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Christina "Tina" Sinatra MP

Christina Sinatra is a movie producer and former actress. She is the youngest child (and second daughter) of Frank Sinatra and his first wife, Nancy Barbato. Her parents divorced when she was three y...

Frank Sinatra MP (1915 - 1998)

Francis Albert "Frank" Sinatra was an American singer and motion-picture actor who became one of the most sought-after performers in the entertainment industry; he is often hailed as the greatest Ameri...

Frank Sinatra, Jr. MP (1944 - 2016)

. Franklin Wayne Sinatra (born January 10, 1944), professionally known as Frank Sinatra, Jr., was an American singer, songwriter and conductor. Frank Jr. was the son of legendary musician and act...

Nancy Sandra Lambert (Sinatra) MP

Nancy Sandra Sinatra is an American singer and actress. She is the daughter of singer/actor Frank Sinatra from his first wife, Nancy Barbato, and remains known for her 1966 signature hit "These Boots A...

Nancy Sinatra Barbato MP

United States

Born Nanicia Rose Barbato: March 25, 1917 in Jersey City, New Jersey. She met Frank Sinatra In 1934, when he was 19, during her summer vacation in Long Branch, on the Jersey shore. Frank and Nancy were...

Angela Sinatra (deceased)

Anthony Sinatra (1902 - 1956)

Anthony Sinatra (deceased)

Anthony Martin Sinatra (1892 - 1969)

Anthony Martin Sinatra was a Hoboken city fireman, professional boxer, bar owner, and father of singer and actor Frank Sinatra. In 1903, he immigrated to New York City from Italy on the SS Citt...

Antonetta Sinatra (Marretta) (deceased)

Antonino Sinatra (deceased)

Antonio Martino Sinatra (1892 - 1969)

Barbara Sinatra (Blakeley) (1927 - 1990)

Barbara Blakely, now known as Barbara Sinatra, was the wife of former comedian-turned agent, Zeppo Marx, from September 18, 1959 until their divorce in 1973, and to Frank Sinatra from 1976 until his de...

Caterina Sinatra (deceased)

Cindy G. Sinatra (1953 - 2010)

Dorotea Sinatra (Siragusa) (deceased)

Dorotea Sinatra (deceased)

Edna Jean Sinatra (Norris) (1931 - 2015)

Elizabeth "price" Sinatra (deceased)

Eugenia Catalano (Sinatra) (deceased)

Eugenia Sebastiana Catalano (Sinatra) (1854 - d.)

Filippo Sinatra (deceased)

Fran Vasquez (Sinatra) (deceased)

Francesca Sinatra (deceased)

Francesco Sinatra (deceased)

Francesco Sinatra (deceased)

Frank Sinatra Jr (deceased)

Frank Sinatra (deceased)

Frank Sinatra (deceased)

Giovanna Mangano (Sinatra) (deceased)

Gregoria Terranova de Sinatra (c.1902 - c.1987)

Henry Sinatra (deceased)

Herman Sinatra (deceased)

Iagnazio Sinatra (deceased)

Isidoro Sinatra (deceased)

John Sinatra (deceased)

Josefina Sinatra de Lonchibuco (c.1930 - 2010)

Joseph Sinatra (deceased)

josephine sinatra (Falcone) (deceased)

Josephine Newkirk (Sinatra) (1929 - 1987)

Josephine Sinatra (deceased)

Josephine Sinatra (deceased)

Joyce Ellen Sinatra (Siplyak) (1952 - 1999)

lawrence sinatra (deceased)

Lorenzo Sinatra (deceased)

Maria Concetta Sinatra (Scaglione) (b. - 1837)

Marie Sinatra (Caruso) (1934 - 1997)

Mary Agnes Sinatra (Myers) (1893 - 1980)

michael sinatra (deceased)

Natalie Della Sinatra (Garavente) (1896 - 1977)

nicoletta sinatra (deceased)

Ninfa Sinatra (Filippelli) (deceased)


olga Sinatra (MUCCI) (deceased)

Olive Sinatra (Thomas) (deceased)

Pendeza Assani (Sinatra) (1922 - 1950)

Phyliss Sinatra (deceased)

Prima Sinatra (Cordani) (c.1904 - d.)

Rafaele Sinatra (deceased)

Raymond Sinatra (deceased)

Raymond Sinatra (deceased)

Richard Sinatra (deceased)

Rosa Sinatra (Saglimbeni) (deceased)

Rosale Sinatra (deceased)

salvador nicolas sinatra (deceased)

salvatore sinatra (deceased)

Sebastiana Sinatra (deceased)

Stephen Sinatra (deceased)

teresa sinatra (deceased)

Vincent Sinatra (deceased)

Vincenza Pennino (Sinatra) (deceased)