.1263 - 1346)


Alice le Childe MP (c.1257 - 1309)

Alice le Boteler MP (1290 - 1356)

From: (Douglas Richardson) Subject: New Descent from King Henry II through Herdeburgh, Boteler, le Strange, & Longford families Date: 25 Sep 2001 10:53:00 -0700 Dear Newsgro...

Alice Bramston (Le Hunt) MP (1622 - 1697)

Alice le Grosvenor (le Blount) MP (c.1170 - 1260)

She married (2nd) William de Stretton Ormerod, George, Cheshire , Volume 2, page 116, Bird, G.H. Article "The Grosvenor Myth". In The Ancestor , Volume 1, issue 1, page 166,

Alice Stafford (le Blount) MP (c.1351 - 1414)

Biography From Archaeologia Cambrensis W. Pickering, 1868 - Wales “Contributions toward a cartulary of Margam” Page 38 - 39 link Sir John [Blount] and Lady Elizabeth [Ferneaux] had one daughter, ...

Alice le Rus, Heiress of Stinton & Ludborough MP (1245 - 1300)

William le Rus b abt 1218, of Stinton, Norfolk, England, d 1253. He md Agatha de Clere abt 1236, daughter of Roger de Clere and Maud de Fay. Child of William le Rus and Agatha de Clere was: Alice l...

Alice le Wafre? MP (c.1275 - 1317)

Not the same as Alice Corbet Primary Sources Sept. 18. 1314 York. Licence to Alice, late the wife of Peter Corbet, tenant in chief, to marry whomsoever she will of the king's allegiance. Source: Ca...

Alice le Despenser MP (c.1362 - 1392)

Alice Despenser Birth: Abt 1364 in Parlington, Lincolnshire, England Parents: Philip le Despenser, Elizabeth Married: John de Sutton Death: 1392 Links: OLD BELOW Father: Phillip...

Alice Calthorne (le Strange) MP (c.1521 - d.)

Alice Hopton (le Strange) MP (deceased)

Magna Carta Ancestry: A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families, 2nd Edition ... page 207. GoogleBooks

Alice le Tyas (Tankersley) MP (1269 - 1312)

Alice (Adeliza) de Vere (le Bigod) MP (1192 - d.)

HUGH Bigod , son of ROGER Bigod of Earsham, Suffolk & his [second] wife Adelise de Tosny ([1095]-1177 before 9 Mar). “Willielmus Bigot, dapifer regis Anglorum” donated property to Thetford Priory, fo...

Alice le Scrope, suo jure 7th Baroness Scrope of Masham MP (1480 - 1510)

Alina de Cansfield Heiress of Aldingham MP (c.1236 - c.1289)

Alice le Fleming, sister of Sir Michael le Fleming and daughter of Sir William le Fleming, inherited Aldingham when her brother drowned. She married Sir Richard de Cancefield and was the mother of John...

Alicia le Blount (de Colekirke) MP (1070 - 1130)

ALICIA DE COLEKIRKE. Children: 25 i. GALIENA21 DE REDEL. + 26 ii. BARON WILLIAM; m. (AAM-2) SARAH DE MONCHENSI. 2 boys: Gilbert (1089) and William (1096). Married about 1090

Alicia le Smyth (Lesmyth) MP (1405 - d.)

Alicia Caldwell (le Norreys) MP (c.1210 - d.)

Children of Hugh le Norreys were: Alicia le Norreys, who married Roald de Caldwell

Aline le Despenser MP (c.1288 - 1353)


Aline FitzAlan, Countess of Hertford MP (c.1323 - 1386)

Middle name Olive Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Feb 4 2017, 23:29:31 UTC'

Alisander . le Orphelin MP (530 - d.)

Alison Mary Barran (Hore-Ruthven) MP (1902 - 1974)

Hon. Alison Mary Hore-Ruthven (1902–1974) was one of the Ruthven Twins, or Ralli Twins, a pair of Bright Young Things scandalizing society for their antics.

