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Aletta Johanna Steyn (Swart) MP (1848 - 1921)

Death Notice / Sterfkennis "South Africa, Cape Province, Kimberley, Probate Records of the Supreme Court, 1871-1937," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 7 November 2016), > image 40 of 797; Pieterm...

Aletta Johanna Steyn (Eksteen), d4f1 MP (1857 - 1954)

Aletta Johanna Christina Steyn (Kirsten) MP (1871 - c.1925)

Aletta Johanna Christina Kirsten bly agter in Angola na 1928 – lees meer in Afrikaners in Angola 1928-1975, Nicol Stassen. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Alida Barendina Steyn MP (1867 - 1926)

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG 18454

Andries Steyn MP (1865 - 1891)


Andries Frederik Willem Steyn, b1c3d12e4f1g2 MP (1827 - 1905)

Grew up on the farm Leeurivier, dist. Swellendam where his father Johannes STEYN was the farmer. Source of photo: Die families van Ou Swellendam Deel 1 Steyn. Published by the Drostdy Museum. His m...

Anna Susanna Cornelia Johannna Steyn (Diedericks) MP (1862 - 1909)


Anna Steyn, b1c11 MP (c.1729 - d.)

Anna De Vos (born Steyn) MyHeritage family trees Hürlimann Family Tree in Hürlimann Web Site, managed by Jean Paul Hürlimann (Contact) Birth: 1729 - South Africa Death: South Africa Parents: Jacobus ...

Anna Maria Rothman (Steyn b1c8d3e3f10g4) MP (1863 - 1951)

Death Notice / Sterfkennis "South Africa, Orange Free State, Estate Files, 1951-2006," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 15 April 2015), 1951 > image 102 of 220; Master of the Free State High Cour...

Anna Sophia Steyn (Cilliers) MP (1880 - 1959)

Death Notice / Sterfkennis "South Africa, Orange Free State, Estate Files, 1951-2006," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 21 May 2014), 1959 > image 2 of 26; Master of the Free State High Court, Bl...

Anna Eleonora "Leonora" Wolmarans (Steyn) MP (1828 - 1870)


Anna Margaretha Steyn (van Staden), b1c2d8 MP (1744 - c.1804)

Anna Maria Johanna Wessels MP (1882 - 1911)

Name Barend Petrus Steyn Event Type Marriage Event Date 17 Jul 1906 Event Place Kroonstad, Free State, South Africa Residence Place Leeuwspruit West Age 27 Marital Status Single Record Ty...

Anna Sophia Susanna Steyn MP (1865 - 1903)

Kort na die geboorte van haar jongste dogter oorlede. Sien Media/Dokumente Kroonstad Refugee Camp 1900 – 1902 Personal Details Name: Anna Sophia Susanna Steyn Other Names: na Maiden name: S...

Antie Steyn, b2 MP (bef.1692 - d.)

Her first name as spelt in early documents: Antie, Antje. She was most probably named after her grandmother, Antje/Antye Huigs Antie's surname variants: STEYN / STEIJN. In the birth document of her s...

Arnold II, heer van Steyn MP (c.1215 - c.1274)

M : Arnold II Van Stein, Geboren/Born Ongev/About 1210 Zoon van / Son of : Arnold I Van Stein & NN (van Bosinchem) Van Bloemensteyn Relat(ie/ed) F : Margareta Van Grimbergen Dochter van / Daughte...

Barbara Wilhelmina Steyn (Vogel) MP (c.1758 - d.)

Baptized 24 December 1758

Barbara Catharina de Jager (Steyn) MP (bef.1786 - 1849)

Barbara Magdalena Steyn, b1c8d3e3f8g2 MP (1852 - 1913)

Riversdale Baptismal Register No 50 Barbara Magdalena Steyn - Baptised on 23 May 1852 at the NG Kerk, Riversdale, Cape Colony - Birth : 5 May 1852 Parents : Jacobus Pieter Hermanus Steyn / Barbara Ma...

