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Decima Cecilia Heyward (Shubrick) MP (1796 - 1867)

Decima Cecilia Shubrick (1 Feb 1796-Apr 1867) was the daughter of Col. Thomas Shubrick and wife Mary Branford. She married James Hamilton Heyward (17 Sep 1792-2 Jul 1828) on 12 Dec 1816. They are depic...

Capt. Edward R. Shubrick, USN MP (1793 - 1844)

Edward Rutledge Shubrick (12 May 1793-12 Mar 1844), son of Col. Thomas Shubrick and wife Mary Branford, married Esther Mary Bellin (14 Dec 1801-?) on 24 Sep 1817. They had three children. Edward Rutl...

Elizabeth "Eliza" Susannah Shubrick MP (1794 - 1802)

Hannah Heyward Shubrick MP (1792 - 1806)

Adm. Irvine Shubrick, USN MP (1797 - 1849)

Irvine Shubrick (15 Nov 1797-5 Apr 1849) was the son of Col. Thomas Shubrick and wife Mary Branford. He married Julia Sophia Angelica Du Pont de Nemours (3 Jun 1806-11 Feb 1882) on 12 May 1824. They ha...

Lt. John Templar Shubrick MP (1788 - 1815)

John Templar Shubrick (28 Sep 1788-1815) was the son of Col. Thomas Shubrick and wife Mary Branford. He married Elizabeth Matilda Ludlow. John Templar Shubrick was born on Bull's island, South Caroli...

Mary Rutledge Horry (Shubrick) MP (1789 - 1852)

Mary Rutledge Shubrick (23 Oct 1789-14 Jan 1852) was the daughter of Col. Thomas Shubrick and wife Mary Branford. She married Elias Edward Horry (1773-1834) in 1817. Elias was a widower a son & two dau...

Mary Eveliegh Shubrick MP (1785 - 1785)

Richard Shubrick MP (1787 - 1818)

Sarah Alicia Trapier (Shubrick) MP (1779 - 1824)

Sarah Alicia Shubrick', the daughter of Col. Thomas Shubrick and wife Mary Branford, was born on January 2, 1779 and died c.1824. She married Paul Trapier (1772-1824) on January 7, 1802. She is depicte...

Thomas Shubrick MP (1781 - 1782)

Lieut. Thomas Shubrick MP (1783 - 1813)

Rear Adm. William Branford Shubrick, USN MP (1790 - 1874)

William Branford Shubrick (31 Oct 1790-25 May 1874) was the son of Col. Thomas Shubrick and Mary Branford. He married Harriet Cordelia Wethered. He was born in South Carolina but lived most of his adul...

Alicia Caroline Shubrick MP (1823 - 1824)

Annie Thomas Shubrick (Fennell) MP (deceased)

Charles Robert Shubrick MP (deceased)

Charles John Shubrick MP (deceased)

Charles Louis Shubrick MP (deceased)

Dulcie Nora Shubrick MP (deceased)

Edmund Templer Shubrick MP (1815 - 1859)

Edward R. Shubrick MP (c.1820 - d.)

Eliza Fanny Shubrick MP (deceased)

Eliza Matilda Shubrick (Griffith) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Shubrick (Ball) MP (1711 - 1746)

Elizabeth Shubrick MP (1748 - 1779)

Birth: Feb. 5, 1749 South Carolina, USA Death: 1779 Wife of Signer of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Lynch, Jr. of SC Family links: Spouse: Thomas Lynch (1749 - 1779) Burial: Body...

Elizabeth Matilda Shubrick (Ludlow) MP (c.1790 - d.)

Elizabeth Shubrick (Ball) MP (c.1818 - d.)

Ellen Shubrick MP (c.1825 - d.)

Flora Augusta Shubrick MP (deceased)

Flora Bessie Shubrick MP (deceased)

Flora Augusta Egerton (Shubrick) MP (deceased)

Gen. Richard Shubrick MP (c.1820 - 1888)

Hannah Heyward (Shubrick) MP (c.1759 - 1829)

Harriet Cordelia Shubrick MP (1827 - 1830)

Harriet Frances Shubrick (Wilson) MP (deceased)

Harriett Cordelia Shubrick (Wethered) MP (1789 - 1881)

check last name as wethred or wethrill

Henry Forbes Shubrick MP (deceased)

Hester Mary Shubrick (Belin) MP (c.1800 - 1874)

Jacob Shubrick MP (1757 - 1778)

Jane Shubrick (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Jane Templer-Lane (Shubrick) MP (1747 - d.)

Julia Sophia Angelica Shubrick (du Pont) MP (1806 - 1882)

Mary Shubrick (Branford) MP (1757 - 1832)

Mary Branford was the daughter of Ezekiel Branford and Alice Bulline (aka Alice Bullein, both being variations of the name Boelyn), being the third daughter and with two brothers. Mary's husband was ...

Mary Eveleigh Eveliegh-Rutledge (Shubrick) MP (1754 - 1837)

Birth: Feb. 11, 1754 Death: Oct. 22, 1837 Daugther of Thomas Shubrick and Sarah Katherine Motte. Her sister Elizabeth was the wife of Congressman Thomas Lynch. An Aunt was the celebrated Mrs. Rebec...

Mary Elliott Shubrick MP (c.1778 - d.)

Mary Clymer (Shubrick) MP (1819 - 1902)

Mary Geraldine Shubrick MP (deceased)

Mary Ann Raivdon Shubrick MP (deceased)

Maud Francis Ross Shubrick MP (deceased)

Rachel Gilbert (Shubrick) MP (1858 - d.)

Capt. Richard Shubrick MP (1751 - 1777)

Capt. Richard Shubrick was a captain of the Grenadiers in the 2nd So. Carolina Regiment / the attack of the British Fleet on Fort Moultrie, Sullivan's Island the 28th June 1776. from: -------------...

Richard Shubrick MP (deceased)

Richard Ladbroke Shubrick MP (deceased)

Richard Brian Shubrick MP (deceased)

Rose Nona Shubrick MP (1856 - 1926)

Sarah Katherine Shubrick (Motte) MP (1728 - 1760)

Sarah Smith (Shubrick) MP (1753 - d.)

Sarah Motte Shubrick MP (c.1773 - c.1774)

Starkey S Shubrick MP (deceased)

Susannah Hayne Shubrick MP (c.1775 - 1857)

Susannah Shubrick (Bulline) MP (c.1754 - 1805)

Her maiden name is found spelled as both Bulline and Bullein. The land on which this family cemetery is located was inherited by Susannah from her father, Thomas Bulline. In 1886 an earthquake destro...

Thomas Shubrick MP (1710 - 1779)

SHUBRICK, THOMAS (Sr.) (1711-1779). Father of RICHARD SHUBRICK and THOMAS SHUBRICK (1756--1810); son-in-law of JACOB MOTTE (1700--1770); father-in-law of NICHOLAS EVELEIGH, WILLlAM HEYWARD, THOMA...

Col. Thomas Shubrick MP (1756 - 1810)

From the Sons of the American Revolution Supplemental Application of Paul Trapier Hayne: "Thomas Shubrick was commissioned by Congress, 1778, in the 5th S.C. Regiment of the United States, raised f...

Thomas Shubrick MP (deceased)

"My great great grandfather on my Mother's side, Thomas Shubrick, an Englishman, commenced life as a sailor, and subsequently became a captain of a merchantman, trading between some port in England, mo...

William Bouchier Shubrick MP (deceased)

Winifred Frances Shubrick MP (deceased)