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Arie Liowa Simanenok (deceased)

Elyahu Simanenok (1893 - 1967)

Ing. Aharon Ariel (Simanenok) (1925 - 1999)

Nucleur EngineerWorked in World Trade CenterGreat Son, Father, Husband and UncleLoved his familyLoved to laughBeloved father, devoted husband, cherished uncle and brother, and sharing friend. A gifted ...

Lisa Simanenok (deceased)

Rebecca Simanenok (Bielsky) (deceased)

Sara Simanenok (Zudkowitz) (1893 - 1987)

Was a good mother to her 3 sons Kept an immaculant clean house Made great food like Gefilte fish and Matza ball soup Enjoyed music and art Read German newspapers to keep up Good grandmother Sara'...

second daughter Simanenok (deceased)

Shmuel Simanenok (deceased)