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Ann Parker (Scarburgh) MP (1675 - bef.1719)

Col. Charles Scarburgh MP (c.1643 - 1702)

Married only once, to Elizabeth Bennett (daughter of Gov. Richard Bennett). He is NOT the Charles Scarburgh who married Ann West. Birth* 1643 Charles was born in 1643 at Accomack Co, VA. He deposed...

Charles Scarburgh MP (c.1625 - bef.1681)

Connection to Col. Edmund Scarburgh (Scarborough) undetermined - possibly a nephew or cousin. He is NOT the same person as Col. Charles Scarburgh (1643-1702).

Col. Edmund Scarburgh MP (1647 - 1712)

Edmund Scarburgh III (1647-c. 1712) married as second wife Elizabeth Mitchell, and among their children was Mitchell Scarburgh.

Elizabeth Scarburgh (Bennett) MP (c.1645 - 1719)

GEDCOM Source ===Ancestry Family Trees Name: Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members.; @R1@ === GEDCOM Source ===Database onlin...

Elizabeth Scarburgh (Mitchell) MP (1656 - 1720)

Hannah Wise (Scarburgh) MP (1625 - 1694)

The problem in the notice below seems to be a mis-identification of BOTH families. Col. Edmund Scarburgh certainly did have a daughter Hannah (two of them, but the first one died in infancy) - BUT she ...

Hannah Scarburgh (Smith) MP (aft.1587 - aft.1635)

She was born Hannah Smith, daughter of Rev. Edmund Smith (Smythe), rector of Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales, and Alice Barry. She was widowed at least once before marrying Capt. Edmund Scarborough - whe...

Hannah Scarburgh MP (1623 - 1623)


Henry Scarburgh, Sr. MP (1521 - 1605)

There is a memorial in St. Nicholas Church in North Washham, England. Henry's will was proven January 11, 1605? 6.

Henry Scarburghe of North Walsham, Gent. MP (1565 - 1617)

Henry Scarburgh (II) Esq.1,2 M, b. 1565, d. 24 August 1617 Father Henry Scarburgh (I) b. c 1536, d. 8 Jan 1606 Mother Elizabeth (-----) b. c 1544, d. a 1 Feb 1615 family Marriage ci...

John Scarburgh (Scarborough), l MP (1360 - 1424)

John is mentioned in deed 1423. There is a monument in the aisle of St. Nicholas Church in North Walsham. Note the change in surname spelling for son John.

Katherine Revell (Scarburgh) MP (c.1628 - 1688)

Mary Scarburgh (Humberston) MP (c.1560 - aft.1615)

The Visitacion of Norfolk (1563, 1589 and 1613) claims that she is the daughter of John Humberstone of Norwich and Elizabeth Clarke of Lodden, but there are significant problems with the dating - not l...

NN Scarburgh (nn) MP (deceased)

NN Scarburgh MP (c.1600 - d.)

NOT Col. Edmund Scarburgh. Probably a fairly close cousin (first or second degree). First name unknown; probably descended from Henry Scarburgh, Sr. .

Samuel Scarburgh, Esq. MP (1593 - 1655)

Samuel Scarburgh was born in North Walsham, County Norfolk, England. He migrated from England to America sometime around 1620. Samuel apparently returned to England prior to his death. Per "The Scarb...

Tabitha Hill (Scarburgh) MP (1639 - 1718)

Tabitha was born c. 1640 at Accomack Co, VA.3 As of before 12 July 1653,her married name was Smart.1,4 She married John Smart before 12 July 1653.1,4 She married Devereux Browne before 1660.1 Tabitha B...

Ursula Scarburgh (Whittington) MP (c.1650 - c.1681)

Birthplace said to be "England", which would imply that the Whittington family were fairly late arrivals in Virginia (there are no primary records for the birth of her older brother, Col. William Whitt...

Abraham J. Scarburgh MP (c.1782 - d.)

Alice Bayly (Scarburgh) MP (c.1774 - d.)

Americus Scarburgh MP (1723 - 1774)

Americus Scarburgh MP (1723 - 1774)

Capt. Americus Scarburgh MP (c.1750 - 1818)

Ann Handy (Scarburgh) MP (c.1738 - d.)

Anne Scarburgh (West) MP (1634 - 1654)

Anne seems to have been erased from the most recent version of the Miles Files. Perhaps she was never anything but a typographical error or a bad guess.

Anne Scarburgh (Kendall) MP (c.1728 - d.)

Barbara Scarburgh (Singe) MP (deceased)

Bennet W. Scarburgh MP (c.1800 - d.)

Maj. Bennett Scarburgh MP (c.1673 - 1734)

Bennett Scarburgh, Jr. MP (c.1705 - bef.1739)

Betty Scarburgh MP (1760 - d.)

Bradhurst Drummond (Scarburgh) MP (1732 - 1765)

"Bradhurst Scarburgh" is one of those odd cases of lumbering a girl child with an excessively masculine-sounding name that was formerly a surname of a relative - in her case probably Captain John Bradh...

Catherine Scarburgh MP (1620 - d.)

Catherine T. C. Dix (Scarburgh) MP (c.1810 - bef.1850)

Capt. Charles Scarburgh, II MP (c.1677 - bef.1724)

Charles Scarburgh MP (c.1769 - 1796)

Charles Scarburgh MP (c.1730 - bef.1757)

Charles Scarburgh, III MP (c.1701 - 1724)

Sir Charles Scarburgh MP (1615 - d.)

Charles Scarburgh MP (deceased)

Comfort Watts (Scarburgh) MP (deceased)

Comfort Scarburgh (Scarborough) MP (c.1680 - 1744)

Comfort Watts (Scarburgh) MP (c.1702 - d.)

