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Wife of Thomas de Carew (Malemaynes) MP (c.1295 - 1334)

Wife of Henry de Heaton MP (1228 - d.)

Mademoiselle de Landon (LeDuc) MP (c.1506 - 1585)

Unlikely her name is Millie. The abbreviation for Mademoiselle (Miss) in French is 'Mlle."

Wife of Henry de Cobham MP (c.1202 - d.)

Wife of Roger de Walton MP (1283 - d.)

Notes From Looking for information to fill out sparse outline of the Waltons of Stepel? Essex? Walton, England. Line is as follows: 1. Simeon de Walton 2. Roger de Walton 1283- 3. William de...

Wife of John de Stopham (Sedinghouse) MP (c.1295 - d.)

Wife of Robert de Presthop MP (deceased)

Lady de Blakeland MP (c.1245 - d.)

Wife of Alan de Heton MP (c.1216 - d.)

Marritie de Haes MP (bef.1659 - d.)

Baptised in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands at the Dutch Reformed Church. 1659 Aug 01 ; Andries de Haes; Marritje ; Isaac de Foreest and his wife

Yusuf I MP (1318 - 1354)

Isma'il I MP (1279 - 1325)

Emir of Granada 1314 - 1325. Son of Faraj. Cousin of Muhammad III and Nasr.

Mohammed I ibn Yusuf ibn Nasr al-Ahmar MP (1191 - 1273)

Mohammed I ibn Nasr (Arabic: محمد ابن الأحمر‎) was a Nasrid ruler of the Moorish Emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus on the Iberian Peninsula, and founder of the last Muslim dynasty in Spain in 1238. T...

(John) Tyrone Charles de la Poer Beresford, 7th Marquess of Waterford MP (1901 - 1934)

John Beresford, 8th Marquess of Waterford MP (1933 - 2015)

"John Hubert de la Poer Beresford, 8th Marquess of Waterford (14 July 1933 – 11 February 2015) was an Irish peer. He succeeded to the marquessate in 1934. He was educated at Eton, and later served as a...

(unknown father of John) de Hede MP (1475 - d.)

(unknown mother of William) de Hamilton MP (deceased)

(unknown mother of John) de Hede (.) MP (deceased)

(Unknown) de Zaldívar MP (deceased)

*Lucy de Beauchamp MP (1312 - d.)

... of the Franks MP (c.300 - 350)

... de Toul MP (c.510 - d.)

..., dame de Bar-sur-Aube MP (c.905 - d.)

She was a descendant of Counts Guy and Fulk, who lived at the end of the 9th century.

... de la Ferté MP (bef.891 - d.)

... de Meaux MP (deceased)

He was a member of the Ogiers family, who were Counts of Meaux.

... de Sarras MP (deceased)

... de Béziers MP (deceased)

... de Toul MP (deceased)

... de Dammartin MP (c.895 - c.980)

Herluin was married twice. The names of his wives are not named in contemporary sources.

... de Rennes MP (c.845 - d.)

Cunégonde de Rennes [Parents] 1, 2 was born 3 in 860 in Rennes, Bretagne, France. She married 4 Count Berenguer de Bayeux before 872. Cunégonde was born in France. Other marriages: Caroling, Pepin ...

... de Hauteville, of Sicily MP (deceased)

- 13. daughter . The Annals of Romoald refer to the wife of "Henricus naturalis frater regine [Sicili%C3%A6]" as "unam de filiabus regis Rogerii"[547]. m (1167) don RODRIGO Garcés de Navarra, illeg...

... de Montigny, heiress of Montigny MP (deceased)

Sources Thierry Leroy , Hugues de Payns: la naissance des Templiers : la mémoire retrouvée , 2011 " Hugues de Payns " at Wikipedia

... de Beaufour (d'Ivry) MP (c.1000 - 1034)

Daughter of Raoul d'Ivry and Aubree, her name is uncertain. She married Richard de Belfage/de Beaufour Son: Robert de Belfage/de Beaufour iii) daughter . Guillaume de Jumièges records that the ot...

1st wife of Galfridus de Melville MP (deceased)

There is reason to believe that Galfrid Melville was twice married. The name of his first wife has not been ascertained, but his second wife was Matilda Malherbe, who survived him. She was also of Angl...

