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Bevlah Luella Shore (Chartrand) MP (1882 - d.)

Elizabeth Jane Shore (Lambert) MP (c.1445 - c.1527)

Elizabeth "Jane" Shore (c.1445 – c.1527) was one of the many mistresses of King Edward IV of England, the first of the three whom he described respectively as "the merriest, the wiliest, and the holi...

Dinah Shore MP (1916 - 1994)

Dinah Shore (born Frances Rose Shore; February 29, 1916 – February 24, 1994) was an American singer, actress, and television personality. She reached the height of her popularity as a recording artis...

Jonathan Shore MP (1648 - 1724)

Mitzi Lee Shore (Saidel) MP

Mitzi Shore (née Saidel) (born July 25, 1930) is an American comedy club owner. She founded the Los Angeles comedy club, The Comedy Store in 1972 and became owner two years later. Through the club, s...

Pauly Shore MP

Paul Montgomery "Pauly" Shore (born February 1, 1968) is an American actor, comedian, director, writer and producer who starred in several comedy films in the 1990s and hosted a video show on MTV in ...

Phoebe Millard (Shore) MP (1674 - 1718)

Nehemiah, the son of Robert, married first Judith Mason and secondly, Phoebe Shores who was born in Lynn Mass April 20, 1674, the Daughter of Jonathan and Priscilla (Hawthorne) Shores. The Daughter of ...

Priscilla Shore (Hathorne) MP (1649 - d.)

HAWTHORNE, Priscilla b. 22 JUL 1649 Family: Marriage: 15 JAN 1668/69 Spouse: SHOREY, Jonathan b. 12 APR 1643 Boston, Mass. Parents: Father: SHORE, Sampson Mother: PURCHASE, Abigail Ch...

Sampson Shore MP (c.1615 - 1678)

Name Sampson Shore Jr., M Birth Date abt 1614 Birth Place Devonshire, England Death Date abt 1678 Age: 64 Misc. Notes Source: NEHGS Register 142: 269-272 2: 109 Croft, Grace H.: Benson Fami...

Sarah Sparks (Shore) MP (1757 - 1830)

According to Whole No. 12 of The Sparks Quarterly: "John Sparks had married in Surry County about 1777 Sarah Shores a daughter of Reuben and Susannah Shores of Surry (now Yadkin) County. "According...

Susanne Ricketts (Shore) MP

Thomas Shore MP (deceased)

SHORE MP (c.1653 - d.)

SHORE MP (c.1653 - d.)

#Hazel May SHORE MP (1926 - 2000)

#Stanley Oswald SHORE MP (1920 - 1989)

#Wilfred SHORE MP (1897 - d.)

(Abraham) Shore MP (deceased)

(bat Zalman) Shore MP (deceased)

(Edith) Shore MP (deceased)

(infant son) Shore MP (1926 - 1926)

--- Robins (Shore) MP (deceased)

1 NN Shore MP (deceased)

2 NN Shore MP (deceased)

3 NN Shore MP (deceased)

? Shore MP (deceased)

? Shore MP (deceased)

? Shore MP (1908 - d.)

? Shore MP (deceased)

? Shore MP (1653 - d.)

? Shore MP (deceased)

? Grabs (Shore) MP (deceased)

? Shore MP (1805 - d.)

Married Catherine Shore approx 1830

? George Shore MP (deceased)

?? Shore MP (deceased)

A. Shore MP (c.1850 - d.)

Aaron Shore Kalikstein MP (1915 - 1988)

Aaron Shore MP (1819 - 1891)

Abe Shore MP (1905 - d.)

Abe Shore MP (deceased)

Abe Shore MP (deceased)

Abigail Shore (Purchase) MP (c.1618 - d.)

iii ABIGAIL, bur. 20 July 1622. Abigail PURCHASE [Parents] 1, 2 was christened 4 Jul 1624 in Holy Trinity, Dorchester, Dorset, England. She married Sampson SHORE on 1642 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachuset...

Abigail Shorey (Shore) MP (1653 - d.)

Abigail Shore (Benson) MP (1647 - 1678)

Abigail (Ghiggooie) Shore (Purchase) MP (deceased)

Abner Clifton Shore MP (1874 - d.)

Abraham Shore MP (deceased)

Abraham Shore MP (1821 - 1822)

Abraham Clayton Shore MP (1854 - d.)

Abraham Shore MP (1811 - d.)

Abraham Shore MP (deceased)

Abraham Shore MP (deceased)

Abraham Shore MP (deceased)

Ada Shore (Lee) MP (1910 - 1972)

Ada Maude Minnie Shore MP (1877 - d.)

Ada Southard Shore MP (deceased)

Adele Shore (Mogul) MP (deceased)

Adele Shore (Feinsmith) MP (deceased)

Adelee Shore MP (deceased)

Adella Gansky (Shore) MP (b. - 2008)

Adrian Shore MP (deceased)

Adrian Shore MP (deceased)

Adrian Shore MP (deceased)

Agatha Shore MP (deceased)

Agnes Shore (Gorovitz) MP (deceased)

Agnes Elizabeth Graham (Shore) MP (deceased)

Aidly Shore MP (deceased)

Al Shore MP (deceased)

Al (Abe, Abraham) Shore (Sattin) MP (deceased)

Albeert Shore MP (deceased)

Albert E Shore MP (c.1890 - d.)

Albert Elsworth Shore MP (1862 - 1934)

albert shore MP (deceased)

Albert "Bertie" Shore MP (deceased)

Alex Shore MP (1899 - 1978)

Alexander Eliahu Shore MP (1890 - 1973)

Alfred Shore MP (1843 - 1882)

Alfred George Shore MP (1899 - d.)

Alfred Thomas Shore MP (1843 - d.)

Alfred Samuel Shore MP (c.1869 - 1932)

Alfred David Shore MP (1914 - 1978)

Husband of Ruby Opal Martinache. Son of David Ephraim Shore and Josephine Marshall.OBITUARYTHE CHARITON HERALD-PATRIOTChariton, IowaThursday, March 16, 1978SHOREAlfred D. Shore, the son of David E. and...

alfred shore MP (deceased)

Alfred Authur Shore MP (deceased)

alfred james shore MP (deceased)

Alice (Ales) Shore MP (1654 - d.)

Alice SHORE MP (1599 - d.)

Alice Shore MP (1822 - d.)

Alice Elsie Shore MP (1880 - 1902)

Alice Shore MP (c.1869 - d.)

Alice M. Shore MP (c.1869 - d.)

Alice Shore MP (1808 - d.)

Alice Barber (Shore) MP (1794 - 1859)

Alice Velma McIntire MP (1904 - 1992)

Alice Shore (Pritchett) MP (1874 - d.)

Alice Haiser (Shore) MP (deceased)

Alice Daulby (Shore) MP (deceased)

Alice Shore (Grubb) MP (deceased)

Alice Lodene Shore MP (deceased)

Alice Almira Shore (Lyon) MP (deceased)

Alice Shore (Evans) MP (1927 - d.)