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Abraham Davidse Schuyler MP (1663 - 1726)

Abraham Schuyler by Stefan Bielinski Abraham Davidse Schuyler was born in August 1663. He was the eldest surviving son of Beverwyck pioneers Davidse Pieterse and Catharina Verplanck Schuyler. As ...

Alida Livingston (Schuyler) MP (1656 - 1729)

Alida Schuyler was born in 1656, the third of the ten children of Beverwyck pioneers Philip Pieterse and Margarita Van Slichtenhorst Schuyler. Alida grew up in the Schuyler family home - a center of Al...

Alyda Schuyler (van Slichtenhorst) MP (c.1664 - 1748)

Alida Van Slechtenhorst's Profile Family Tree & Genealogy Tools Alida Van Slechtenhorst Born 1660 in Holland Daughter of Brandt A. Van Slichtenhorst and Aeltje Van Wenckum Sister of Arent Va...

Angelica Schuyler Church MP (1756 - 1814)

Angelica Schuyler Church (February 20, 1756 – March 13, 1814[1]) was the eldest daughter of Continental Army General Philip Schuyler, wife of British MP John Barker Church, sister of Elizabeth Schuyler...

Catalyntje (Catalina) Schuyler (Ver Planck) MP (1639 - 1708)

Catharina Verplanck was born in 1639. She was the daughter of New Netherland pioneers Abraham and Maria Vigne Roos Verplanck. She married recently arrived David Pieterse Schuyler in 1657 at the New A...

Catharine Schuyler (Van Rensselaer) MP (1734 - 1803)

Catherine Van Rensselaer was born 1734. She was the eldest daughter of John Van Rensselaer and his wife Engeltie Livingston. Her father was lord of the lower or Claverack Van Rensselaer Manor. "Kitty...

Cornelia Schuyler (van Cortlandt) MP (1655 - 1689)

David Pieterse Schuyler MP (c.1636 - 1690)

David Pieterse Schuyler was a pioneer member of early Albany's most important New Netherland family. He was born in Holland in 1636, a younger son of German-born Amsterdam baker Pieter Diercks and Ge...

David Davidtse Schuyler MP (1669 - 1715)

David Davidtse Schuyler David Davidse was born in Albany in 1669. He was the third son of the eight children born to New Netherland pioneers David Pieterse and Catharina Verplanck Schuyler. He gr...

Eliza Jane Sheward (Schuyler) MP (1844 - 1906)

Elizabeth Hamilton (Schuyler) MP (1757 - 1854)

Find A Grave Memorial Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton (9 Aug. 1757-9 Nov. 1854) (wife of Alexander Hamilton), statesman's wife and charity worker, was born in Albany, New York, the second daughter of Phili...

Elsie Schuyler (Staats) MP (1659 - 1737)

Elsie Staats was born during the late 1650s, the daughter of Beverwyck physician Abraham Staats and his wife, Catharina Jochems. As a child of one of the community's few professionals, Elsie grew up al...

Eugene Schuyler MP (1840 - 1890)

Eugene Schuyler (Ithaca, New York, February 26, 1840 – Venice, Italy, July 16, 1890) was a nineteenth-century American scholar, writer, explorer and diplomat. Schuyler was of the first three American...

Geertruy Schuyler (Ten Broeck) MP (1678 - 1738)

Geertruyd Van Cortlandt (Schuyler) MP (1654 - c.1719)

Geertruy Schuyler was born in February 1654. She was the first daughter and second child of New Netherland pioneers Philip Pieterse and Margarita Van Slichtenhorst Schuyler. Her family soon stood in th...

Geertruyt Groesbeck (Schuyler) MP (1661 - 1747)

Geertruy Schuyler Groesbeck by Stefan Bielinski Geertruy Schuyler was born in September 1661. She was the second child born to the marriage of New Netherland pioneers David Pieterse and Catalina ...

George Samuel Schuyler MP (1895 - 1977)

Major African-American author, and one of the first African-American journalists to achieve national prominence. Son of George Francis Schuyler and Eliza Jane Fisher Schuyler. He married Josephine Co...