Comfort Ayers (Scarburgh) MP (1690 - c.1727)

Dennis Scarburgh (Scarborough) MP (1674 - 1744)

Dorothy Wainhouse Bayly (Scarburgh) MP (1730 - bef.1763)

Edith Scarburgh (Bayly) MP (c.1682 - c.1725)

Edmond Scarburgh MP (deceased)

Capt. Edmund Scarburgh, l MP (1584 - 1635)

Neither he nor his son Col. Edmund Scarburgh ever had middle names. Some lazy researcher "tagged" them generations later to make it easier to tell them apart. His death date is not certain, but "Janu...

Edmund Scarburgh, the younger MP (1692 - 1753)

Known as "the younger" to distinguish him from his older half-brother. Married four times. It is not on record that any of his wives was a Meredith. First wife: Priscilla Nn (m. c. 1712); 1 daughte...

Edmund Scarburgh, the elder MP (c.1677 - 1714)

Left no offspring. Known as "the elder" to distinguish him from his younger half-brother.

Edmund Scarburgh MP (1750 - c.1799)

Edmund Scarburgh MP (c.1767 - d.)

Edmund Scarburgh MP (1716 - 1764)

No record exists of Col. Edmund Scarburgh the younger having a son Edmund in 1716. His brother Mitchell Scarburgh did have such a son in that year. Edmund Scarburgh, son of Mitchell Scarburgh and D...

Colonel Edmund Scarburgh MP (1617 - 1671)

Edmund Memoria Shepherd (Scarburgh) MP (c.1683 - aft.1727)

Elizabeth Collony (Scarburgh) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Hall (Scarburgh) MP (1714 - 1777)

No middle name. Daughter of Edmund Scarburgh the Younger and Priscilla. Married Col. Thomas Hall (IV). Four daughters: 1. Tabitha Hall+ b. c 1736, d. b 30 Oct 1815 2. Margaret Hall+ b. c 1738...

Elizabeth Scarburgh MP (c.1704 - d.)

Elizabeth Coleburn (Scarburgh) MP (c.1724 - 1751)

Elizabeth Dewey (Scarburgh) MP (c.1674 - aft.1714)

Elizabeth Parker (Scarburgh) the elder and younger have to be distinguished with care. Not only do they have the same first name, they both married Parker men.

Elizabeth Parker (Scarburgh) MP (c.1672 - c.1700)

Elizabeth Parker (Scarburgh) the elder and younger have to be distinguished with care. Not only do they have the same first name, they both married Parker men.

Elizabeth Drummond (Scarburgh) MP (c.1671 - c.1690)

Elizabeth Scarburgh MP (c.1557 - 1558)

Elizabeth Scarburgh MP (c.1746 - 1768)

Elizabeth Scarburgh (Parker) MP (c.1780 - d.)

Elizabeth Coleburn (Scarburgh) MP (c.1724 - bef.1752)

Elizabeth Scarburgh MP (1656 - 1730)

Elizabeth Scarburgh MP (1656 - 1730)

Fictitious Children Scarburgh MP (deceased)

First wife Scarburgh (nn) MP (c.1775 - bef.1810)

Hannah Scarburgh (Wise) MP (c.1654 - 1720)

Col. John Wise of England and Virginia (1617-1695) ; his ancestors and descendants (1918) Pg.55 ______________________________

Hannah Scarburgh (Payne) MP (c.1676 - 1704)

Hannah Bayly (Scarburgh) MP (c.1668 - d.)

Hannah Smith MP (1595 - c.1635)

Henry Scardborough (Scarburgh), l MP (bef.1423 - aft.1476)

Henry is mentioned in deed 1442 and so is Margaret.

Col. Henry Scarburgh MP (c.1679 - 1735)

Henry Scarburgh, II MP (c.1700 - bef.1745)

Henry Scarburgh (Scarborough) MP (c.1655 - bef.1676)

Henry (19) Scarburgh1,2 M, b. circa 1655, d. before 26 May 1676 Birth* circa 1655 Henry was born circa 1655 at Accomack Co, VA. Was Living 17 June 1663 Henry was living on 17 June 1663 at Accomac...

Isabel Scarburgh (nn) MP (c.1499 - d.)

Jean Scarburgh (Ker) MP (c.1755 - c.1797)

Joan Feckenham Scarburgh (nn) MP (deceased)

John Scarburgh MP (1694 - bef.1775)

John Scarburgh MP (c.1725 - c.1799)

John Scarburgh MP (1558 - 1558)

John Scarburgh, Clerk of Commons MP (c.1340 - bef.1414)

He is roughly contemporary with Nicholas Scardburgh, and may have been his brother.

John Scarburgh MP (c.1702 - 1743)

Capt. John Scarburgh MP (c.1760 - c.1794)

John Scarburgh MP (1440 - 1472)

Katherine Scarburgh MP (1627 - 1688)

Lillian Scarburgh MP (deceased)

Littleton Scarburgh MP (c.1648 - 1672)

He was not named after his mother, who was not a Littleton. He was the godson of Ann (Southy) Littleton, wife of Colonel Nathaniel Littleton, and she may have suggested the name (a privilege sometimes ...

Margaret Scarburgh (Kendall) MP (1742 - 1791)

Margaret Thorowgood (Scarburgh) MP (1721 - d.)

Her children are named and noted in the Miles Files; their descendants, if any, no longer being of the Eastern Shore, are not.

Margaret Scarburgh (Jacob) MP (c.1750 - bef.1785)

Margaret Scarburgh (Kellam) MP (c.1802 - d.)

Margaret Scarburgh MP (1467 - 1538)

Mary Gurney / Harvey (Scarburgh) MP (c.1572 - d.)

Mary Scarburgh MP (c.1612 - d.)