Sir Almeric le Boteler, 6th Baron Warrington MP (c.1216 - bef.1235)

6th Baron Warrington Spouses/Children: Alicia le Garnett Sir William le Boteler Knight, Lord of Warrington+ Sir Richard Boteler Knight, First Lord of Out Rawcliffe. Sir Almeric le Boteler 6th Baron W...

Alured le Walur, of Hockerton MP (c.1135 - 1183)

Notes for Alured le Walur Several pedigrees of the Wallers of Groombridge claim descent from this Alured le Walur. Here are three examples of discussions of this pedigree. "The ancient family of Wall...

Public Domain

Ambroise Le Breton MP (1518 - 1554)

Amice le Strange (Corbet) MP (c.1330 - d.)

2 Id. July. 1348 Avignon.(f. 53d.) To the bishop of Lichfield. Mandate to dispense Edward Lestrange of Mudle, donsel, and Amice, daughter of Robert Corbet, knight, so as to intermarry, they being rel...

Amy le Strange (Heydon) MP (1480 - 1509)

Public Domain

Andre Le Couteur MP (c.1523 - d.)

Biography Andre Le Couteur was born circa 1523. His parents were Pierre Le Couteur and Marie Le Gallais . Father of Jean. estimated Alfred Messervy Alfred Messervy's collection of notes in Archives...

Andreas Ritter-Ruthven MP (deceased)

ANDREAS RUTHVEN (aka ANDREAS RITTER) It has been claimed that Andreas Ruthven, here treated, is the son of William Ruthven, and the grandson of William, second Lord Ruthven, and his wife Lady Janet H...

Andrè Le Notre MP (1613 - 1700)

André Le Nôtre, (born March 12, 1613, Paris, France—died Sept. 15, 1700, Paris) one of the greatest French landscape architects, his masterpiece being the gardens of Versailles. Le Nôtre grew up in a...

Angélique Bourgoin dit le Bourguignon (Houde dit Desruisseaux) MP (1709 - 1739)


Ankaret Talbot (le Strange), Baroness of Talbot MP (1361 - 1413)

===================================================================== Links:

Ankaret le Boteler MP (1308 - 1361)

Ankaret Boteler1,2 b. 1316?, d. 8 October 1361 Father William, 1st Lord Boteler2,3 b. 11 June 1274, d. 14 September 1335 Mother Ela de Herdeburgh3 b. say 1282 Ankaret Boteler was born in 1316? ...

Ankaret Hussey (le Strange) MP (b. - 1389)

Ankaret Hussey was the Great Grand Daughter Of King Edward lll

Ann Ruthven (Hylton) MP (1589 - 1637)

Anna Margrietha Beatrix le Grange MP (1838 - 1904)

Anna Maria Hirtle (Le Garce) MP (1735 - 1777)

Anna Dorothea le Roes (Wiehahn), b9 MP (bef.1813 - d.)

b9 - Anna Dorothea - page 284 - “SA Genealogies” vol 16, Genealogical Institute of SA, Stellenbosch, 2008” * Reference: FamilySearch Family Tree - SmartCopy : May 1 2019, 19:59:36 UTC


Anna Margaretha Otto (le Roux), d10e2 MP (1807 - 1855)

Reference: MyHeritage Genealogy - SmartCopy : Oct 14 2017, 20:54:16 UTC

Anna van der Merwe MP (1909 - 1983)

Annabel le Strange MP (deceased)

Annabell le Childe (de Stanford) MP (c.1228 - 1300)

Louis Le Fèvre d’Ormesson de Noyseau MP (1753 - 1794)

Voir Wikipedia...

Anne Desrosiers (Le Neuf du Hérisson) MP (1633 - 1711)

Anne was born in 1632 at Thierry, Normandy. On June 12, 1636, with her father Michel, she arrived in Canada along with a group of Nobility and servants, including her widowed grandmother Jeanne Le Marc...

