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Antonio Salazar MP (b. - 1897)

Antonio Salazar y San Agustin was also a native of Cavite, and a member of La Propaganda. As such, he was always seen in the company of other Filipinos who figured prominently in the reform movement pr...

Antonio San Agustín MP (1860 - 1896)

Antonio San Agustin was a scion of a wealthy family. He studied at Colegio de San Juan de Letran and the University of Santo Tomas. He owned La Aurora, the only bookstore in town, which was used as a m...

José María Basa MP (1839 - 1907)

José María Basa, a native of Binondo, Manila was a Filipino patriot and propagandist. Wikipilipinas Gallery of Illustrious Filipinos (1917), by Manuel Artigas (Volume II, p. 272-299) Death announ...

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Marcelo Banal de San Agustín MP (1632 - 1697)

Marcelo Banal de San Agustín was a Filipino Augustinian priest. He was a musician, who is said to have written the Agustinian cantoral sometime between 1659 and 1697.===References===*Irving, DRM. "Colo...

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Primitivo San Agustín MP (1880 - 1939)

Primitivo San Agustín was a Filipino lawyer and politician. He served as governor of Tayabas (now Quezon Province) from 1909 to 1912. He later represented the first district of Tayabas at the House of ...

Sofío Alandy MP (deceased)

Sofío Alandy was a Filipino lawyer and politician. He was elected representative of the Malolos Congress for Tayabas in 1899. Gallery of Illustrious Filipinos (1917), by Manuel Artigas (Volume I, p. ...

? San Agustin (deceased)

?? Espiritu Santo Alvarez (San Agustin) (deceased)

Abelardo san agustin sr. (deceased)

Adelina Gutierrez (San Agustin) (deceased)

Adriano Sanchez San Agustin (1915 - 1916)

Africa San Agustin (Gomez) (deceased)

Agustin San Agustin (deceased)

Albert Guerrero San Agustin (c.1954 - 1978)

alberto san agustin (deceased)

Alejo San Agustin Molo (deceased)

Alfred San Agustin (deceased)

Amelia San Agustin (deceased)

Amparo San Nicolas Santos (1909 - 1951)

Amparo Santos San Agustin (Santos) (c.1906 - d.)

Ana C San Agustin (c.1904 - d.)

Ana Rosario San Agustin (Rivera) (deceased)

Ana Rivera San Nicolas (San Agustin) (1931 - 2010)

Ana de San Agustín (deceased)

ANA TOLENTINO (deceased)

Anastacia Michaela de San Agustin (deceased)

Andres San Agustin (deceased)

Andrés Sarmiento de San Agustín (deceased)

Angela de San Agustin (deceased)

Annie Cruz Flores (Cruz) (deceased)

Antonia San Agustin (Guerrero) (deceased)

Antonia San Agustin (C) (c.1866 - d.)

Antonio San Agustin, Jr. (deceased)

Antonio San Agustin (deceased)

Apolonio San Agustin (deceased)

Asencion Lontok (1928 - d.)

Asuncion San Agustin (deceased)

Asuncion San Agustin (deceased)

Asuncion San Agustin (deceased)

Atanacia Dominga Marcela (b. - bef.1790)

Aurora San Agustin (Tan) (1929 - d.)

Avelino Cruz San Agustin (1911 - 1983)

Bartolome San Agustin Molo (deceased)

Basilia Candelaria (b. - 1824)

Marriage certificate Burial certificate

Beatrice San Agustin Basa (deceased)

Beatriz Natividad-San Agustn (1902 - 1993)

Benedicto de San Agustin (deceased)

Benjamin N. San Agustin (1935 - c.1988)

Bernadita Cruz San Agustin (Siguenza) (1931 - 2004)

Bernarda Panlaque (deceased)

Bernardo de San Agustín (1793 - d.)

Baptismal certificate

Betty San Agustin (deceased)

Camila de San Agustín (1801 - d.)

Baptismal certificate

Candido Sanchez San Agustin (1907 - 1986)

Candido Taitano San Agustin (1907 - 2013)

Candido Sanchez San Agustin (1907 - 1986)

Caridad Acosta Rosario (deceased)

Carl Sanchez San Agustin (1959 - 2013)

Carmen Aguon San Agustin (Perez) (1933 - 2011)

Carmina San Agustin Molo (deceased)

Catalina Santiago (deceased)

Catalina Silverio (deceased)

Cecilia San Agustin (alexander) (1907 - 2000)

Cesáreo de San Agustín (b. - 1808)

Marriage certificate Burial certificate

Clemente N. San Agustin (1920 - 1957)

Concepcion Guerrero (c.1888 - d.)

Concepcion Guerrero (deceased)

Consolación Hernández (bef.1891 - d.)

Consolación San Agustín (1859 - d.)

Source:* Ramón Hernández and Consolación San Agustín's Marriage Information:

Consuelo N. San Agustin (1937 - d.)

Crisologo San Agustin (deceased)

Cristina Benavente San Agustin (Sablan) (1916 - d.)

Daniel Blas San Agustin (deceased)

Delfina San Agustin y Torres (1905 - 1992)

Dolores Duenas San Agustin (c.1907 - d.)

Dolores Mallari (deceased)

Dolores Espiritu Santo San Agustin (1876 - d.)

Dolores Espiritu Santo San Agustin (1875 - d.)

Dolores Manalisay San Agustin (Duenas) (c.1874 - d.)

Dolores Santos Young (San Agustin) (deceased)

Dolores San Agustin (Lizama) (c.1877 - d.)

Dominador Ruffy San Agustin (1902 - c.1996)

Doroteo Guerrero San Agustin (1916 - c.1994)

Doña Eduviges Benito (deceased)

Elisa (deceased)

Elvira San Agustin (deceased)

Engracia Trinidad (deceased)

Don Escolastico San Agustín y Castillote (deceased)

Esperanza San Agustin (deceased)

Ester Mercado (1917 - d.)

Esther san agustin (1931 - 1992)

Estrella San Agustín (deceased)

Eugene Morcilla San Agustin (deceased)

Eugenio san agustin (deceased)

Evarista Gerónima de San Agustín (1791 - d.)

Baptismal certificate

Facundo Santiago San Agustin (c.1895 - d.)

Faustina Mora (deceased)

Faustino Díez Collantes (1817 - d.)

Baptismal certificate

Feliciana San Agustin-Reyes

Sianing I. San Agustin (deceased)