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Cecile Wexler Schuman (Ropinsky/Row) MP (1918 - d.)

My aunt Cecile was a wonderful character. She was the kind of woman who would dance on tables! That's how I think of her. She was youthful until the end and I'll miss her very much. ~ Marsha

Robert Schuman MP (1886 - 1963)

See Wikipedia... Robert Schuman (French pronunciation: [ʁɔbɛʁ ʃuman]; 29 June 1886 – 4 September 1963) was a noted Luxembourgish-born French statesman. Schuman was a Christian Democrat (M.R.P.) and a...

William Howard Schuman MP (1910 - 1992)

Mother was very proud of her relative (actually her Uncle Walter's nephew), the most renowned of the various composers in our family. When she and I met Leonard Bernstein, she introduced herself as Wil...

Schuman MP (deceased)

"Bobbi" (Bertha) Schuman (LEVINE) MP (deceased)

? Schuman MP (deceased)

? Schuman MP (deceased)

? Schuman MP (deceased)

? Schuman MP (deceased)

? Schuman MP (deceased)

? Schuman MP (deceased)

? Schuss (Schuman) MP (deceased)

? Schuman MP (deceased)

?? Grieve (Schuman) MP (deceased)

Aaron Schuman MP (deceased)

Abe Schuman MP (1908 - d.)

Abe Schuman MP (1901 - 1970)

Abe Schuman MP (deceased)

Abraham Schuman MP (deceased)

Abraham Schuman (Abram Schumansky) MP (1898 - 1972)

Abraham Schuman MP (b. - 1910)

Abraham Schuman MP (deceased)

Ábrahám Schumann MP (aft.1934 - d.)

Abraham Schuman MP (c.1880 - 1957)

Abraham Johannes Schuman MP (1898 - 1951)

Abraham Spruyt Schuman MP (1837 - 1907)

Adaline B Voegtle (Schuman) MP (1868 - 1930)

Adam Schuman MP (deceased)

Adam S Schuman MP (1822 - 1906)

Adél Schumanm (Zucker) MP (b. - aft.1934)

Adela Davis (Schuman) MP (deceased)

Adela Dolores Morales Schuman MP (1924 - 2011)

Adelaide "Adelo" Schuman-LeClercq MP (deceased)

Adolph Schuman MP (1908 - 1985)

Adolph Schuman was president of the Lilli Ann apparel company and a longtime Democratic campaign contributor. Mr. Schuman started his the fashion company in 1934 in two rented rooms with $800 he borr...

Agatha Zang (Schuman) MP (1868 - 1935)

Agnes Dean Schuman (Jameson) MP (deceased)

Ailsa L. Schuman (Goodrich) MP (1918 - 2012)

Al Schuman MP (deceased)

Alan Schuman MP (1923 - d.)

Alan Schuman MP (deceased)

Alan Schuman MP (deceased)

Albert Schuman MP (deceased)

Albert Cromwell Schuman MP (1908 - d.)

Albert Schuman MP (1923 - c.1970)

Albert Herman Schuman MP (1909 - 1964)

Albert Schuman MP (1918 - 1992)

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Aleksander Schuman MP (deceased)

Aleksandra Karlson (Schuman) MP (1892 - 1912)

abielu Saaga TLA.1414.2.100:61?693,1024,4688,1961,0 surm Saaga TLA.1414.2.101:89?757,2911,4838,1167,0

Alexander Schuman MP (1915 - d.)

Alfred Schuman MP (1903 - 1995)

Alfred Schuman MP (deceased)

Alice Zimmer (Schuman) MP (deceased)

Alice Schuman MP (c.1907 - d.)

Alice Elizabeth Schuman (Metzler) MP (1870 - 1956)

Alice (Agnes) Erdine Schuman (Peck) MP (1894 - 1974)

Alma Alberta Schuman (Whittle) MP (1899 - 1971)

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Almira (Myra) Schuman MP (1885 - 1930)

Alois Schuman MP (1872 - 1952)

Alvina Schuman (Leigott) MP (deceased)

Amalie B Schuman (Schramm) MP (c.1892 - d.)