Hester Colfax (Schuyler) MP (1757 - 1839)

THE GROTON AVERY CLAN, Vol. I, by Elroy McKendree Avery and Catherine Hitchcock (Tilden) Avery, Cleveland, 1912. p. 247

Capt. Johannes Schuyler MP (1668 - 1747)

SCHUYLER, JOHANNES (John), military officer, envoy to the Iroquois; b. 5 April 1668 (o.s.) at Albany, New York, the sixth and youngest son of Philip Pieterse Schuyler and Margarita Van Slichtenhors...

John Bradstreet Schuyler MP (1765 - 1795)

John Bradstreet Schuyler was born on July 12, 1765. He was the seventh child and eldest surviving son of the fifteen offspring of the marriage of Philip Schuyler and his wife, Catharina Van Rensselaer....

Karl C. Schuyler, U.S. Senator MP (1877 - 1933)

Karl Cortlandt Schuyler (April 3, 1877 – July 31, 1933) was a United States Senator from Colorado. Born in Colorado Springs, he attended the public schools in that city and worked on the Colorado...

Margarietje [Grijt] Schuyler (van Slichtenhorst) MP (1628 - 1711)

Birth: 1628 Death: Jan. 22, 1711 Wife of Philip Peterse Schuyler, parents of Arent Van Schuyler. Last known residence Beaverwyck, New YorK Family links: Spouse: Philip Pieterse Schuyler (1...

Margarita Schuyler MP (1682 - d.) ; Margarita Schuyler was born in Albany in 1682. She was the first child of mayor Pieter Schuyler and his first wife, Engeltie Van Schaick. Losing her mother before she was ten, her ...

Margarita Schuyler MP (c.1700 - 1782)

Margarita Van Rensselaer (Schuyler) MP (1758 - 1801)

Birth: Sep. 24, 1758 Albany Albany County New York, USA Death: Mar. 14, 1801 Albany Albany County New York, USA first wife of Stephen Van Rensselaer m. June 6, 1783 at Saratoga, New York and daug...

Maria van Dyck (Schuyler) MP (1666 - 1742)

Maria Schuyler (van Rensselaer) MP (1673 - 1713)

Maria Van Rensselaer was born in October 1673. She was the daughter of Jeremias and Maria Van Cortlandt Van Rensselaer. Her father was the lord of Rensselaerswyck but died the year after her birth....

Mary Horton (Schuyler) MP (c.1578 - 1683)

Capt. Myndert Schuyler MP (1672 - 1755)

Maj. General Philip J. Schuyler (Continental Army) MP (1733 - 1804)

Find A Grave Memorial DAR Ancestor # A101210 NEW YORK, MAJOR GENERAL, CONTINENTAL ARMY Philip John Schuyler (November 20, 1733 – November 18, 1804) was a general in the American Revolution and a Unit...

Phillip Pieterse Schuyler MP (1628 - 1683)

Birth: Feb. 8, 1628, Netherlands Death: May 9, 1683 Albany Albany County New York, USA Husband of Margaretta Van Slichtenhorst, parents of Arent Van Schuyler. Last known residence Beaverwyck, New...

Phillipa Duke Schuyler MP (1931 - 1967)

Philippa Duke Schuyler (/ˈskaɪlər/; August 2, 1931 – May 9, 1967) was a noted American child prodigy and pianist. from Cool Chicks from History Piano prodigy Philippa Duke Schuyler was the daughter...

Judge Peter Schuyler MP (1659 - 1696)

Pieter Schuyler Born about 1659 in Albany,Albany,New York, USA Son of David P. Schuyler and Catalyna Ver Planck Brother of Gertrude Schuyler, Abraham D. Schuyler, Maria Schuyler, David Schuyler, ...

Col. Pieter Philipse Schuyler MP (1657 - 1724)

Pieter Philipse Schuyler: Siblings of Pieter Philipse Schuyler are: i. Gysbert SCHUYLER was born 2 JUL 1652 in Albany, Albany, New York, and died AFT. 13 MAR 1664/65. ii. Geertruy SCHUYLER wa...

Rachel Schuyler (Cuyler) MP (c.1672 - d.)

Schuyler MP (deceased)

Schuyler MP (deceased)

"Anna" Annatie Schuyler (Wendell) MP (1737 - 1802)

(Catrina) Catherine Voorhees Lyle (Schuyler) MP (1762 - d.)

? Schuyler MP (deceased)

? Schuyler MP (deceased)

Aaron SCHUYLER MP (deceased)

Aaron SCHUYLER MP (1816 - d.)

