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Traguilla (Slave, alleged lover of Amalasuintha) MP (deceased)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Italy Kings: AMALASUINTHA [Amalswinde] ([493]-murdered [30 Apr] 535). Iordanes names "Amalasuentham" as daughter of Theodoric[283]. Gregory of T...

Unknown Slave Girl MP (deceased)

SLAVE (deceased)

?? Slave (deceased)


?? Slave (deceased)

??Louis Slave-Falgoust (deceased)

Adam Brown (Slave) (deceased)

African Slave (deceased)

African slave (deceased)

Agnes "Aggy" Hobbs (a slave) (deceased)

Agnes was a house slave owned by Armistead and Mary Burwell. 'Aggy' as she was called, was a 'privileged slave', as she had learned to read and write although it was illegal for slaves to do so.

Alford Robinson/ or Lawson Meredith white slave owner (deceased)

Alice Maupin ([freed slave]) (deceased)

Amanda Steagald ((slave)) (deceased)

Amelia (Slave) (deceased)

Amille (slave) (deceased)

Andreeana Haliburton From 1838 (Garafaliki A Slave Bought In Egypt) (deceased)

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Anna Jones (Slave) (deceased)

Anon Hockaday (Slave Concubine [sic]) (deceased)

Antoinette Wilson (Donahue (slave name)) (deceased)

April Slave (deceased)

Audon Sambo Slave (deceased)

Becky Slave (deceased)

Berākhā "Ashū" former slave girl (1090 - d.)

Black Plantation (Slave) (deceased)

Black Slave (Brun) (deceased)

Caroline Slave (deceased)

Cassie (Keziah) Redman (mulatto/Indian slave girl) (deceased)

Celia Slave (deceased)

Chana LNU (Slave) (deceased)

Charles Delahaye (First person to free a slave in Virginia) (deceased)

Charles Slave (deceased)

Charlotte Ware (Threlkeld (slave owner name)) (deceased)

Charolet Levels (N/A (Slave)) (deceased)


Chatta (A Plains Indian) DeSoto Slave (deceased)

Marie Thérèze CoinCoin (1742 - Circa 1816) and Chatta Unknown ( - ) Name of mate courtesy of Elizabeth Shown Mills. He was an Indian belonging to a western tribe.

Cherokee Indian Slave (deceased)

christopher bobby woolwine (slave owner) (deceased)

Cinkwit slave (deceased)

CLARA UNKNOWN (SLAVE) (c.1856 - c.1889)

Clara (or Rachel) (slave) (c.1810 - 1878)

Classa Slave (deceased)

col john walker (slave owner) (b. - 1669)

Columbus Wood was a slave (deceased)

Dathomiri Slave (deceased)

David Maupin ([freed slave]) (deceased)

dolly uncertain about last name was a slave at baptism of her child (deceased)

Domestic Free Slave (deceased)

Dārte Slave (c.1805 - d.)

edward mozingo (slave) (1644 - 1711)

Eleanor Jordan SLAVE (deceased)

Elena Miclau (Slave) (deceased)

Elijah Mosley (SLAVE) (deceased)

Eliza Weaver (slave) (1824 - 1917)

Eliza Maupin ([freed slave]) (deceased)

Elsey Newby (slave of Henry Newby) (deceased)

Emilija Lizete Fibiga (Slave) (deceased)

Emily (slave) (deceased)

Essex, England Camper/ slave master (deceased)

Eve, was the slave of James' sister Susan (Crews was her master's name) (1835 - 1906)

Fairfax Maupin ([freed slave]) (deceased)

Fairfax 2 Maupin ([freed slave]) (deceased)

Fanny (Baker?) Slave (deceased)

Fed - a negro slave (b. - 1855)

Female Slave (deceased)

Francois (Togo, Africa) (Slave) (c.1715 - 1758)

Follow -up on work of Africanist Kevin MacDonald at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London African origin Tradition holds that Coincoin's African-born parents retained their cultur...

Fredegond THE SLAVE (c.540 - 597)

George Maupin ([freed slave]) (deceased)

Goverment Slave (deceased)

Goverment Slave (deceased)

Goverment Slave (deceased)

Goverment Slave (deceased)

Grannie Grace (Slave) (deceased)

Grieta Ozoliņš (Slave) (c.1834 - d.)

Hagar (c.1853 - d.)

Hannah (no known last name-slave) (deceased)

Hannah (SLAVE) (c.1750 - d.)

Harriet Newby (slave of Jesse Jennings) (deceased)

Helene Slave-Rome-Oubre (deceased)

Hendrick Son of a slave women (1659 - d.)

1659 17 July Martijnus, child of the sergent located on the ship 't Slot van Hooningen Hendrick, son of a slave woman Den 15:en julij a:o 1659 gearriveert 't schip genaemt Het Hoff van Zeelant,...

Henry Jacobs (Slave Owner) (deceased)

Henry Maupin ([freed slave]) (deceased)

Ionica Locusteanu (Slave) (1932 - d.)

Isaac Boney (slave) (deceased)

isaac Skinner (slave) (deceased)

JB Love (Love(Slave owner)) (deceased)

Joe Son of slave master (deceased)

John Horniblow (Slave Master) (deceased)

John Maupin ([freed slave]) (deceased)

John Slave (deceased)

Johnathan Slave (deceased)

Juris Slave (deceased)

Jurre Slave (deceased)

Karlīne Doroteja Slave (1879 - d.)

Omīte teica, ka vienu no Jāņa Slavas māsām sauca Līna.Šī būs laikam tā pati.

Lamar Wood --- Slave Owner (deceased)

Lavīze Slave (1872 - d.)

Omīte teica, ka vienu no Jāņa Slavas māsām sauca LAVĪZE.Šī būs laikam tā pati.

Leah (Slave) (deceased)

Leaves Paul (Indian Slave) (deceased)

Libe Slave (deceased)

Lizete Emīlija Slave (Fībigs???) (1881 - d.)

Omīte teica, ka vienu no Jāņa Slavas māsām sauca EMĪLIJA FĪBIGS.Šī būs laikam tā pati. Man liekas, ka Emīlija bija ...

Lovie - a negro slave (deceased)