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Adelaide De Saint Varne MP (985 - 1025)

Adélaïde de Saint Pol MP (1130 - 1192)

Agnes de Saint-Clair MP (c.1054 - 1080)

Agnes de St. Clair born 1054-58 St Clair-sur-Elle, Manche, Normandy, France died 1100 Devonshire, England Parents: Walderne de St. Clair (b. 1015-1022, son of Mauger, who was son of Richard of Norm...

Aénor de Saint-Valéry MP (1192 - 1251)

Robert III of Dreux From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In 1210 he married Aénor of Saint-Valéry (1192-1250) and they had several children, including Yolande of Dreux (1212-1248), w...

Madame de Saint-Laurent MP (c.1760 - 1830)

The Prince and His Lady: The Love Story of the Duke of Kent and Madame de St. Laurent Mollie Gillen St. Martin's Press, New York, 1970 314 pages I had always read that the French woman who served as ...

Amanieu Lord of Bénauges and Saint-Macaire MP (1060 - 1103)

André de Saint-Florentin, seigneur de Puits MP (b. - c.1270) ;

Anne de Saint-Étienne de la Tour MP (c.1660 - 1742)

The family of Jacques MIUS de POBOMCOUP and Anne LATOUR [115866] MIUS de POBOMCOUP, Jacques (Philippe MIUS & Madeleine ÉLIE [86987]), born about 1654 (rec. 1671) or 1659 (rec. 1686) marrie...

Anselme le Jeune de Campdavaine, comtes de Saint-Pol MP (c.1125 - c.1174)

Antoine Adhémar dit Saint-Martin MP (1639 - 1714)

From (English) : ADHÉMAR DE SAINT-MARTIN, ANTOINE, royal notary, clerk of court, process-server, and prison keeper; b. c. 1639, son of Michel Adhémar, a bourgeois of Saint-...

Antoine Saint-Pierre Dit Dessaint MP (c.1724 - 1816)

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry MP (1900 - 1944)

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (French pronunciation: [ɑ̃twan də sɛ̃tɛɡzypeˈʁi]) (29 June 1900 – 31 July 1944) was a French writer...

Augustine de Saint Janvier MP (c.1799 - 1855)

Voir l'histoire des Orphelines du Cap sur Wikipedia.

Aveline Ales de Saint Hilary (de St-Hilaire) MP (c.1109 - c.1130)

FMG does not show Aveline as the daughter of Alexander the Fierce of Scotland and Sybil Corbet, daughter of Henry I and his mistress Sybile Corbet. No reliable source names her as the daughter of Alexa...

Beatrice Saint Leger (de Haighton) MP (deceased)

Beatrice of Saint Pol MP (c.1145 - 1204)

Bernard, duc de Saint Quentin MP (c.725 - c.784)

Ben M. Angel's summary:Relationships:Parents: Charles Martel and his mistress Chrothrais (Ruadtrud, Ruadheid)Spouse 1: Unknown Frankish woman:Children 1: Adalhard I (c.752-826), Abbot of Corbie (731-82...

Bernard de Saint-Valéry MP (1005 - 1066)

Histoire civile, politique et religieuse de Saint-Valery et du comté du Vimeu See "My Lines" ( ) from Compiler: R. B. Stewart, Evans, GA ( )

Bernard IV, seigneur de Saint-Valéry MP (c.1113 - 1191)

Bernard was also called Bernard de Sancto Walerico. Bernard was a favorite of the king, and accompanied Richard I to Palestine, and died at the Siege of Acre. Bernard IV de St. Valéry married ...

Bernard I, avoué de Saint Valéry MP (c.947 - d.)

Bernard I de St. Valéry married Emma de St. Valéry, daughter of Renaud I de St. Valéry, before 956. See "My Lines" ( ) from Compiler: R. B. Stewart, Evans, GA ( )

Billeheude de Saint Sauveur MP (1000 - c.1060)

Billeheude (?) is sometimes considered the daughter of a certain Richard de Billeheust or Richard de Saint Sauveur. In the family we find a Bileud or Bilelde, but at a later date she is considered the ...

Billihild (Bilelde) Lindsey (de Saint-Sauveur) MP (1070 - 1094)

[jweber.ged] The following is excerpted from a post to SGM, 8 Jul 1998, by Paul Reed: From: Reedpcgen ( ) Subject: FitzNeel and St. Sauveur Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.medieval Date...

