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R' Hanoch Heinich Schick, A.B.D. Shklov MP (c.1710 - c.1810)

The Schicks were descended from Rabbi Hanoch Heinich Schick of Shklov who is said to have married a daughter of. Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Rivlin.This Shlomo Zalman had a first cousin of the same name, who w...

R' Moshe Schick (The MaHaRaM Schick) מהר"ם שיק MP (1807 - 1879)

Rabbi Moshe Shik (1807–1879; Hebrew: מהר"ם שיק) was a Rosh Yeshiva and Posek, and one of the leading Hungarian rabbis of his time. Yivo He is more commonly known as the Maharam Shik; Maharam is the...

Ilona Prins (Schick) MP (1905 - d.)

Nissell Schick (Heller Segal) MP (c.1670 - d.)

René Schick Gutiérrez, Presidente de Nicaragua MP (1909 - 1966)

René Schick Gutiérrez (n. 23 de noviembre de 1909, León - m. 3 de agosto de 1966, Managua) fue un abogado, diplomático y político nicaragüense con ascendencia austríaca, que fue Presidente de Nicaragua...

R' Shmuel Schick MP (b. - c.1700)

There are two explanations for the name Schick taken from each of the first letters of the words spelling "Shem Yisrael Kodesh" or "Shmuel Yuda Katzenellenbogen" - son of Rabbi Meir of Padua. For det...

Schick (Berlin) MP (deceased)

Schick Reitler MP (deceased)

(unnamed son) Schick MP (1793 - d.)

? Schick MP (deceased)

? Schick MP (deceased)

? Schick MP (1921 - 1921)

? Buchover MP (deceased)

? Schick MP (deceased)

? Schick MP (deceased)

? Drechsler (Schick) MP (deceased)

? ? Schick MP (deceased)

? ? Schick (Gustek) MP (deceased)

? Schick MP (deceased)

?? Schick MP (deceased)

?? Schick MP (deceased)

??? Schick MP (deceased)

(WIKIPEDIA): Darmstadt is a city in the Bundesland (federal state) of Hesse in Germany, located in the southern part of the Rhine Main Area. The city of Darmstadt was founded by the Counts of Katzene...

??? Schick MP (deceased)

A Ruth Napper (Schick) MP (deceased)

Aafje Willems Schick MP (b. - c.1665)

Aaron Schick MP (deceased)

Aaron Schick MP (c.1834 - d.)

Aaron Schick MP (deceased)


Abraham Schick MP (deceased)

R' Abraham Schick, A.B.D. Preruya, Mizlitice, then Aladi, Bohemia and finally Rabe MP (b. - 1850)

Abraham SCHICK MP (1786 - 1851)

SCHICK, Dawid Leopold (age 33, b. 1825, widower) son of Abraham Schick & Kati Grunberger married TROSTLER, Salie (age 20, b. 1838) daughter of Herman Trostler & Fani (FRANKFURT). Marriage Registratio...

Abraham Schick MP (b. - 1830)

"Die Grabschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Eisenstadt"-by Dr. Bernhard Wachstein- No. 822rabbi of Gyoer

Abraham Schick MP (1848 - 1896)

Abraham Schick MP (c.1820 - d.)

Abraham Jacob Schick MP (deceased)

Abraham Schick MP (deceased)

(Abraham) Philip Schick MP (1794 - 1838)

Abraham Ber? Schick MP (1829 - d.)


Ada Schick MP (deceased)

Adam Schick MP (1882 - d.)

Adam Schick MP (deceased)

Adam Schick MP (1806 - d.)

Adam Schick MP (deceased)

Adela (Amelia) (Marie) Teschner (Schick) MP (1838 - 1913)

Adela Fürth (Schick) MP (1871 - 1942)

Adelbert Harmon Schick MP (1901 - 1959)

Adele Schick (Buffi) MP (1877 - d.)

