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Abner Kelsey Shappee MP (1790 - 1865)

Abner K. Shappee was probably named after Abner Kelsey, an early resident of Chemung County. The connection to the Kelsey family is not known at this time. "A patent for 460 acres of land dated March...

Abner Calvin Shappee MP (c.1832 - 1893)

Adelaide Shappee (Chambers) MP (deceased)

Alby Frances Shappee (Keith) MP (deceased)

Alice M. Shappee MP (1883 - 1897)

Allen Ecker Shappee MP (1867 - 1931)

Alpha Shappee (Ticknor) MP (1885 - d.)

Amanda M. Johnston (Shappee) MP (1843 - 1916)

Amelia M. Shappee (Thomas) MP (1909 - 2004)

Amelia died at the Tioga Nursing Facility. She was survived by sons, Kenneth (JoAnn) Shappee of Pine City, NY, and Robert (Arlene) Shappee of Amherst, NY; eight grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren, ...

Anna Louise Brown (Shappee) MP (1872 - 1936)

Anna Mary Shappee MP (deceased)

Anna Bush Shappee MP (1865 - 1872)

Anna Shappee (Wilkins) MP (1875 - 1965)

Anna E. Shappee (Sears) MP (c.1875 - 1959)

Anna was Allen's second wife, and he was her second husband. Most likely her maiden name was Sears. Her parents and place of birth can be found in her marriage record. --Sources: Montana Death Index,...

Ardella A. Shappee (Hoover) MP (1843 - 1888)

Details about Ardella's life were found in Portrait and Biographical Album of Isabella County, Michigan , page 288.

Arlene Shappee MP (deceased)

Arthur Shappee MP (1883 - 1961)

Ashkenaz Shappee MP (1749 - 1797)

The name Ashkenaz is unusual, which has helped in finding information about our first Shappee ancestor. The name is in the Bible. Ashkenaz was a great-grandson of Noah, as follows: Ashkenaz was the...

Bartlett Shappee MP (1912 - 1995)

Bart was born in the Shappee home in Casco, Michigan. He attended Kalamazoo College and was a football star. Later he served in WWII. He was in insurance agent for Bankers Life and lived the last part ...

Belle Grace Beatty (Shappee) MP (1885 - 1962)

Bernice O. Chaffee (Shappee) MP (1898 - 1966)

Bertha M. Shappee MP (1874 - d.)

Bessie Lorraine Shappee (Miller) MP (1890 - 1950)

Bettie Shappee (Stemler) MP (deceased)

Betty Jane Shappee (Stemler) MP (1920 - 1992)

Bonnie Jean Weinecke (Shappee) MP (1951 - 2002)

Information about Bonnie and Ed found in the Stone Family Tree on

Bonnie Shappee MP (deceased)

Brenda Shappee (Richardson) MP (deceased)

Bun Shappee MP (1867 - d.)

Calvin Granger Shappee MP (1887 - 1971)

Caroline Hannah Shappee (Titus) MP (deceased)

Caroline May Fuller (Shappee) MP (1874 - 1953)

Catherine Shappee (Baldwin) MP (1895 - d.)

Catherine (Widow) Shappee (Argetsinger) MP (c.1837 - d.)

Charity L. Bentley (Shappee) MP (1844 - 1920)

Charles Henry Shappee MP (1916 - 1982)

Charles A. Shappee MP (1857 - 1857)

Charles Shappee MP (deceased)

Charles Dale Shappee MP (deceased)

Charles Shappee MP (b. - 1895)

Clarence Higby Shappee MP (1927 - 1994)

Clarence's birth and death dates were found in the Social Security Death Index.

Clarence M. Shappee MP (1876 - 1900)

From his grave stone: Company L,3rd Georgia Infantry.

Clarissa DeGraw (Shappee) MP (1825 - 1895)

Clarissa C. Fernan (Shappee) MP (c.1859 - d.)

Clarissa Shappee (Paine) MP (1780 - d.)

Clarissa D. Hill (Shappee) MP (1849 - d.)

There is a Clara D. Hill on that might be this Clarissa: Find A Grave Memorial # 99740645

Clarissa Shappee MP (b. - 1941)

Clarissa Shappee MP (1848 - 1852)

Clifford R. Shappee MP (1883 - 1965)

I have a picture of Clifford and Florence Shappee if you would like a copy' Ruth Moore

Clifford L Shappee MP (1923 - 1988)

Cooley David Shappee MP (1856 - 1903)

Cooley Judson Shappee MP (1885 - 1907)

Curtis Elmore Shappee MP (1916 - 1996)

Daisy Lillian Shappee (Tillinghast) MP (1882 - 1972)

Daniel Shappee MP (1858 - 1863)

David Powers Shappee MP (1792 - 1869)

David and Jemima Shappee are the ancestors of many of the Shappees in Maple Grove Cemetery. David was a veteran of the War of 1812.

