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Susannah Sonicooie MP (1764 - c.1790)

Lived at Suwanee Old Town on the western border of present-day Gwinnett county. Full blood Cherokee

? Sonicooie (Pomeroy) (deceased)

Blue Sonicooie (deceased)

Blue Sonicooie (1730 - d.)

Blue Sonicooie (1730 - d.)

Peggy Sanders (Sonicooie) (c.1778 - d.)

Peggy Sonicooie (1780 - 1827)

Peggy Sanders (Sonicooie) (c.1780 - c.1827)

Peggy Sonicooie (deceased)

Peggy Sanders (Sonicooie) (c.1805 - c.1839)

Peggy Sanders (Sonicooie) (1782 - 1827)


Sally Mhoon (Sonicooie) (c.1790 - d.)

Saniovie Susannah Cordery (Sonicooie) (c.1764 - c.1818)

Soniovie Sonicooie (c.1764 - c.1818)

Soniovie(Susannah) Cordery (Sonicooie) (1755 - 1818)

Susannah Cordery (Sonicooie) (deceased)

Susannah Cordery (Sonicooie) (deceased)

Susannah Sonicooie (deceased)

Susannah Cordrey (Sonicooie Blue) (deceased)

Susannah Sonicooie (deceased)

Susannah Soniovie Sonicooie (Springfrog) (c.1782 - c.1816)