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Agnes St. Leger (Warham) MP (c.1500 - 1559)

Alice de St. Leger MP (deceased)

Alicia de St. Leger MP (deceased)

Alicia de St. Leger MP (1168 - d.)

Anne St. Leger (Knyvett) MP (c.1492 - c.1558)

Anne Knyvett1 F, #84991, b. circa 1482 Father Sir Edmund Knyvett1 d. 1504 Mother Eleanor Tyrrell1 d. 1514 Anne Knyvett was born circa 1482 at of Buckenham Castle, Norfolk, England.1 She married...

Anne Manners, Baroness de Ros MP (1476 - 1526)

Anne St. Leger was born circa 1476.1 She was the daughter of Sir Thomas St. Leger and Anne Plantagenet, who died giving birth to her.1 She married George Manners, 11th Lord de Ros of Helmsley, son of...

Anne St. Leger (Maunse) MP (c.1432 - 1459)

Anne Maunse F, b. circa 1432 Charts Descendants of Thomas Saint Leger Last Edited 22 Mar 2007 Burial* Anne Maunse was buried in Ulcombe, Kent County, England. Marriage* She married Sir Ralph ...

Anthony St. Leger MP (c.1478 - c.1539)

Anthony St. LEGER (Sir) Born: ABT 1478, Ulcombe, Kent, England Father: Thomas St. LEGER (Sir Knight) Mother: ¿? Married: Elizabeth DIGBY From: St. LEGER (Sir)2 THIS LINK IS NOT CLICKABLE PL...

Sir Anthony St. Leger, Lord Deputy of Ireland MP (1496 - 1559)

Sir Anthony St Leger or Sellenger, KG (c. 1496 – 16 March 1559) of Ulcombe and Leeds Castle, Kent, was an English politician and Lord Deputy of Ireland during the Tudor period. Anthony St Leger was t...

Arnold de St. Leger MP (c.1374 - c.1431)

Inherited all the lands of his father and his senior cousin Thomas around 1410. In 1407 he nominated the church at Hollingbourne as a parish church. The name of his wife is not known and he left only o...

Arnold de St. Leger MP (c.1352 - 1399)

Lord of Fethersdon Pluckley Stanford and Elnotington. 2nd son. 1355 was Lieutenant of Kent. 1368 made several arrangements with his farmers 1376. Member of Parliament for Kent. 1377/1378 summoned to se...

Bartholomew St. Leger MP (c.1442 - 1516)

Blanche St. Leger (Bourchier) MP (1447 - 1483)


Catherine Courtney (St. Leger) MP (deceased)

Cecilia de St. Leger MP (deceased)

Clarambaud de St. Leger MP (1089 - d.)

Granted lands to Battle Abbey in conjunction with his father in the time of Henry I.

Elizabeth St. Leger (Digby) MP (deceased)

Anthony St. LEGER (Sir) Born: ABT 1478, Ulcombe, Kent, England Father: Thomas St. LEGER (Sir Knight) Mother: ¿? Married: Elizabeth DIGBY From: St. LEGER (Sir)2 ________________

Emma de St. Leger MP (1138 - 1196)

Eulalia Tremayne (St. Leger) MP (1550 - 1582)

Florence Brockman (St. Leger) MP (1435 - 1500)

Geoffrey de St. Leger, Lord of Wertlinges MP (c.1190 - 1285)

Sir Geoffrey de St. Leger MP (1087 - 1144)

Laurel Logan August 26, 2008 from Geoffrey De St. Leger fought with Richard I of England in Palestine from 1186 to 1201 or 1202. He was present at the siege of Acre in 1187. (Might not be the sam...

Geoffrey de St. Leger, Lord of Werlinges MP (c.1239 - c.1272)

Geoffrey de St. Leger MP (1140 - 1203)

Served in Ireland with William de Clare. Owner of the manors of Offley and Cockernhoe. It is recorded that the steward and the Earl of Gloucester and an armed force destroyed the house at Offley by fir...