Aaron VanDeusen Schuyler MP (1831 - d.)

Aaron schuyler MP (deceased)

Aaron Van Duzen Schuyler MP (1831 - d.)

Abigail Schuyler (Fancher) MP (1772 - 1856)

Abigail Maria Schuyler MP (1806 - 1869)

Abigail Foering (Schuyler) MP (deceased)

Abigail Schuyler MP (1853 - 1858)

Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Jun 14 2017, 15:56:55 UTC

Abner Schuyler MP (deceased)

Abraham Schuyler MP (deceased)

Abraham Schuyler MP (1820 - 1898)

Abraham Schuyler MP (1704 - 1750)

Abraham Schuyler MP (1735 - 1812)

Abraham Schuyler MP (1704 - 1750)

Abraham Schuyler MP (1741 - d.)

Abraham Schuyler (Sclar) MP (deceased)

Abram Schuyler MP (1834 - d.)

Ada Schuyler MP (1856 - d.)

Addie La Verne Schuyler MP (1912 - 1962)

Addie Smith (Schuyler) MP (c.1861 - 1932)

Adley Schuyler MP (1852 - 1935)

Adoniah Schuyler MP (1728 - d.)

Adonijah "Adonis" Schuyler MP (1708 - 1763)

Adonijah Schuyler MP (1754 - 1831)

Adrian Schuyler MP (deceased)

Adriana van Schuyler MP (c.1671 - 1704)

Aechtie Schuyler (de Groof) MP (bef.1684 - d.)

marriage 1703 18 Sep; Gerard Schuyler; Aagje de Groof[ ~• probably the dau. of Adolf De Grof..... Aagie (Aefgie) had siblings who married in New York baptism of her children in the DRC 1704 Nov...

Aegie Schuyler, died young MP (bef.1710 - d.)

baptism 1710 Jan 25; Gerret Schuyler, Aegje de Groof ; Aegje ; Dirk de Groof , Rachel Goederis

Aegie Schuyler MP (bef.1715 - d.)

drc baptism 1715 Mar 20; Gerret Schuyler, Aegje de Groof ; Aegje ; Oloph Schuyler, Cornelia Schuyler wid

Aeltje Schuyler (Van Voohees) MP (c.1739 - c.1810)

Agnes Wilson Schuyler (Mackey) MP (1866 - 1915)

Al Schuyler MP (b. - 1980)

Alba Jacob Schuyler MP (1834 - 1906)

Albert Schuyler MP (1850 - 1921)

Albert King Schuyler MP (1931 - 1980)

Albert Claude Schuyler MP (1842 - d.)

Alda Janek (Schuyler) MP (1903 - d.)

Alice Schuyler MP (c.1871 - d.)

Alice Schuyler MP (1871 - d.)

Alice Schuyler (Ross) MP (deceased)

Alice M. Lundberg (Schuyler) MP (1863 - d.)

Alice Isabella Schuyler (Perkins) MP (1844 - d.)

Alice Schuyler MP (deceased)

Alicia Schuyler (Donnelly) MP (1871 - 1932)

Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Jul 12 2017, 22:41:25 UTC * Residence : June 1911 - Townsend Township, Norfolk, Ontario, Canada* Race : Irish** Reference: 1911 Canada Census - SmartCopy ...

Alida Schuyler MP (1721 - c.1729)

Alida SCHUYLER Herkimer MP (1752 - 1830)

Alida Schuyler MP (1693 - d.)

Alida M Schuyler MP (1842 - 1929)

Alida Van Slichtenhorst (Schuyler) MP (1661 - d.)

Alida May Schuyler (Westfall) MP (1865 - 1917)

Alida Schuyler (Van Slichtenhorst) MP (deceased)

Alida Schuyler MP (bef.1704 - d.)

baptism DRC 1704 Nov 19; Gerret Schuyler, Aegje de Groof ; Alida ; Adolf de Groof , Janneke Van Bosse wid

Allan Schuyler MP (deceased)

Alma Ruth Schuyler MP (1909 - 1976)

Alyda Herkimer (Schuyler) MP (deceased)

Amanda Dipley (Schuyler) MP (1814 - 1884)

Amanda A. Schuyler (Hitt) MP (1842 - d.)

Amanda Dipley (Schuyler) MP (1814 - c.1884)