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Agnes du Hommet (de Say) MP (c.1105 - 1160)

AGNES de Say daughter of Jordan de Say & Lucy [de Rumilly], daughter of [ROBERT FitzRainfred de Rumilly/Remilly & his wife ---]. Her parentage and marriage are referred to in Domesday Descendants[8...

Beatrice, Heiress of Mandeville and Essex MP (c.1169 - 1197)

Her husband Geoffrey FitzPiers became Earl of Essex, and owner of Mandeville property, through her inheritance, and tis passed on to her children, which is why they carry the Mandeville name. WILLI...

Elias (Helius) de Say, Lord of Clun in Shropshire MP (1101 - 1166)

Sources on Elias de Say “Complete Peerage,” G E C et al, St Catharine press, London, 1910 on. Early Veres, Vol X, Appx J, p.110 seq. “CP Corrections and additions,” Chris Philips. On FitzAlan, from J...

Elizabeth de Say MP (c.1326 - d.)

Sources [S452] #21 The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct, or Dormant (1910), Cokayne, George Edward (main author) and Vicary Gibb...

Elizabeth Say (Fray) MP (c.1441 - 1478)

Elizabeth Fray1,2 F, b. circa 1441, d. after 1490 Father Sir John Fray, Chief Baron of the Exchequer2 b. c 1415, d. 1 Jul 1461 Mother Agnes Danvers2 b. c 1408 Elizabeth Fray was born circa 1441...

Elizabeth de Say, Baroness Say & Baroness Leyburn MP (1366 - 1399)

Died without issue. Notes Succeeded brother John DE SAY, Lord Say, in 1375, as (suo jure) Baroness SAY, title by writ, 1313. Succeeded 3rd cousin 1 time removed of John de HASTINGS, Earl of Pembrok...

Esther Harris (Say) MP (c.1696 - 1757)

At times we are inclined to the belief that John Harris had been twice married. If not, his first and only wife was Esther Say, whom he married late in life. She was many years his junior, and concerni...

Sir Geoffrey de Say, Constable of Rochester Castle MP (c.1309 - 1359)

SAY, GEOFFREY de, Baron de Say (1305?–1359), second baron by writ, born about 1305, was a descendant of William de Say, who married Beatrice, sister of Geoffrey de Mandeville, earl of Essex [q. v.], ...

Geoffrey (IV) de Saye (de Say) MP (deceased)

GEOFFREY [IV] de Say . A charter dated to [10 Aug 1197/8 Mar 1198] records the confirmation by "Geoffrey de Say, son of Geoffrey, son of William de Say" of a grant of "the manor of Rikeling" made by ...

Guillaume de Semilly (de Say) MP (deceased)

'''GUILLAUME de Semilly [de Say]''' From Medlands: "Willelmus de Similleio, filius Enguerrandi de Humeto" confirmed the donation of the church of Pert to Bayeux by "Willelmus de Similleio avus no...

Henry Fitz Picot de Say, Lord of Clun MP (1077 - 1121)

Named as son, and successor of Robert "Picot" de Say, Lord of Clun. Died after 1129. HENRY de Say (-after [1129/30]). A charter dated to 1060 records the transactions of "Roberto de Sayo qui cognomin...

Idonea de Say MP (c.1328 - c.1388)

Idonea de Say is the daughter of Geoffrey de Say, 2nd Lord Say and Lady Maud de Beauchamp.2,3 She married John de Clinton, 3rd Lord Clinton, son of John de Clinton, 2nd Lord Clinton and Margery Corbet,...

Isabel de Say, Lady of Clune MP (c.1141 - c.1199)

Isabel de Say , Lady of Clun , was born circa 1135 at Clun, Shropshire, England. She was the daughter and Heir of Helias de Say [Burke's Peerage]. Father Helias de Say Lord of Cluny b. circa 1101 ...

Jean Baptiste Say MP (1767 - 1832)

See Wikipedia...

Joan de Say MP (c.1325 - 1378)

Sources "(Geoffrey de Say) By his wife Maud, daughter of Guy de Beauchamp, earl of Warwick [q. v.], he had a son, William, who succeeded him, and three daughters: Idonea, who married Sir John Clint...

John de Say MP (c.1343 - 1382)

Sources  [S452] #21 The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct, or Dormant (1910), Cokayne, George Edward (main author) and Vicary Gi...

John de Say, II MP (1380 - c.1468)

Robert fitz Picot de Say, Lord of Clun, Vicomte, I MP (b. - c.1098)

Named as son of Robert "Picot", he became implicated in a conspiracy against king William Rufus, known as "the rebellion of 1088", and fled the country. His estates were forfeited, and given to Pain (P...

Sir William Say, Kt. MP (1452 - 1529)

Sir William Say, Sheriff of Somerset, Dorset, Essex, & Hertfordshire, Burgess of Plympton, Justice of the Peace for Hertfordshire1,2,3,4 M, #90678, b. circa 1452, d. 4 December 1529 Father Sir John...