Amalie Marie Schroeter (Schuman) MP (deceased)

Amanda Bell Schuman MP (deceased)

Anders Schuman (Hansson) MP (1865 - 1945)

NameSchuman, AndersHome parishBranstads moderPlace of residenceKlambyDeaneryFärsCountyMalmöhus länBirth year1865Birth parishBranstads moderOccupationHusmanMarital statusGiftGenderManFamily status codeF...

Anders Schuman MP (1891 - 1974)

Andrea Frances Schuman MP (1949 - d.)

Andreas Ferdinant Schuman MP (b. - c.1777)

Skiftretten 23.06.1777 står han som bosted i Tellemark Gaden

Andres Schüman MP (1837 - 1837)

Sünd, birth Saaga EAA.1262.1.342:63?58,482,729,210,0 Surm, death Saaga EAA.1262.1.349:43?447,1034,630,109,0

Andrzej Schuman MP (1861 - d.)

Angnette Chatharina Schuman MP (deceased)

Bosted oppgitt til Christiania i morens skiftrett

Ann Dember Schuman MP (1900 - d.)

Ann Schuman (Steinberg) MP (1859 - 1919)

Jaani naine on sündinud 11.06.1859: Saaga EAA.1211.1.143:24?90,844,719,164,0 ehk siis Jaani ja Liso tütar: Saaga EAA.1211.1.29:118?61,659,1987,154,0 (17.05.1859 sünd. Ann on tema nõbu, Jüri ja Mari...

Ann W. Light (Schuman) MP (1772 - 1856)

Anna Schuman (Hank) MP (1855 - 1927)

Per 1900 Census records, Anna had been in the US since 1882 (as had her husband, [John] Henry), and she was literate, but did not speak English.

Anna Schuman MP (deceased)

Anna Mary Berberich (Schuman) MP (deceased)

Anna Berberich (Schuman) MP (deceased)

Anna Knable (Schuman) MP (1859 - 1948)

Anna Elizabeth Schuman MP (1869 - 1954)

Anna Catherine Schuman MP (c.1878 - d.)

Anna Maria Ramer Hertzog (Schuman) MP (1848 - 1933)

Anna Catharina Link (Schuman) MP (deceased)

Anna Catherina Linckh (Link) Kaiser (Schuman) MP (1657 - 1745)

Anna Schuman (Gutig) MP (b. - 1632)

Anna Catharina Schuman (Lesemann) MP (1705 - 1800)

Anna Mary Berberich (Schuman) MP (1821 - 1896)

Anna Schuman MP (deceased)

Anna Kunert (Schuman) MP (1872 - d.)

Anna Marie Schuman (Abel) MP (deceased)

Anna Schuman (Schmidtbauer) MP (c.1889 - d.)

Anna Schuman (Fishman) MP (deceased)

Anna Schuman (Margolis) MP (deceased)

Anna Marie Schuman (Spald) MP (deceased)

Anna Schuman (Merk) MP (deceased)

Anna Sophia Schüman MP (1839 - d.)

Sünd, birth Saaga EAA.1262.1.342:88?971,243,774,247,0 Kambja kogudus Personaalraamat. Saksa pihtkond, kirikumõis, ...; EAA.1255.1.513; 1845-1880 Saaga EAA.1255.1.513:473?12,960,764,416,0 lk. / page 433

Anna Schuman (Andersen) MP (1907 - 1997)

Anna Catherine Linck (Schuman) MP (1647 - d.)

Anna Lazarus (Schuman) MP (1893 - 1974)

Anna B Bair Schuman MP (deceased)

Anna Maria Sults / Meria (Schuman (Suuman)) MP (1884 - d.)

PR VII (Loo, Kolga, Anija, Kiiu, ...; EAA.1216.1.284; 1900-1935: Saaga EAA.1216.1.284:189?178,490,1245,147,0

Anna Maria Catharina Horn (Schuman) MP (1886 - d.)

Bruidegom: Jan Fran Anton Horn Geboorteplaats: Sittard Leeftijd: 21 Beroep: arbeider Vader bruidegom: Philip Abraham Horn Beroep: vrachtrijder Moeder bruidegom: Johanna Saive Beroep: z Bruid: Anna Mari...