Barend Stephanus Steyn MP (c.1879 - 1947)

Paulina Johanna Le Roux South Africa, Free State Dutch Reformed Church Records Name: Barend Stephanus Steyn Event Type: Marriage Event Date: 11 Mar 1913 Event Place: Kroonstad, Free State, South Africa...

Barendina Wilhelmina Steyn (Richter) MP (c.1875 - 1918)

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG S4116

Beatrix Steyn, b1c3d12e2 MP (c.1779 - c.1817)

Beatrix married her cousin Jacobus Frederik STEYN

Benjamin Steyn MP (deceased)

Casparus Johannes Reinard Steyn MP (1836 - 1937)

Catharina Magdalena Heyns SV2b4c2d2e4f2 MP (c.1810 - d.)

Catharina Wilhelmina Christina Steyn MP (1877 - 1952)

from South Africa, Orange Free State, Estate Files Name: Catharina Wilhelmina Christina Or Catharina Christina Wilhelmina Steyn Steyn Event Type: Death Event Date: 22 Jun 1952 Event Place: Deelfontein ...

Catharina Cecilia Steyn, b1c8d13e11f4g6 MP (1890 - d.)

Catharina Getruida Steyn MP (c.1869 - 1907)

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG T923

Cecilia Johanna Botha, formerly Grobler nee Steyn MP (bef.1770 - d.)

Inligting: 3de geslag Nicolaas Johannes = Drakenstein 20.6.1756 x Tulbagh 28.3.1784 Cecilia Johanna STEYN = 22.4.1770 ---------------------------------------------------- Information from At Coetze...

Cecilia Johanna Fichardt (Steyn) MP (1889 - 1974)

Death notice / Sterfkennis "South Africa, Orange Free State, Estate Files, 1951-2006," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 16 February 2017), 1974 > no 2190-2199 > image 115 of 338; Master of the Fr...

Cecilia Johanna Steyn (Wessels), b2c2d1e4f3g5 MP (1830 - 1892)

Her death certificate and will can be found here: Grave at President Brand Cemetery, Bloemfontein: The Genealogical Society of South Africa eGSSA branch - Contributed by: Pieter Taljaard Boedel...

Cecilia Johanna Steyn, b1c3d6e2f2 MP (c.1794 - d.)

This Cecilia Johanna Steyn was not married to Johannes Frederik Botha b5c6d6. Reasons: 1. She was 32 years younger than him. He was of the same generation as her parents. 2. The other Cecilia Johanna S...

Christian Louwrens Steyn MP (1854 - 1913)

Johanna Frederika Brits, formerly Taute nee Steyn MP (bef.1793 - d.)

Christina Steyn (van Zyl), b3c3 MP (bef.1737 - c.1775)

Do not even think about merging my stuff with yours!

Colin Fraser Steyn, b1c8d13e3f1g4h1 MP (1887 - 1959)

Wikipedia article in Afrikaans language: Colin Fraser Steyn (1887–1959) was a lawyer and a politician of Southern Africa, Member of the House of Assembly, Senator, and Cabinet Minister in the governm...

Cornelia Potgieter b7c1d2 MP (1746 - bef.1773)

De Villiers / Pama code: b6c1d2 Others have b7c1d2

Cornelia Steyn (van Zyl), b6c3d3e2 MP (bef.1768 - c.1829)

Alternate spelling surname: Gildenhuizen

Cornelia Aletta Steyn, b1c3d8e5f9 MP (1812 - 1846)


Cornelia Geertruij Steyn (Kuun), b6c2 MP (bef.1760 - d.)

Judi Marais-Meyer register Volgens haar moeder se inventaris MOOC8/21.21 gedateer 1 Maart 1795 was sy toe nog getroud met Hans Hendrik Burger. Volgens SAg vol 4 p 783 was daar 'n 2de huwelik met Ad...

