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Ann Short (Sewall) MP (1663 - 1706)

First Five children were born in England. Ann was the first child born in America.

Catherine Pynchon (Sewall) MP (deceased)

Charles Sewall MP (1685 - 1742)

Sewall, Charles,St. Mary's Co.,8th Aug., 1741; 27th April, 1742. Land not entailed to be sold including 1000 A. due test. by warrant, for payment of debts and support of wife Eleanor and child. as lo...

Clement Sewall MP (deceased)

Hon. David Sewall MP (1735 - 1825)

First appointed Federal Judge for the District of Maine of Massachusetts, appointed by President Washington. From Wikipedia: "David Sewall (October 7, 1735 – October 22, 1825) was a Massachusetts att...

Col. Dummer Sewall MP (1737 - 1833)

Revolutionary War soldier, present at Ft. Louisbourg (Nova Scotia) reduction, state senator, delegate to Constitutional Convention in Mass. proposed "Bath" as new name for Bath, Maine, 1st Postmaster o...

Eleanor Sewall (Brooke) MP (c.1684 - d.)

Some sources spell Elinor

Elizabeth Sewall (Walley) MP (1685 - 1756)

Elizabeth Frisby (Sewall) MP (1693 - 1752)

One merged profile listed last name as Sewell.

Elizabeth Digges (Sewall) MP (1654 - 1710)

Elizabeth Sewall who married first Jesse Wharton and secondly William Digges. Links

Hannah Tappan (Sewall) MP (1649 - 1694)

Hannah Quincy Sewall (Hull) MP (1658 - 1717)

Hanna Hull was the first of Samuel Sewall's three wives. She was the mother of all 14 of his children. Nathaniel Hawthorne relates in Grandfather's Chair that when Hull's daughter, Hannah, married the ...

Hannah Moody (Sewall) MP (1677 - 1728)

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Hannah Sewall MP (1675 - d.)

Rev. Henry Sewall MP (c.1615 - 1700)

Irma Spellman Askey bless her heart helped establish this linkage by Col John Emery Adams from there I was able through research able to get to this point. We did it! Much research is still needed but ...

Henry Sewall, of Warwick & St. Mary's MP (c.1628 - c.1665)

Secretary of the Province of Maryland Henry Sewall who emigrated to Maryland in 1661, and became Secretary of Maryland. Henry married Jane Lowe and had children Ann, Elizabeth, Nicholas (Deputy Gov...

Henry or William Sewell MP (1562 - 1624)

Henry acquired a great estate. Will dated Sept. 1, 1624 & proved June 1628. James H. Stark:The Loyalists of Massachusetts First Edition 1910 reprinted 1972 ISBN 0-678-00791-8 JONATHAN SEWALL. ATTOR...

Jane Gerrish (Sewall) MP (1659 - 1717)

Jane Calvert (Sewall) MP (1664 - 1692)

Jane Sewall (Dummer) MP (1628 - 1701)

from: Immigrated on the Bevis, arriving June 1638 with her parents Alice Archer and Stephen Dummer. She and her husband returned to England with her parents in 1647. They returned to England with s...

Deacon John Sewall MP (1729 - d.)

Rev. Dr. Joseph Sewall MP (1688 - 1769)

Rev. Dr. Joseph Sewall was born on Aug. 15, 1688 in Boston. He was the son of Chief Justice Samuel E. Sewall and Hannah Hull. Joseph Sewall was baptised on Aug. 19, 1688 by Mr. Willard in the Old South...

Capt. Joseph Sewall MP (1731 - 1782)

Judith Cooper (Sewall) MP (1701 - 1740)

Lydia Sewall (Storer) MP (1693 - 1722)

Margaret Sewall (Mitchell) MP (1663 - 1736)

Died at the home of her son Samuel.

Maria Laure Key (Sewall) MP (1812 - 1897)

Mary Brent Key (Sewall) MP (c.1809 - 1831)

Mary Sewall (Dunning) MP (1739 - 1823)

Mary Sewall (Parker) MP (deceased)

Mary Green (Sewall) MP (1694 - c.1728)

Matilda Sewall (Horne) MP (1524 - d.)

Matilda Horne was the daughter of Reginald Horne of Pickesley and Margery Lee.2 Matilda Horne married William Sewall in 1540 or possibly earlier.3,4,5 Children of Matilda Horne and William Sewall ...

Mehitable Robie (Sewall) MP (1697 - 1722)

Mercy Sewall MP (1742 - 1812)

Miriam Sewall (Stone) MP (deceased)

Capt. Moses Sewall MP (1733 - 1816)

Philippa Sewall MP (c.1629 - 1669)

Judge Samuel Sewall MP (1652 - 1730)

Samuel Sewall was a Massachusetts magistrate of the Court of Oyer and Terminer. Five years after the Salem Witch Trials, Sewall publicly regretted his role in the trials, the only magistrate involved t...

