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Bardas Skleros MP (b. - 991)

alternate parent line (as per wikipedia) [ Niketas Skleros ] Bardas Skleros (or Sclerus) was a Byzantine general who led a wide-scale Asian rebellion against Emperor Basil II in 976–979. Bardas belonge...

Basileos Skleros, Magistros MP (c.980 - aft.1033)

- 1. BASILEIOS Skleros (-after 1033). Cedrenus records that Emperor Konstantinos VIII, after his accession (in 1025), sent "Romani Sclyri filio, patricio Basilio" against "Prusianum Bulgarorum magist...

Konstantinos Skleros MP (c.930 - 991)

MedLands PANTHERIOS [Foteinos] Skleros . m GREGORIA, daughter of BARDAS & his wife ---. Photeinos Skleros & his wife had three children: BARDAS Skleros (-6 Mar 991). KONSTANTINOS Skleros. His ...

Niketas Skleros MP (870 - 921)

Another theory presented in the book Plantagent Ancestry (1928) stated that Theophylaktos was father to a son,Prokopios. Prokopios was father to Anna, supposed wife of Leon Skleros. Leon and Anna then ...

Photeinos (Munir) Skleros MP (c.903 - aft.944)

MedLands PANTHERIOS [Foteinos] Skleros . He is named only in Arabic sources such as Munir[1430]. [Cedrenus records that Emperor Romanos appointed "Pantherius Romani imperatoris cognatus" as "domest...

... Skleros (c.805 - aft.838)


... Skleros (deceased)

- 2. [--- Skleros . m ---.] [Two children:]

Betty Skleros (Foley) (c.1937 - bef.2013)

George Skleros (b. - bef.2013)

Leo Skleros (c.780 - c.824)

- -

Leon Skleros (855 - d.)

Leon Skleros (855 - d.)

Leon Skleros (c.855 - d.)

mrs Skleros (deceased)

Munir Skleros (865 - 918)

Romanos Skleros (925 - 993)

- ROMANOS Skleros, son of BARDAS Skleros & his wife --- . The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. m ([978]%29 [---, relative of ABU TAGHLIB Emir of Mosul, daugh...

Romanos Skleros (b. - aft.1057)

- a) [ROMANOS Skleros (-after 1057). Zonaras names "Sclerus Romanus, adamatæ mulieris frater" (referring to "Monomachum"), stating that the emperor had awarded him "magistri et protostratoris honorem...

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Theodoros Skleros (830 - 869)


Theophanu von Byzanz (Skleros) (deceased)