Catherine Saint Leger (Neville) MP (1520 - 1565)

Catherine Neville1 F, #52532, b. circa 1520 Father Sir George Neville, Lord Abergavenny, Constable of Dover Castle, Warden of the Cinque Ports1 b. c 1469 Mother Mary Stafford1 b. c 1503 Catheri...

Niki de Saint Phalle MP (1930 - 2002)

Voir Wikipedia... See the Niki Charitable Art Foundation...

Charles DeLaTourVENU DE FRANCE ROYAULTE MP (c.1593 - c.1663)

The family of Charles Amador de SAINT-ÉTIENNE de LA TOUR and Jeanne MOTIN [85340] SAINT-ÉTIENNE de LA TOUR (de), Charles Amador (Claude TURGIS dit SAINT-ÉTIENNE & Marie de SALAZA...

Charles Irénée Castel de Saint Pierre MP (1658 - 1743)

Voir Wikipedia...

Camille Saint-Saëns MP (1835 - 1921)

Carnival of the Animals - The Swan (Yo-Yo Ma) , Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso (Perlman) , Danse Macabre , Organ Symphony, Finale!!! , Bacchanale (Samson y Dalila) .

Charlotte de Pélissier de Saint Ferréol MP (1530 - d.)

Claire Hortense de Saint Janvier MP (c.1796 - 1865)

Voir l'histoire des Orphelines du Cap sur Wikipedia.

Claude de Rouvroy, duc de Saint Simon MP (1607 - 1693)

Claude de Rouvroy, duc de Saint Simon - English Claude de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon - Français Claude de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon (August 1607 – 3 May 1693), French courtier, w...

Claude Henri de Rouvroy, comte de Saint Simon MP (1760 - 1825)

Claude Henri de Rouvroy, comte de Saint Simon - Wikipedia - Français Claude Henri de Rouvroy, comte de Saint Simon (1760-1825) est le fondateur du Saint-Simonisme . Économiste et philos...

Mlle. de St. Sauveur MP (c.1035 - c.1060)

An Adeliza is not listed by Cawley or Delisle as a daughter of this Neel. Could be Emma or Mathilde. Miss Saint Saveur born Abt 1040 Of, St. Sauveur, Normandy, France father: Neil III V...

Dauphine de Rémusat, Dame de Saint-Ferreol MP (b. - c.1415)

Aubert (1765) begins his genealogy of the Péllissier family with Rodolphe, living in 1400, married to Alasie du Teste (no children). On 22 Oct 1407, he contracted marriage in Saint-Ferreol with ...

Edward de Saint John, Sr. MP (1259 - 1368)

Elizabeth Edgerton (Saint) MP (1738 - 1776)

Elizabeth de Saint Lo, Baroness Botreaux MP (c.1364 - 1389)

Ella de Saint Loe MP (c.1315 - d.)

Ellen de Egerton (de Saint Pierre) MP (c.1325 - 1353)

Ellena de St. Pierre, dau. of John de St. Pierre 1st wife of Philip (m2. Matilda _ ) de Egerton son of Isabella de (Fulleshurst) & David de Egerton, marriage covenant dated 9 Edw. II. mother of ...

Emma de Saint Sauveur MP (deceased)

Emma Newmarche (de Saint Elizabeth) MP (c.1110 - 1146)

Eudes de Saint-James MP (c.1020 - 1050)

Chart of the Saint-Hilaire (Saint-James) family tree to be found on page 516 in "The Norman frontier in the twelfth and early thirteenth centuries," by Daniel Power.

Eudes (Odo) de Saint-Sauveur, Vicomte de Contentin MP (b. - 1104)

EUDES (-after 1104). Vicomte de Contentin. ["…Eudo vicecomes Constantini…" witnessed the charter dated to [1060] under which Guillaume II Duke of Normandy granted "Brenerias" to the abb...

Eva Marie Saint MP

Eva Marie Saint Born July 4, 1924 Newark, New Jersey, U.S. Occupation Actor Years active 1948–present Spouse Jeffrey Hayden nee Levine (Married in 1951) (2 children) Eva Marie Saint is...

Frances Landon (Saint Leger) MP (1609 - 1681)

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Françoise Saint-Lo MP (c.1616 - 1649)

Gauthier I de Saint-Valéry MP (c.1031 - c.1098)

Seigneur de Dommart-en-Ponthieu Guthier de St. Valéry was advocate of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme. He was a Picard. He was also called Walter of St. Valéry, and also called Walter de Sancto ...