William / Guillaume Picot de Say, Baron d'Aunay MP (c.1065 - 1144)

? SAY (Ehrlich) (deceased)

? Say (deceased)

?? Hegesistratus, though some say of Athenocritus, and others again of Damasippus (deceased)

Abigail say (Fletcher) (1816 - 1890)

Abigail Say (Fletcher) (1816 - 1890)

ADALGISO SAY (deceased)

Adeloyse / Adelais de Say, Vicomtess, Adelaide (1035 - d.)

Adoracion Say Gidaya (deceased)

Adrienne Say (deceased)

Agnes de Sandford (Say or Saye) (c.1270 - c.1302)

Agnes de Cheney (De Say), Lady Alexander de Cheney (c.1218 - c.1296)

Agnes de Say (c.1110 - d.)

Agnes de Say (c.1110 - d.)

Agnes Du Hommet (De Say) (1100 - 1160)

Agnes De Say (Grentemaisnil aka de Grandmesnil, de Grentemasnil) (1070 - 1094)

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Agnes du Hommet (de Say) (deceased)

Aladár Károly Ignác Say (1862 - d.)

Albert Augusta SAY (1865 - 1866)

Mr Albert Henry Say (deceased)

Mr Albert Henry Say (deceased)

ALDO SAY (deceased)

Alejandro Say (deceased)

Alexander Say (deceased)

Alice Lay (Say) (1560 - d.)

Alice Marguerite Say (Bovard) (1910 - 2000)

Alice Jane Kearney (Say) (1869 - 1942)

Alice Say (Cheyne) (1140 - 1225)

Alice Lévy (Say) (1859 - d.)

Alicia Say (deceased)

Alvina M. Say (1920 - 1979)

Amy Olive Waters (Say) (deceased)

Ann Bailey (Say) (1834 - 1916)

Anna Harrison (Say) (deceased)

Anne Giblett (Say) (deceased)

Anne Say (1859 - d.)

Anne Say (c.1489 - 1522)

The Antiquary, Volume 32 edited by Edward Walford, John Charles Cox, George Latimer Apperson Pg. 223 CHART Joan dau. of Alice (Stawell) & John Cheney (son of Elizabeth Hill & John (s. of Sir Wm...

Anne Hart (Say) (deceased)

ANTONIO SAY (deceased)

Arturo Say (deceased)

Aufrica de Say (deceased)

Aufrica De Say (Dunkeld) (1135 - 1169)

AYSEL KARABAĞ (ŞAY) (deceased)

AYTEK ŞAY (1918 - 1986)

Badiea3 Zarafili (Say) (deceased)

Barbara Ann West (Say) (1827 - 1887)

Beatrice de Say (c.1169 - 1197)

Beatrice de Say (c.1169 - 1197)

Beatrice de Say (c.1169 - 1197)

Beatrice Say (de Say) (deceased)

Beatrice Fitzpiers (De Say) (1165 - 1191)

Beatrice Fitzpiers (de Say) (1196 - 1197)

Beatrix De Say (1160 - 1197)

BENITO SAY (c.1924 - 2012)

bernard say (deceased)

Bernard Patrick Laurence Say (1911 - 1991)

Bid-Niu Say (Yu) (deceased)

Bwa Kauw Say (deceased)

Disalin dari buku tjatatan Papi Gwan Liong,dgn bhs.aslinya:Bwa Kauw Say betulnya she Ong tapi di kwepang pada bookoenja nama Bwa Pek Djay.

Carl Brian Say (deceased)

Catherine Picotte (aka Say-sa-way-kai-quit) (deceased)

CATHERINE PICOTTE (aka SAY-SA-WAY-KAI-QUIT) Metis Script Application CATHERINE LAPOUDRE; address: Lac la Biche Settlement; claim no. 759; born: ?; father: Bostonais Picoté, or Bostonaisis (Métis); ...

Charlotte Hillman (Say) (1798 - 1871)

Charlotte Say (deceased)

Cheah Kah Say (deceased)

chief A-ke-gui-ov equay-say-way (1670 - d.)

Chief White Crane chief waub-i-je-jauk equay-say-way (1710 - d.)

Chong Kwong Say (deceased)

Christenna ? Dense (say 'Den-see') (deceased)

Christina Agnes Say (Doverspike) (1883 - 1969)

Christina Martin (Say) (deceased)

CLARA SAY (deceased)

Clifford Say (deceased)

Constant André Say (1816 - 1871)

Cora Say Say (White) (1873 - c.1953)

Cora Jane Say (Huston) (1870 - 1936)

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D. Elmer Say (1866 - 1952)

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Dafydd Say, of Trallwng (deceased)

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DANTE SAY (deceased)

Daughter of Robert "Picot" de Say (de Sai) (1090 - 1136)

david say (1771 - 1844)

david c say (1811 - 1900)

David John Say (c.1778 - 1844)