1st wife of Robert de Muscegros (NN) MP (c.1250 - bef.1276)

Hawise must therefore have been the daughter of a wife of Robert de Muscegros previous to Agnes. (Hawise was born 21 December 1276 [Cal. Inq. p.m., vol.2, no 404], and the first appearance of Agnes as ...

1st wife of Robert de Gournay MP (deceased)

soc.gen.medieval John Watson, Apr 12, 2011, 5:54:38 PM “ Hawise, widow of Henry de Longchamp of Wilton” Whether she was divorced, or whether Henry died, I don't know, but Hawise later turns up agai...

? Daughter #1 de Pacy MP (c.1122 - d.)

From Medlands ii) daughter . Orderic Vitalis records that she and her sister were given as hostages by their father in exchange for the son of Ralph Harenc. After Eustache blinded the boy, King Hen...

? Daughter #2 de Pacy MP (deceased)

From Medlans: ii) daughter . Orderic Vitalis records that she and her sister were given as hostages by their father in exchange for the son of Ralph Harenc. After Eustache blinded the boy, King Hen...

? de Andreis MP (c.1539 - d.)

First mentioned in Split in 1552, from Vranjic.

? Dalmas (de Velay) MP (850 - d.)

? de Wilascot MP (1400 - d.)

? DeWilascot (De Langley) MP (deceased)

? Unknown mistress de Bellême MP (deceased)

? Unknown Brother of Geoffrey de Clinton MP (deceased)

From Medlands: 3. [--- . m ---.] One child: a) ROGER . Orderic Vitalis records that "Rogerius nepos Goisfredi de Clintonia" was appointed bishop of Coventry[2726]. Bishop of Coventry.

? de Andrade MP (deceased)

Manuel Marquez Sterling y Loret de Mola, Presidente de Cuba MP (1872 - 1934)

Manuel Márquez Sterling, b. Lima Perú 28 August 1872 – died Washington DC, 9 December 1934 Manuel Márquez Sterling nace el 28 de agosto de 1872 en Lima, Perú bajo pabellón de la República de Cuba en...

Aafje Gerrits de Wit MP (deceased)

Aagje Tjerkse Pawling (de Witt) MP (1684 - 1726)

Aagje was one of Tjerck's younger children (he had 13!), born about 20 years after the kidnapping of her sister. Aaghie's baptism is recorded on January 4, 1684 at the Reformed Dutch Church. === G...

Aalgut de Faucigny (Aalgert) MP (c.990 - 1067)

Aaron de Sola MP (c.1700 - d.)

Aaron de Sola was in Portugal as a Marano under an assumed name when his father was tortured by the Inquisition. His position became yet more perilous when two of his brothers, likewise living under as...

Abbo de Déols, seigneur de Déols MP (c.895 - 936)

Abel Pacheco de la Espriella, Presidente de Costa Rica MP

Abel Pacheco de la Espriella (Listeni/əˈbɛl pəˈtʃeɪkoʊ/ ə-bel pə-chay-koh; born 22 December 1933 in San José) was president of Costa Rica between 2002 and 2006, representing the Social Christian Unit...

Siganture taken from his retirement record:

Abelardo de Villaralbo MP (1831 - 1893)

Baptismal certificates: Copy 1 Copy 2 Marriage certificate Emigration from Cádiz, Cádiz (1865) Emigration from Marseille, France (1872)

Abgar Renault MP (1901 - 1995)

Era filho de Leon Renault e de Maria José de Castro Araújo Renault. Foi casado com D. Ignez Caldeira Brant Renault, com quem teve três filhos, Caio Márcio, Carlos Alberto e Luiz Roberto. Teve três neto...

Abigael Namias de Crasto (Lopez da Fonseca) MP (deceased)

Abigail Cheney (de Stanton) MP (c.1263 - 1320)

documentation needed. Thomas' wife is unknown on

Abimael Clementino Ferreira de Carvalho MP (1909 - d.)

“Abimael Clementino Ferreira de Carvalho, nascido às 23h 30min do dia 19 de dezembro de 1909, em Oeiras-PI, na casa então pertencente a seu progenitor e hoje de propriedade de herdeiros de Francisco de...