Gautier de Saint-Martin, comte de Varenne MP (c.950 - 1020)

According to Warren researcher, Norma Kirchhofer: The father of William Warren, who ultimately became first earl of Surrey, was also called William but he was never earl of Normandy but rather Count ...

Gautier de Saint-Martin-sous-Bellencombre MP (c.925 - 980)

from Walter de St. Martin is also spelled Gautier de St. Martin. The family of Warren derived its name from the fief of Varenne in St-Aubin-le-Cauf, arrondissement of Dieppe, and descends from Gautie...

Gerard de Saint Sauveur MP (deceased)

Gilbert Gaspard de Montmorin Saint Hérem, évêque de Langres MP (1691 - 1770)

Voir Wikipedia...

Gilbert, avoué de Saint Valéry MP (977 - 1011)

GILBERT, son of --- . Avocat de Saint-Valéry . m PAPIA, illegitimate daughter of RICHARD I Comte [de Normandie] & his mistress --- ([1000/05]-). Guillaume de Jumièges records that...

Guillaume de Saint-Clair MP (c.1095 - d.)

Guillaume IV de Saint-Omer, Seigneur de Fauquembergues, Châtelain de Saint-Omer MP (c.1157 - c.1191)

Gunnora de Saint-Clare MP (c.1140 - d.)

Hamon II de Saint-Clair MP (c.1080 - 1139)

He was feudal Baron of Walkern. After 1120 when the lands of Eudo the Dapifer escheated to the crown, the barony of Walkern in Hertford was formed and granted to Hamo de Saint Clair.

Hasculf FitzEudo de Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët (St. Hilary or de St. James) MP (c.1065 - c.1121)

With Ralph de Fougeres, Hasculf de St-Hilaire led a revolt in 1173 (Power, 2004, p. 276). In "Henry II: new interpretations" (2007), historians Christopher Harper-Bill and Nicholas Vincent mention Ha...

Henri de Saint-Clair MP (c.1070 - 1096)

Jérôme, comte-Abbé de Saint-Quentin MP (c.740 - c.814)

B 720 or 740

Hubert de Saint-Clair MP (c.1110 - d.)

Hucbert, duke of Transjurane Burgundy MP (c.824 - 866)

HUBERT, son of BOSO Comte d'Arles, Count in Italy & his wife --- (-killed in battle Orbe 866). Duke of Transjurania. Abbot of St Maurice. The Annalium Laubacensium record Lothar King of Italy leadi...

Hugh de Saint Elizabeth (Saint Liz) MP (1090 - 1107)

Hugues II "Champ d'Avoine", comte de Saint Pol MP (c.1056 - 1130)

From Wikipedia: Français Hugues II de Campdavaine Hugues II de Campdavaine († en 1130 ou 1131[1]), fut comte de Saint-Pol de 1083 à 1118, après savoir succé...

Hugues, comte de Saint Pol et de Ternois MP (b. - c.1034)

Ida de Saint Pol MP (c.1100 - 1180)

Isabeau de Rouvroy de Saint-Simon MP (c.1425 - d.)

Isabel Stradling (Saint Barbe) MP (c.1377 - 1429)

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Jacques de Pélissier de Saint Ferréol, Seigneur de Saint Ferréol, Rocheblave, Valouse, Eyrolles MP (deceased)

See historian Jean Gallian's genealogical chart of the Pellissier family: Source: Dictionnaire généalogique, héraldique, chronologique et historique, contenant l'origine et l'&#x...

Jacques Henri Bernardin de Saint Pierre MP (1737 - 1814)

Il eut une jeunesse pauvre et aventureuse, voyagea (Voyage à l’île de France - Merlin - Paris - 1773), fut au service de la Russie ; de retour en France, il fréquenta les sa...

Jacques Louis de Rouvroy de Saint Simon, duc de Ruffec MP (1698 - 1746)

Jacquet St Leger MP (c.1476 - 1503)

Jacquet Saint Leger born circa 1467 in Amony, Monksfield. Her father was Sir Ralph Saint Leger b. 1430, d. 1469 and her mother was Anne Maunse b. c 1432 She married John Fortescue of Wear Gifford, so...

James FitzEudo, de Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët, Baron of Norfolk MP (1105 - 1154)

Sources 1.[S280] Stirnet Genealogy, Peter Barns-Graham, Clare1 (Reliability: 3

Jean I, vicomte de Saint-Florentin MP (b. - c.1235) ;

Jean de Pélissier (co-seigneur de Saint-Ferreol) MP (b. - c.1450)

See historian Jean Gallian's genealogical chart of the Pellissier family: ------------------------ Source: Dictionnaire généalogique, héraldique, chronologique et historique, c...