Anne le Dispenser (de Ferrers) MP (1315 - 1367)

See Edward le Despencer, 1st Baron le Despencer (also called Despenser) (c. 24 March 1335 or 1336 – 11 November 1375) was the son of another Edward le Despencer and Anne, the sister of Henry, Lord Fe...

Anne Le Roy, Dame du Chillou MP (c.1490 - d.)

Jüngere Linie [Younger Son of Guillaume III d 1373)'s Line] 1. Sauvage, † 1409, Seigneur de La Vervolière, de La Valinière et de Favardines; ∞ 10. Juli 1388 Isabeau, Dame de Belarbe, † 1401, Tochter ...

Anne le Despencer MP (1358 - 1426)

2nd cousin 2x removed of John of Gaunt (common descent from Edward I) Her husband's Grandmother was Isabel Le Despencer, so it appears that Anne is a distant cousin? She was his third wife and th...

Anne le Despenser MP (c.1246 - bef.1280)

Anne le DESPENSER was born ABT 1248 in Loughborough, Leicestershire, England, and died BEF 1280. He [William de Ferrers] married, 1stly, Anne, said to have been daughter of Sir Hugh Le DESPENSER, o...

Anne Bacon (Le Grosse) MP (1590 - d.)

Anne le Boteler MP (c.1278 - 1340)

Ann le Botiler1 F, #213398 Last Edited=4 Dec 2006 Ann le Botiler is the daughter of William le Botiler.1 Child of Ann le Botiler and Gilbert Talbot, 1st Lord Talbot 1.Richard Talbot, 2nd Lord T...

Anne Griseacre (Le Botiller) MP (c.1445 - 1520)

John St. Leger (died 1596) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia He was the son of Sir George St. Leger (c.1475-1536) , of Annery, by his wife, Anne Knyvett , daughter of Edmund Knyvett . His pater...

Anne (le Strange) Grey MP (c.1517 - 1520)

Anne Le_ber (Leber) MP (1656 - 1732)

2nd Marriage 1689 20 Dec; Hillebrant Lootman, ym liv near NA; Anna Elbur, wid Antoine Barroa, liv near NA NA DRC Marriages 1639-1801 Extract from La médecine en Nouvelle-France: les chirurgie...

Anne Marie Le Roy (Roy), Fille du Roi MP (c.1641 - 1715)

Ses parents sont Francois et feu Anne Bourdais ou Bourdois de St-Germain de Paris Anne was a fille du roi (King's Daughter) Marie Anne LeRoy, daughter of François Le Roy and Anne Bourdais of St. ...

Anne Smyth (Le Strange) MP (c.1462 - 1520)

page 362 of Family History James Alan Burdick By james burdick

Anne (Heydon) le Strange MP (c.1524 - 1610)

Anne le Strange (Heydon) Birthdate: circa 1524 (86) Birthplace: Watford, Hertfordshire, England Death: Died January 15, 1610 in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom Daughter of William Aubrey H...

Anne (Astley) Le Strange MP (1544 - 1596)

Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Jul 19 2016, 21:30:00 UTC * Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Oct 5 2016, 2:46:47 UTC Anne, first wife of Richard L'Estrangc, Esq. brother to Sir N...

Anne Gournay (le Strange) MP (1482 - d.)

Anne Wooten (le Strange) MP (1499 - d.)

Anne le Roux MP (c.1664 - bef.1713)

b2c1d3 Anne (c 1664 - bur 1 Sep 1713 in Aulnay) x14 April 1693 Pierre Hemes (so Michel Hemes & Marthe Lenoir )

Public Domain

Anne Le Roy MP (1652 - 1653)

Biography Anne Le Roy was born on March 1, 1652 in Guernsey, Castel, Guernsey and was baptized on March 16, 1652 there. Her parents were Guillaume Le Roy and Susanne de Jersey . She died on Decembe...