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José de Sousa Saramago, Nobel Prize in Literature, 1998 MP (1922 - 2010)

He was a Nobel-laureate Portuguese novelist, playwright and journalist. His works, some of which can be seen as allegories, commonly present subversive perspectives on historic events, emphasizing the ...

Alvaro Ribeiro Saramago (deceased)

Amélia ? Saramago (deceased)

Ana ? Saramago (1931 - d.)

Ana Barreto Afonso (Saramago) (1758 - d.)

Anna de Jesus Saramago (c.1812 - d.)

Antonio SARAMAGO (deceased)


António Saramago (deceased)

António Saramago (deceased)

António Correia Saramago (deceased)

António Joaquim Saramago (deceased)

António Peste Saramago (deceased)

Antônio Saramago (deceased)

Artur da Luz Saramago (deceased)

Berta Correia Saramago? (deceased)

Dona Maria de Mattos Saramago (deceased)

Elza de Andrade Saramago (deceased)

Elza Saramago Costa (1929 - d.)

Emilia Saramago (deceased)

Ezequiel Castelão (deceased)

Francisco Luiz Saramago Baptista (c.1738 - d.)

Francisco de Sousa Saramago (1920 - 1924)

Genoveva Saramago (deceased)

Ignes María Lourenca Saramago (deceased)

Iraci Carvalho Saramago (1906 - d.)

Isabel Saramago (Coelho) (deceased)

Jacinta Ana Saramago (1910 - 2002)

Joao Lourenco Saramago (1809 - d.)

Joaquim Saramago (deceased)

Joaquim Saramago* (deceased)

Joaquim da Luz Saramago (deceased)

Joaquina Lopes Saramago (deceased)

Jose Lourenco Saramago (deceased)

José Domingues Saramago (deceased)

José Correia Saramago (1924 - 2009)

José António ? Saramago (deceased)

João Bacalhau Saramago (deceased)

Laura Saramago Jackson (deceased)

Mortal Trouxa

Laura Saramago (deceased)

Lourenço Saramago (deceased)

Luísa? Saramago (deceased)

Manoel Luiz Saramago (deceased)

Manuel BENTO LOPES SARAMAGO (deceased)

Manuel Saramago (1898 - d.)

Manuel Domingues Saramago (deceased)

Manuel Dias Saramago (1703 - d.)

Manuel de Mattos-Saramago (deceased)

Manuel António Saramago (deceased)

Manuel Correia Saramago (deceased)

Maria Saramago (deceased)

Maria Amália Saramago (?) (deceased)

Maria do Rosário do Carmo Tainha Saramago (deceased)

Maria Joana Correia Saramago (deceased)

Maria Joaquina Saramago Aurélio (Saramago) (deceased)

Maria João ? Saramago (deceased)

Maria Luiza Saramago Costa (1962 - 2012)

Mariano Saramago (deceased)

María Castillo (Saramago) (deceased)

Mª Rosa Saramago (deceased)

Nuno ? Saramago (deceased)

Olympia Maria PEDRO FEREIRA (BENTO LOPES SARAMAGO) (1924 - 2002)

Quiteiria SARAMAGO (BENTO LOPES) (deceased)

Ramiro Saramago (deceased)

Rita de Jesus Andre (Saramago) (1861 - 1889)

Rita died several weeks after having Jose Ignacio Andre aka jJoe Enos Andre- my grandfather. They lived on the tiniest of the Azores Islands- Corvo. She married Ignacio May 15, 1887. After Rita's death...

Rosa Maria Saramago (Da Trindade) (1721 - d.)

Rui Saramago (deceased)

Senhorinha de Jesus Saramago (1895 - 1975)

Sofia ? Saramago (deceased)

Vitor ? Saramago (deceased)