Rev. Samuel Sewall MP (1688 - 1769)

I have not heard before that Samuel Sewall was a clergyman. Samuel's Y-DNA Haplogroup is E-V13 (derived from Family Tree DNA for direct descendant David T. Sewall)

Maj. Samuel Sewall MP (1724 - d.)

Sarah Sewall (Batchelder) MP (1697 - 1790)

Maj. Stephen Sewall MP (1657 - 1725)

Stephen Sewell came to New England with his mother Jane (Dummer) Sewall, brothers Samuel and John and sisters Hannah and Jane in 1661. Stephen’s father, {Rev} Henry Sewall, had returned to Massachusett...

Susanna Sewall (Carbery) MP (deceased)

Sewall MP (deceased)

Sewall MP (deceased)

Sewall MP (c.1590 - c.1615)

"Diarist" Samuel Sewall MP (1674 - 1700)

The Diary of Samuel Sewall is at

1st Daughter Sewall MP (deceased)

Abid Fairchild Sewall MP (deceased)

Abigail Sewall (Tilly or Woodmansey) MP (b. - c.1719)

Abigail Phenix (Sewall) MP (1650 - 1718)

Abigail Sewall (Trask) MP (1762 - 1843)

Abigail Sewall (Titcombe) MP (1718 - 1797)

Abigail Sutherland (Sewall) MP (deceased)

Abigail Sewall (Trask) MP (1762 - 1846)

Adelyn Elenore Sewall MP (1921 - d.)

Adelyn Sewall (Stoyell) MP (1874 - d.)

Albert Defiance Sewall MP (1860 - 1931)

alden wallace sewall MP (c.1907 - c.1997)

Alexandra Sewall MP (deceased)

Algernon Robinson Sewall MP (1817 - d.)

Alice Bethia Sewall (Mackenzie) MP (1893 - 1920)

Alice Archer Sewall MP (1870 - 1950)

Alice Worcester Sewall MP (1842 - 1933)

Amee Sewall (Dunbar) MP (1752 - d.)

Amelia Mildred Sewall (Gilmer) MP (1820 - 1894)

Andrew Jackson Sewall MP (deceased)

Ann Sewall MP (1591 - d.)

Ann Silverman Ehrlich Sewall MP (1915 - d.)

Anna Sewall MP (c.1824 - 1884)

Anna Sewall (White) MP (deceased)

Anna Louisa Sewall (Sewell) MP (1833 - d.)

ANNA Sowles (SEWALL) MP (b. - c.1825)

Anna Maria Rudulph Sewall MP (c.1792 - c.1856)

Anne Power (Sewall) MP (1594 - c.1633)

Anne Sewall MP (deceased)

Anne M Sewall (Pinkney) MP (deceased)

Anne Longfellow (Sewall) MP (1642 - 1706)

Anne Sewall (Sewell) MP (1884 - 1887)

Anne Short (Sewall) MP (deceased)

Anne Tappan (Sewall) MP (deceased)

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arline bernice sewall (eaton) MP (deceased)

Arthur Sewall MP (deceased)

Arthur Sewall MP (1835 - 1900)

William J. Bryan's running mate of the Presidency in 1896. Politician. Served as a Member of the Democratic National Committee from Maine from 1888-1896, and Democratic Candidate for Vice President o...

Arthur Shaw Sewall MP (1846 - 1922)

Ashe Sewall MP (deceased)

Basil Sewall MP (c.1750 - c.1801)

Shipbuilder, e.g. schooner Liberty (see 1770 Admiralty Court record, Annapolis MD).

Beatrice Sewall (Kleiman) MP (deceased)

Beatrice Jackson (Sewall) MP (1940 - d.)

Bertha Ethyl Sewall (Stone) MP (1888 - 1979)

Betsey Gove Sewall (Cunningham) MP (c.1833 - 1901)

Elizabeth Gove Cunningham Born: circa 1833, Maine Died: February 18, 1901, Bangor, Maine Father: Capt. Thomas Cunningham, b. Feb. 15, 1797, Edgecomb, Lincoln Co, Maine; d. Jan. 20, 1878, Methuen ...

Betty Lou Moreton (Sewall) MP (1919 - d.)

Blanche A. Sewall MP (c.1869 - d.)

Bradford Sewall MP (1845 - 1908)

Bridget Sewall (Lyndsey) MP (deceased)

Oudada MP (1903 - 1973)

Camilla Loyall Sewall (Ashe) MP (deceased)

Caroline Sewall Oliver MP (1818 - 1898)

Caroline G Manley (Sewall) MP (1818 - 1909)

Catherine W Sewall MP (c.1842 - d.)