Geoffrey de St. Leger MP (1170 - 1240)

Geoffrey de St. Leger MP (deceased)

George St. Leger MP (1484 - 1536)

Inherited Lundy Eggesford, Annery, Monkleigh in Devon and other properties in Kent and Sussex from his maternal grandfather the Earl of Ormond. A chief courtier to King Henry VIII, his wife was Lady in...

Georgiana Grenfell (St. Leger) MP (1777 - 1818)

Gilbert de St. Leger MP (c.1120 - c.1175)

Goddard de St. Leger MP (deceased)

Guy de St. Leger MP (deceased)

Knight to Abbey of Ely.

Hamo de St. Leger MP (1122 - d.)

Hélissende St. Leger (d'Eu) MP (c.1120 - 1140)

Henri de St. Leger MP (c.1182 - d.)

Benedictine Monk. 14th Abbot of the Abbey of Bec-Hellouin in the Bishopric of Evreux France. "A personage of High Birth and very educated in his ways". Blessed by Theobald Archbishop of Rouen before hi...

Baroness Isabel de St. Leger MP (1320 - 1393)

Sources: The Complete Peerage by G. E. Cokaynes, Vol. VI, page 566 (Hoo, lines 1-30) published 1982 by Sutton Reprinted 2000 by Sutton Pitman Periodicals Limited ISBN: 0-904387-82-8

Isabel or Elizabeth St. Leger (Haute) MP (c.1489 - 1515)

Isabel Haute St Leger (1489 - 1515)

Jacquet St Leger MP (c.1476 - 1503)

Jacquet Saint Leger born circa 1467 in Amony, Monksfield. Her father was Sir Ralph Saint Leger b. 1430, d. 1469 and her mother was Anne Maunse b. c 1432 She married John Fortescue of Wear Gifford, so...

Jean de St. Leger MP (c.1160 - 1216)

Living mainly on his French lands in Normandy whilst his brother Wizo cared fo the lands at Fairlight in Sussex. As a result of his feudal duties accompanied the French King Phillip August on his conqu...

Sir Jean de St. Leger MP (b. - 1090)

Crusader 1097. Show in the list of Norman knights at the 1st Crusade who accompanied Robert Duke of Normandy, in 1096. It is possible that Jean founded a family of St Legers found in Pays De Caux in an...

Jeanne de St. Leger (de Luxembourg) MP (c.1382 - d.)

Joan St. Leger MP (c.1384 - d.)

Joan St. Leger (de Cherleton) MP (c.1352 - c.1374)

Joan de St. Leger (Savage) MP (1332 - 1359)

Descended from the ancient and noble house of Savage of Bobbing Court in Kent. Her will of 1359 states she was the widow of Ralph St. Leger and names her children. Joan SAVAGE Born: 1332 Died: BEF ...

John de St. Leger MP (c.1268 - c.1311)

John St. Leger MP (c.1611 - d.)

Sir John St. Leger, Sheriff of Kent MP (c.1404 - 1442)

John St. LEGER of Ulcombe (Sir) Born: c.1404, Ulcombe, Kent, England Died: 16 May 1442, Ulcombe, Kent, England Burial: He was buried in Ulcombe, Kent County, England. Notes: Sheriff of Kent. ...

Sir John St Leger, Kt., MP MP (c.1515 - c.1596)

John St. Leger (died 1596) Sir John St. Leger (died 1596), of Annery in the parish of Monkleigh, Devon, was an English politician. Sheriff of Devon in 1560, he was Member of Parliament for Dartmouth,...

Sir John St. Leger, Kt. MP (c.1438 - d.)