Adele Creed (Fleischmann) (Schick) MP (1875 - d.)

Adele Ida Schnabel (Schick) MP (1869 - 1918)

and also ... cf. death notice posted for father-in-law Franz SCHNABEL in Prager Tagblatt of 13 Oct 1898, courtesy of ANNO: Franz SCHNABEL DN: ÖNB/ANNO AustriaN Newspaper Online

Adele Haas (Schick) MP (1895 - 1942)

Birth record: Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes Vorname Adele Nachname Haas Geburtstag 18.07.1895 Geburtsort Wien Wohnort Wien 2, Novaragasse 24/15 Deportation Ma...

Adele Wilhelmine Schick MP (deceased)

Adele Freimuth (Schick) MP (c.1905 - d.)

Adolf Ferdinand SCHICK MP (1883 - 1963)

Adolf Schick MP (deceased)

Adolf Schick MP (1884 - 1942)

Adolf Schick MP (1866 - d.)

Adolf Schick MP (1859 - 1931)

adolf schick MP (deceased)

Adolf Schick MP (deceased)

Adolf Schick MP (1860 - 1927)

Adolf Schick MP (deceased)

Adolf Schick MP (deceased)

Adolf SCHICK MP (deceased)

Adolf Avraham Jacob Schick, Rabbi MP (1865 - 1925)

Adolfine (Dolfi) Schick (???) MP (1873 - 1943)

ADOLFINA SCHICKOVÁ Born 05. 04. 1873 Last residence before deportation: Prague XIII Address/place of registration in the Protectorate: Prague XIII, Kodaňská 11 Transport AAe, no. 80 (20. 06...

Adrene Schick MP (1911 - d.)

Adriaan Cornelisz Schick MP (c.1550 - d.)

Adriaantje Willemsdr Schick MP (deceased)

Agnes Merrindino-Schick MP (deceased)

Aharon Aharale Schick MP (1917 - 1962)

Aharon Chaim Schick MP (b. - 1863)

Aharon Minkovsky (Schick), Minsk Rabbi MP (b. - 1844)

ahron schick MP (c.1772 - 1845)

Aileen Rosalie Florence Schick (Drinnan) MP (1898 - 1967)

Albert Schick MP (deceased)

Albert G. Schick MP (1863 - 1952)

SOURCES: Kansas State Census Collection, 1855-1925 Name: Albert Shick (Albert Schick) Census Date: 31 Jun 1865 Residence County: Atchison Residence State: Kansas Locality: Atchison Birth Locatio...

Albert James Schick MP (1916 - 2011)

Albert Brian Schick MP (1944 - 1961)

Albert Theodore Schick MP (1911 - 1976)

Albert Schick MP (c.1824 - 1900)

Albert Schick MP (deceased)

Albert Schick MP (1846 - 1937)

Albert Schick MP (deceased)

Albert Wilhelm Schick MP (1880 - 1964)

Albert Schick MP (1871 - 1949)

Albert Schick MP (deceased)

Albert Theodore Schick MP (b. - 1976)

Albert Schick MP (deceased)

Albert Eldon Schick MP (1919 - 2002)

Albertine Schick MP (deceased)

Albertine Schick (Grünzweig) MP (b. - 1924)

Albina Schmolka (Schick) MP (deceased)

Albina Schick MP (1827 - d.)

Alex Schick MP (deceased)

Alex Gordon Schick MP (1919 - 2010)

Alex J Schick MP (1890 - d.)

Alex was very nice and so funny. He liked to tell jokes, even at funerals. He would have everyone laughing.

Alex Schick MP (deceased)

Alexander Schick MP (1800 - d.)

Parent: Jacob Schick Parent: Elizabeth Name: Alexander Birth Date: 26 Oct 1800 Baptism Date: 24 Jan 1801 Sponsor: The parents Source Information First Settlers of "The Forks of The Dela...

R' Alexander Zisha Schick MP (deceased)