Abraham Johannes Smuts de Villiers MP (b. - 1953)

Abraham Johannes Stephanus Janse De Swardt MP (1838 - d.)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Nov 5 2017, 5:12:36 UTC

Abraham Johannes De Klerk, SWASV MP (1888 - 1962)

Abraham Johannes de Klerk, f9g1 MP (1894 - 1961)


Abraham Matthieu de Rouville MP (1812 - 1881)

online-familieberichten... ; procureur des konings; oudste lid van de Koloniale Raad; procureur-generaal van Curaçao (1866-1870). Ouders: Jean de Rouville en Deliana Lucretia Slot...

Abraham de la Cavalleria de la Cavalleria Ha Leví MP (1275 - c.1352)

de la Cavalleria Family Tree - Audio

Abraham Coignet Dugas Duc de Gascogne (Dugas) MP (bef.1590 - aft.1649)

Abraham Marcus Sallé, Sr. MP (1674 - 1720)

From Wendell E. Wilson, The Huguenot Ancestry of Jane “Jinny” Sally of Kentucky, Abraham Sallé (1673-1719) Abraham Sallé was born on 22 February 1673 in the town of St. Martin, on the Isle of R...

Abraham de Rycke, I MP (1616 - 1689)

New Amsterdam - Immigrants Migrated to New Amsterdam (Now New York) 1638 from Holland. The family had a history of living in Gelderland at Lent on the Rhine. Abraham Rycken, as the name was spelled a...

Abraham de Klerk, SV/PROG (a2) MP (bef.1671 - c.1745)

Bygedra deur Judi Marais-Meyer met verwysing na die skenker en skrywer van die de Klerk Register, Dr. D de Klerk. Nasate van LE CLERCQ Bladsy 1 Met Legacy geskep 1-LE CLERCQ +Onbekend 2-Abraham DE CL...

Licensed under the By Thomas Froese,, CC BY 3.0 de,

Abraham de Villiers, a3b9 MP (bef.1707 - 1763)

Huwelik/Marriage Doopregister NGK Drakenstein 2 Okt 1707: Image 337 page 2 getuygen Abraham Villiers en Susanna Taillefer .......................................................................

Abraham Alfred de Leeuw MP (1912 - 1945)


Abraham de Veer MP (1767 - 1838)

nl.wikipedia... ; Abraham de Veer (Curaçao, 8 januari 1767 - Paramaribo, 1 februari 1838) was een Nederlands koloniaal bewindsman. Abraham de Veer was de zoon van Johannes de Veer, gouverneur van ...

Abraham de Veij (Inko de Chinees), SV/PROG MP (c.1655 - bef.1712)

19 Feb:r is na voorgaande belydenis ge-doopt Inko de chinees, gent:- Abraham ' Abraham DE VYF (VEY) "was van Chinese afkoms. Sy Chinese naam was Juko/Tuko. Hy was gedoop as 'n Christen 19 Februari...

Abraham de Saye (Seay), I MP (1655 - 1701)

While the French Huguenot story may or may not be a legend dna testing has shown two lines of Seays in early Virginia one that is Norman English and one that is Irish. Abraham Seay II,Jacob Seay I , Ja...

Abraham de Veer MP (1793 - 1863) ; Abraham de Veer was born on 9 January 1793 at Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. He was the son of Abraham de Veer and Dorothea Elisabeth van Uytrecht. Abraham de Veer marr...

Abraham de Villiers SV/PROG 2 MP (1659 - 1720)

Abraham de Villiers Stamvader/Progenator 2 Variations of the name – Origin of the name * – Derived from a villaris or villare [French] village. The surname literally means ‘from the village’. Arti...

Abraham de LaBarre (LaBarre) MP (1654 - 1699)

How the LaBar family name came to be. De Boise was one of the Royal Guards of the King of France. He was sent by the King on an important message with orders to execute it with all possible speed, an...

Abraham Jacob de Jongh MP (1823 - 1892)

Bruidegom: Abraham Jacob de Jongh Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Gent Leeftijd: 29 Bruid: Rosetta Jacobson Geslacht: Vrouw Geboorteplaats: Rotterdam Leeftijd: 26 Vader bruidegom: Jacob de Jongh Geslacht...

Abraham de Lanoy MP (1642 - 1702)

Abraham's daughter Cornelia was born in 1654 in New Amsterdam

Abraham Colet de Rapalje MP (c.1535 - d.)

Abraham Daniel de Swaan MP (1826 - 1915)

As far as I know and have examined Betje Bijle Roseboom was the wife of Abraham Daniel de Swaan and not as written in your statement: Judik Arons

Abraham de Swaan MP (1882 - d.)