David Shappee MP (1820 - 1905)

David was a blacksmith, like his father, Abner.

David B. Shappee MP (1863 - d.)

David Bosworth Shappee MP (1897 - 1959)

David B. Shappee worked for five years at the Trans-Coastal Sales Co. before his death in Los Angeles.

David Bosworth Shappee MP (1893 - 1959)

David B. Shappee MP (c.1917 - 1945)

Della Lee Shappee MP (c.1900 - d.)

Devere Shappee MP (1848 - 1929)

Devere served in the Civil War. There are two entries for him on Ancestry: Regiment: 51st Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry Company: H Regiment: 207th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry Company: G ...

Donna Gougeon (Shappee) MP (1932 - 2007)

Dorothy Marie Allen (Shappee) MP (1915 - 2006)

She was a window girl at McDonalds. She was a licensed practical nurse at Sacred Heart Hopsital (now Parkview), and Good Samaritan.

Dulane C. Shappee MP (1850 - d.)

Earl Shappee MP (1880 - 1947)

Ebenezer Bartlett Shappee MP (1903 - 1962)

Ebenezer Bartlett Shappee MP (1833 - 1917)

E. Bartlett's obituary from: The Elmira Advertiser, Monday Morning, April 9, 1917 Page 7 E. Bartlett Shappee died Saturday morning at 1:30 o¹clock at the family home, in the town of Horseheads, a...

Edith Dorcas Shappee (Quinn) MP (1891 - 1975)

Edna Shappee MP (c.1876 - 1894)

Edward Shute Shappee MP (1864 - 1900)

Eliza Shappee (Sterling) MP (1818 - 1873)

Elizabeth Shappee MP (1830 - 1862)

Elizabeth T. Mallory (Shappee) MP (1885 - bef.1953)

Elizabeth was also known as Bessie.

Elizabeth Avery (Shappee) MP (c.1812 - 1862)

So far there are no known children.

Elizabeth Shappee MP (1845 - 1926)

Elizabeth E. Shappee MP (1885 - 1953)

Elizabeth Faye Shappee MP (1918 - 1918)

Elizabeth Tripp (Shappee) MP (deceased)

Elmira Maynard (Shappee) MP (1838 - 1910)

Essie Sylvia Klock Kellberg (Shappee) MP (c.1895 - d.)

Estelle Clare Shappee (Gosslin) MP (1919 - 1984)

Clare was also known as Kitty.

Esther McDowell Dalrymple (Shappee) MP (1906 - 1997)

From Esther's obituary: Born June 26, 1906 in Elmira, NY, she was the daughter of Grant and Harriet (MacDowell) Shappee. She was a wife, mother, grandmother, homemaker, and a member of the First Pres...

Ethan Shappee MP (1849 - d.)

Ethan died young.

Ethel May Shappee MP (1882 - 1888)

Ethel M. Hauver (Shappee) MP (deceased)

Ethel Shappee MP (1908 - 1977)

Ethel Rhoda Shappee (Kersey) MP (1894 - 1966)

Since she was the oldest daughter, no doubt she did her share of house cleaning and caring for the other children and was there at the birth of her younger brothers and sisters. She was baptized into...

Ettie Shappee MP (c.1851 - d.)

Eugene Shappee MP (1920 - 1987)

Eugene Shappee MP (deceased)

Evangeline May Shappee (Larabee) MP (deceased)

Fannie J. Shappee (Klock) MP (1856 - 1927)

Fannie May Shappee (Thomas) MP (c.1873 - d.)

Fannie Shappee (Roskoski) MP (1895 - 1975)

Febe Shappee (Cook) MP (c.1884 - 1960)

Febe was James Eddy Shappee's first wife. In the 1930 U.S. Census, her occupation was listed as school teacher.

Fidelia Shappee (Wright) MP (deceased)

Florence Elizabeth Shappee (Lounsbury) MP (1891 - 1965)

Florence and Clifford R. Shappee had nine children.

Florence (Deanie) Violet Moore (Shappee) MP (1925 - 2004)

She had a passion for gardening, bowling, fishing and friends. She nurtured and loved her children and grandchildren. Deanie was a member of the Jerome County Election board for 39 years, a member of...