Katherine Culpeper (St. Leger) MP (1606 - 1658)

Margaret St. Leger (Cheney) MP (deceased)

Margaret Copplestone (St. Leger) MP (c.1490 - c.1520)

Margaret St. LEGER Father: Bartholomew St. LEGER Mother: Blanche BOURCHIER Married: John COPPLESTONE of Copleston (son of Roger Copplestone and Ellen Arundell) (m.2 Catherine Bridges)

Margaret St Leger MP (1455 - 1495)

Margery St. Leger (Cheney) MP (c.1413 - d.)

Margery St. Leger (Donnett) MP (c.1408 - aft.1455)

Margery Donnet F, b. circa 1406 Father James Donnet b. c 1380 Margery Donnet|b. c 1406|p275.htm#i8524|James Donnet|b. c 1380|p275.htm#i8533|||||||||||||||| Charts Descendants of Thomas Saint Le...

Marianne St. Leger MP (b. - 1859)

Marianne St. Leger was the daughter of Colonel Hon. Richard St. Leger and Anne Blakeney. She married Rev. Hon. Henry Edward Taylour, son of Thomas Taylour, 1st Earl of Bective and Jane Rowley, on 10 Fe...

Mary St. Leger (Hayward) MP (1580 - 1662)

Mary Haywood (d. ABT 1662) dau. of Rowland (George) Haywood and Catherine Smythe

Mary Grenville (St. Leger) MP (1542 - 1623)

The descendants of William and Elizabeth Tuttle, who came from old to New England in 1635, and settled in New Haven in 1639, with numerous biographical notes and sketches : also, some account of the de...

NN de St. Leger MP (deceased)

Paulina St. Leger MP (1220 - d.)

Philippa Guildford (St. Leger) MP (c.1430 - 1486)

Phillippa St. LEGER Born: ABT 1433, Nettlestead, Kent, England Father: John St. LEGER of Ulcombe (Sir) Mother: Margery DONNET Married 1: John De PYMPE (b. 1429) (son of John De Pympe) ABT 1458,...

Ralph de St. Leger MP (c.1036 - d.)

Sir Ralph fought at the Battle of Hastings Accompanied William the Conqueror to England and fought at the Battle of Hastings.

Ralph de St. Leger MP (1091 - c.1150)

Head of the families of Kent and Devon in England and of Cork in Ireland Witnessed a gift by his brother Geoffrey to Battle Abbey, between 1125/40.--------------------Ralph De St. LEGER Born: ABT 109...

Ralph St. Leger MP (1350 - 1377)

Knighted 1377. An Administrator of Kent he served as Lieutenent inherited the family fiefs in 1357. In 1368 he appears in the list of Knights sent to Gascony by Edward III after the treaty between Fran...

Ralph St. Leger MP (1326 - 1359)

In 1337 and 1338 he appears on the Calenders of Fine Rolls where he is stated as travelling on the affairs of the King Edward III. In 1346 he paid homage to the Archbishop of Canterbury for his manor o...

Ralph "the Crusader" St. Leger, Lord of Ulcombe MP (c.1170 - 1220)

accompanied Richard I to Palestine for the third Crusade, taking a distinguished part in the siege of Acre in 1187. He had been in the Holy Land for 15 years.He returned to England around 1201. As his ...

Raulff St. Leger, IX MP (c.1430 - 1470)

Raulf St. LEGER (Sir) Born: ABT 1430, Ulcombe, Kent, England Died: ABT 1470, Kent, England Buried: Kent, England Notes: 1461 Constable of Leeds Castle, Kent. Father: John St. LEGER of Ulcombe...

Rebecca St. Leger (Horsmanden) MP (deceased)

Sir Reginald St. Leger MP (c.1115 - 1176)

Honour of Dunster? Gave Knights Service to William the Marshall. Made two extremely important marriages to the heiress of the family of Eu in France and secondly to the heiress of the de la Mare family...

Reginald de St. Leger MP (c.1135 - d.)

Barony of Dunster of Norman Origon given by William the Conqueror to William de Mohun. Reginald St. Leger paid a feoffe of 1?Knights Service to the Barony as stated by the "Honour of Dunster" The Baron...