Abraham de Swaan Netherlands, Civil Births, 1811-1915 Birth: Oct 7 1882 - Groningen, Netherlands Parents: Levie de Swaan, Rachel van Dam Abraham de Swaan Netherlands, Civil Marriages, 18...

Abraham de Swaan MP (1902 - 1955)

Abraham de Swaan Netherlands, Civil Births, 1811-1915 Birth: Sep 5 1902 - Groningen, Netherlands Parents: Salomon de Swaan, Kaatje van Hasselt

Abraham de Lyon (de Leão) MP (1702 - 1761)

A winegrower, he fled Portugal to London to escape the Inquisition; 1733 emigrated with his family (including his father-in-law) to Savannah, as one of the first jewish settlers there and set up one of...

Abraham de Peyster MP (bef.1657 - 1728)

Abraham was born in New Amsterdam ath the Dutch Reformed Church 1657 Jul 08; Johannes de Peyster, Cornelia Lubberts; Abraham ; Abraham de la Noy & wife, Jan de Jonge •~ After the Glorious Revoluti...

Abraham de Lange MP (1836 - 1911)

GEDCOM Source Netherlands, Birth Index, 1784-1917 Name: Operations, Inc.; Location: Lehi, UT, USA; Date: 2016; @R6@ BS Geboorte . WieWasWie. : accessed 24 May 2016. Histori...

Abraham de Hes MP (1899 - 1943)

Abraham de Hes MP (1822 - 1895)

Kind: Abraham de Hes Geslacht: Man Geboortedatum: maandag 8 april 1822 Vader: Mozes de Hes Geslacht: Man Leeftijd: 29 Beroep: Koopman Moeder: Rebekka Salomons Stern Geslacht: Vrouw Leeftijd: 22 Beroep:...

Rabbi Abraham Loeb Sulzdorfer-Stein MP (1756 - 1846)

Reference: FamilySearch Family Tree - SmartCopy : Jul 16 2016, 6:05:47 UTC

Cantor Abraham de Sola MP (1825 - 1882)

Source The Unbroken Chain - Neil Rosenstein (1990) Volume 1, Chapter 11, Samuel Family, page 40, G 16.7 Alexander Abraham de Sola (September 18, 1825 – June 5, 1882) was a Canadian Rabbi, author, ...

Abraham II de Fabert, marquis d'Esternay MP (1599 - 1662)

Voir Wikipedia...

Abraham de Molina MP (deceased)

Listed marriage date is the date that they remarried as Jews.

Abraham de Leon MP (1734 - 1786)

Abraham Haim de Lucena MP (b. - 1725)

Abraham Alvarez de Pass MP (deceased)

Abraham de Clerq, a1 MP (bef.1670 - bef.1671)

Sara Cochet’s first husband was Pieter de Klerk of Serooskerke, north of Middelburg, who died in or before 1687, the year of her arrival at the Cape. The name De Klerk was doubtless originally Le Cle...

Abraham de Hond MP (1876 - 1940)

Abraham De Hond Netherlands, Births and Baptisms, 1564-1910 Birth: Dec 8 1876 - Burgerlijke Stand, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands Parents: Samson De Hond, Roosje Ark Bruidegom: Abraha...

Abraham (Appy Nelson) Bueno de Mesquita MP (1918 - 2005)

Naam Abraham (Appie/Bram) Bueno de Mesquita Andere naam Artiestennaam Appy Nelson Geslacht Man Geboren Amsterdam, Nederland (NH), 23-07-1918 Overleden Lelystad, Nederland (Fl), 19-08-2005 Ouders Jacob ...

Abraham De LaBarre MP (1630 - 1659)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Apr 19 2016, 22:18:43 UTC

Abraham de Vos MP (c.1620 - 1672)

Sir Walter de Frece MP (1870 - 1935)

Sir Abraham Walter de Frece (7 October 1870 – 7 January 1935) was a British theatre impresario, and later Conservative Party politician, who served as a member of parliament (MP) from 1920 to 1931. His...

Abraham Moritz de Vries MP (1866 - 1943)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Vries, Abraham de geboren am 28. Dezember 1866 in Leer / - / Hannover wohnhaft in Weener und Berlin (Mitte) Deportation: ab Berlin 27. August 1942, Theresi...