Cornelia Johanna Koch (Steyn), b1c3d12e6 MP (c.1788 - 1822)

Lucas Gerhardus Rinken of eGGSA has her names as Cornelia Johanna Steyn. In SAG 12 it is only Cornelia. Same in her baptismal record.

Daniel Johannes Steyn MP (1871 - 1917)

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG S3978 The Genealogical Society of South Africa eGSSA branch - Contributed by: André du Toit

Daniël Steyn, b1c3d11 MP (bef.1752 - 1824)

Dorothea Elizabeth Steyn (Koen) MP (b. - 1790)

Douw Gerbrand Steyn, b1c3d8 MP (1747 - 1790)

According to SAG 12 p. 213 - 214 he was married thrice. 1. Cornelia Potgieter - three children out of this marriage 2. Margaretha Aletta Botha - one child out of this marriage 3. Catharina Maria ...

Douw Gerbrand Steyn, b1c3d8e5 MP (1777 - 1863)

DG Steyn - A1b1c3d8e5 Grandfather of President Paul Kruger --------------------------------- Steynsburg (C 2125 BD). Town 64 km south-west of Burgersdorp and 48 km north of Hofmeyr. It develope...

Douw Petrus Jacobus Steyn, b1c3d4e11f3g1 MP (1853 - 1900)

Death Certificate POW Number 9285, Douw Petrus Jacobus Steyn of the farm "Middein", District Bethlehem Orange Free State and a member of the Field Cornet "Boven Wittenberg" was captured at Fouriesb...

Douwe Gerbrandt Steyn, SV/PROG 1 MP (c.1631 - 1700)

Douwe is the legal ancestor of many of the Steyns in South Africa. His adopted son Jacobus is the definite biological ancestor. The assumption made in authoritative genealogical publications is that Do...

Douwe Steyn, b1c2 MP (c.1709 - c.1777)

Requested permission to open a bakery in 1755. According to Muir, his widow is buried at Somerset West. She died on 2.1.1773 at the age of 86 Name: Douwe Steijn Event Type: Baptism Event Date...

Douwlina Geertruyda Susanna Kruger (Steyn) MP (1828 - 1893)

Death Notice: "South Africa, Cape Province, Kimberley, Probate Records of the Supreme Court, 1871-1937," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 7 November 2016), 007728604 > image 270 of 1210; Pieterma...

Elizabeth Steyn, b1c8d13e11f4g4 MP (c.1885 - d.)

Elsje Steyn, b1c3d12e11 MP (c.1799 - d.)

Variants first name: Elsje / Elsie

Emerentia Steyn, b1c5 MP (c.1717 - c.1762)

Since she was married to two men, we use the general guideline in Geni that the maiden name of the lady in question is used. This helps to avoid confusion. We also use the surname spelling Steyn which ...

Esther Erasmus (Steyn) MP (1895 - 1951)

Esther Steyn Erasmus South Africa, Orange Free State, Estate Files Name: Esther Steyn Erasmus Event Type: Death Event Date: 02 Dec 1951 Event Place: Koppies Age: 56 Birth Year (Estimated): 1895 Birthpl...

Francina Susanna Lasya Steyn (van der Walt) MP (c.1857 - d.)

Please do not merge this profile with Francina Susanna Lasya van der Walt born 1862 - they have different parents and were born in different places

Frederik Theodorus Steyn, b1c3d15 MP (c.1759 - 1783)

Geertruida Hendrika Adriana Steyn MP (1869 - 1950)

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG 861/1950

Gideon Francois Steyn, b1c3d6e7f6g6 MP (1848 - 1926)

LOSS TO WINBURG 20 September 1926 Mr Gideon Francois Steyn When on Monday evening it was made known that Mr. Gideon Francois Steyn had passed away, the tidings were received with universal regret, for ...