Reginald de St. Leger MP (c.1160 - d.)

Richard de St. Leger MP (1163 - d.)

Richard de St. Leger MP (c.1291 - d.)

Richard St. Leger MP (deceased)

Robert de St. Leger MP (c.1125 - 1166)

With his father and his uncle Clarambauld subscribed to a donation with Richard de Port-Mort and his wife Adelize to the Abbey of the Holy Trinity at Rouen.

Robert de St. Leger MP (deceased)

Robert St. Leger MP (c.1146 - d.)

Simon de St. Leger MP (deceased)

Sir John de St. Leger, of Offley MP (c.1294 - 1326)

Died after being thrown from or kicked by his horse. In the Abbey of St Albans there is a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary donated by John St. Leger and Thomas de Hoo. John de St. Leger sought prote...

Sir Thomas St. Leger, Kt. MP (1377 - 1408)

Some sources states tha his parents were Sir Ralph St. Leger and Beatrice De Haighton. Thomas St. Leger1 M, #85183, b. circa 1365 Father Sir Ralph St. Leger1 d. a 1387 Thomas St. Leger was bo...

Thomas de St. Leger MP (1144 - 1174)

Gilbert De St. LEGER Born: ABT 1120 Buried: ABT 1175 Father: Ralph De St. LEGER Mother: Dau. De CREVEQUER Married: ¿? Children: 1. Ralph St. LEGER 2. Richard St. LEGER 3. Robert St. L...

Sir Thomas St. Leger MP (c.1419 - 1483)

Sir Thomas St. Leger married Anne Plantagenet, daughter of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York and Lady Cecily Neville, in 1472/73.1 He died circa 8 November 1483, beheaded.1 Child of Sir Thomas St...

Thomas de St. Leger MP (1115 - 1183)

Inherited Fairlight in Sussex and the lordships of St Leger at Foucarmont and Bois Hubert in Normany France. He is mentioned in documents of the Priory at Lewes in Sussex and the Abbey of St. Martin, B...

Thomas de St. Leger MP (c.1210 - 1250)

Thomas de St. Leger MP (deceased)

Ursula St. Leger MP (1609 - 1672)

Walter de St. Leger MP (b. - c.1247)

Walter de St. Leger MP (1165 - d.)

Sir Warham St Leger MP (c.1580 - 1631)

Sir Warham St. Leger (Knight) Born: ABT 1580, Ulcombe, Kent, Enfland Died: 11 Oct 1631, Kent, England Buried: Ulcombe Church, Ulcombe, Kent, England Notes: was induced to give considerable fina...

Wiliam de St. Leger MP (deceased)

William de St. Leger MP (deceased)

Lord of the Manor of Sowkerness or Sockernersh a manor situated in the extreme North of the parish of Brightling in the area of Battle Abbey about thirty kilometres from the sea. The present house erec...

William de St. Leger, Lord of Wertlinges MP (c.1210 - 1262)

A follower of William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke. Served in Ireland. Received Rosconnel and Tullaghanbrogue with large grants of Westmeath. Constable of Carmarthen, Wales 1180- 1198. Sheriff of Pembrok...

Sir William de St. Leger MP (c.1061 - 1120)

Lord of St Leger in Eu in Normandy, and Fairlight and Wertlignes in Sussex and Ulcombe in Kent. Succeeded his father in the lands gained at the Norman Conquest. But he also possessed whilst his father ...

William de St. Leger MP (deceased)

William de St. Leger MP (1168 - d.)

William de St. Leger MP (c.1195 - d.)

William de St. Leger MP (c.1155 - 1220)

Wizo de St. Leger MP (1161 - 1205)

St Leger MP (deceased)

From Viscount St Leger of Doneraile Peer of Ireland

(Sir) Anthony St. Leger MP (1603 - 1661)

(Sir) Anthony St. Leger MP (c.1629 - 1673)