Jean de Saint-Vincent de Boëil MP (1692 - 1762)

Jean d'Hébrard (d'Hébrard de Saint-Sulpice), Seigneur de Saint-Sulpice & de Comiac MP (1357 - 1417)

Jeanne de Saint-Valéry MP (c.1139 - c.1192)

Joane de Waleries married William de Beauchamp, son of William de Beauchamp and Maud de Braose.1 Child of Joane de Waleries and William de Beauchamp Walter de Beauchamp+1 Citations [S1916] Ti...

Jeanne de Saint-Vincent MP (1728 - 1809)

She belonged a noble family, and traced her name to a property owned by the family in the 16th century. The family were Catholics, but with Huguenot kinsmen. They had a legal and forensic tradition, an...

Jeanne-Marie de Saint-Père MP (1627 - 1669)

Le 13 février 1669, à l'âge de 40 ans, Jeanne, la mère de Marie, se voyant malade mais très lucide, sentant sa mort venir, fit son testament devant notaire. El...

Joan Saint Loe (de Cheverell) MP (1279 - 1366)

John de Saint Loe MP (1272 - d.)

John de Saint Loe MP (1300 - c.1364)

Sir John de Saint Pierre MP (c.1289 - d.)

John Saint Loe (de Saint Loe), Knight MP (c.1343 - 1375)

Sir John Saint John of Bletsoe & Lord Beauchamp MP (c.1460 - 1525)

Born: ABT 1450/65, Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England Knight of the Bath.

Juliana Saint Leger (Potyn) MP (deceased)

Otterden This manor afterwards came into the possession of a family which took their name from it. Ralph de Ottringden held it of William de Leyborne, as one knight's see, in the reign of Henry III. ...

Katherine Berners (Saint Omer) MP (c.1340 - 1360)

Lady Alice De Omer (Saint Elizabeth) MP (1258 - 1318)

Sources FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19 Ancestral File Number: TJ1L-RH Genealogical Research of Kirk Larson Links

Laurette de Saint-Valéry MP (1163 - 1190)

Lt.-Col. Charles Beauclerk MP (1726 - 1775)

Louis III de Rouvroy, duc de Saint Simon MP (1675 - 1755)

Golden Fleece - Knights: Spanish Branch Louis de Rouvroy de Saint Simon Castle Ferté-Vidame (Eure-et-Loir - France) Louis de Rouvroy (16 January 1675 – 2 March 1755) commonly kn...

Charles de Saint-Albin, archevêque de Cambrai MP (1698 - 1764)

Voir Wikipedia...

Lucy Apsley (Saint John) MP (1593 - 1658)

Létice de Saint-Saveur MP (c.1130 - d.)

Madeleine de Saint-Hubert MP (c.1600 - d.)

Mahaut de Saint-Omer MP (1115 - 1169)

MATHILDE de Saint-Omer From Medlands: (-after [1145]). The Historia Comitum Ghisnensium names (in order) "Mathildis…Eufemia…Gisla de Monasteriolo…Luchgardis et Beatrix" as th...

Margaret Conyers (Saint Quintin) MP (c.1383 - 1426)

also: Margaret St. Quintin (b 1392, dau of Anthony St. Quintin of Hornby by Margaret Swynho) Name: Margaret St Quintin Surname: St Quintin Given Name: Margaret Sex: F Birth: ABT 1380 in Brand...

Margaret (St John) de Beauchamp MP (c.1304 - 1361)

'Margaret de St. John1,2,3 'F, #11205, b. 1304, d. 19 November 1361 Father Sir John de St. John, 1st Lord St. John of Basing2,4 b. bt 1272 - 1274, d. c 4 Apr 1329 Mother Isabel de Courtenay2,4 d....

Margaret Saint George MP (1339 - 1365)

Margery Saint John MP (c.1520 - d.)

The inscription on the monument reads: 'Here lyeth ye body of Benjamin Pigott Esq., late Justice of peace in ye county of Bedford. Sonne of Francis Pigott Esq., by his wife Margery, daughter of Sir J...

Marguerite Martin dite Saint Jean MP (1739 - c.1803)

Family 1 Marguerite Martin dite St. Jean, b. About 1739, Possibly in the Soulanges area Find all individuals with events at this location, d. 16 Nov 1803 Married 29 Aug 1757 St Joseph, Soulanges Wi...