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? Salonga (deceased)

? Salonga (deceased)

Adelaida dela Cruz (Salonga) (b. - 2004)

Adelina Morelos Salonga (Morelos) (1969 - 2007)

Agnes Salonga (deceased)

Alberto Salonga (deceased)

Alberto Salonga (deceased)

Amado Salonga (deceased)

Amado Sr. Salonga (deceased)

Anastacia Salonga-Ballecer (deceased)

Aning Salonga (deceased)

Anthony Salonga (deceased)

Armando Salonga (deceased)

Arturo Felipe Salonga (1942 - 2010)

Aurelia Salonga (deceased)

betty salonga (deceased)

Calixto Salonga (deceased)

Catalina Salonga Cabrera (Salonga) (1926 - 2010)

Cezar Salonga (deceased)

charing salonga umali (Salonga) (deceased)

Damaso Salonga (deceased)

Datu Felipe Salonga (deceased)

Felipe Salonga was the Datu of Polo. Because of his participated in the "Revolt of Lakans", he was exiled to Mexico and was thus one of the very first Filipinos to settle in there. More here:

Dominador Salonga (deceased)

Elpidio Salonga (deceased)

Ernesto Salonga (deceased)

Esperanza Salonga (deceased)

Eulogio Salonga (deceased)

Fabian Salonga (deceased)

Felisa Salonga (b. - 1997)

Florencio Salonga (deceased)

Francisco Salonga (b. - 1975)

Gabriella Salonga (deceased)

Genoveva Salonga (Bebang) (deceased)

ggf salonga (deceased)

Gloria Salonga (deceased)

Godofredo Salonga (deceased)

Helena Salonga-Edralin (deceased)

Heleng Salonga (deceased)

isaac Salonga (deceased)

Isabel Manalo Salonga (Manalo) (1976 - d.)

Isabel Salonga (deceased)

Jacinto Salonga (b. - 1967)

José Lapira Macapagal (deceased)

Jovita Bernardo Salonga (deceased)

Juan Lapira Macapagal (1710 - d.)

Juan Salonga (deceased)

Julia Salonga (deceased)

leon Salonga (deceased)

Lourde Salonga (deceased)

Lydia Salonga (deceased)

Macaria Salonga (deceased)

Marcella Salonga (Santos) (b. - 1975)

Marcial Salonga (1944 - 2004)

Marciana Salonga (dela Cruz) (deceased)

Margarita Lacdan Salonga (deceased)

Maria Salonga (Paz) (deceased)

María Candelaria Salonga (deceased)

Natividad A. Salonga (1929 - d.)

nene Salonga (deceased)

Nicasio Salonga (deceased)

Nicasio Salonga (deceased)

Nora Salonga-Galang (deceased)

Pacencia Salonga (b. - c.1944)

Pacifico Salonga (b. - c.1944)

Purification Salonga (deceased)

Rebecca Salonga (Isip) (deceased)

Renato Salonga (deceased)

Rita Miranda Salonga (Miranda) (1946 - d.)

Romana Salonga (c.1904 - d.)

Source: Segundo Cuneta and Romana Salonga's Marriage Register:

Rosario Salonga Gaffud (Salonga) (deceased)

rufina salonga (deceased)

Sianing Salonga (deceased)

Teodora Salonga Bauto (Salonga) (b. - 1994)

Teofista Bustos (Salonga) (deceased)

vicente salonga (deceased)