Gideon Jacobus Joubert Steyn MP (1889 - 1959)

Hans Jurgen Steyn, b1c3d4 MP (1740 - 1803)

29 Oct 1761 1761, den 29 8br: Hans Jurgen Steijn van Cabo de Goede Hoop, jongman burger aan Swellendam met Christina van Zijl van Cabo voornt., jonge dogter Source: Nederduits Gereformeerde Gemeente (N...

Hans Jurgen Steyn, b1c3d4e2f3 MP (c.1795 - 1862)

Lived at Baviaansrivier, dist Somerset. Probably in the trek of P.A. Opperman that left at the end of 1837. Associated with the farms Doornspruit at the Kroonspruit, Rietfontein at the Vaalrivier and K...

Hans Jurgens Steyn, b1c3d4e2f3g5 MP (1826 - d.)

Hans Jurgens Baptised: 14 Jan 1827 Born: 02 Oct 1826 Father: Hans Jurgens STEYN Mother: Judith Christina, van BILJON van Witnesses: STEYN Theunis Frederik Jacobus, VILJOEN Josina, VISAGIE Mar...

Helena Johanna Susanna Steyn, b1c6 MP (1827 - 1871)

Death Notice of DU PLESSIS, HELENA JOHANNA SUSANNA. (NEE STEYN).: One of twins Various sources

Hendrik Steyn, g5h5 MP (1869 - 1929)

Hendrik Willem Steyn and his wife Christina Petronella Coetzer were part of the Henry-Steyn trek party who went to Southern Rhodesia in 1895. They had one child, Aletta, when they went on the trek. H...

Hendrik Balthazar Steyn, b1c3d4e2f5g4 MP (1832 - 1912)

Zimbabwe, Death notices Name Hendrik Balterzer Steyn Event Type Death Event Date 24 Sep 1912 Event Place Melsetter, Zimbabwe Gender Male Age 80 Race (Original) European Birth Year (Esti...

Hendrik Nicolaas Steyn MP (1904 - 1980)

Boedel / Estate No. - 2214/80

Hendrina Johanna Reynecke Jordaan (Steyn) MP (1928 - d.)

Hendrina Johanna 'Drienie' Nortje nee Steyn MP (1928 - 2006)

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Hendrina Gloudina Dorothea Dorothea Gloudina Steyn, b1c3d6e1f1g1h13 MP (1854 - 1900)

VAB MHG S1565 * Residence : Rozenplaats, Orange Free State, South Africa - Feb 13 1871** Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Apr 27 2017, 14:39:18 UTC

Herculina Johanna Sophia Coetzer (Steyn), b1c3d4e2f5g5h1 MP (1859 - 1948)

Herculina Johanna Sophia Steyn married Wentzel Christoffel Coetzer probably in Cradock around 1880. She is referred to as Johanna in the publication "Many Treks made Rhodesia' page 98, where she and We...

Herculina Johanna Sophia Coetzer (Steyn), b1c3d4e2f5g4h4 MP (1863 - 1954)

MRS. WENTZEL COETZER, 1895 Nee Johanna Steyn. Came with the Henry Steyn Trek, bringing 3 daughters and 4 sons, all named on page 160 of "Many Treks Made Rhodesia," by S. P. Olivier. Information also ...

Herculina Johanna Sophia Steyn (van Heerden), f2g4 MP (1841 - 1905)

Herculina Johanna Sophia van Heerden (Mrs J G F Steyn), travelled to Rhodesia with the Henry-Steyn Trek in 1895 and brought her daughter Maria. Information from Mrs M. Edwards, Chipinga, 27/6/1957; als...

Hermanus Frederik Steyn, b1c3d12e4 MP (1784 - 1836)

Baptized 26 September 1784 Married Maria Catharina Vogel on 23 October 1803 Hermanus Steyn was a burgher of Stellenbosch, Kliprivier according to Jacques Steyn internet information Steyn owners o...

Hermanus d'Oude Steyn MP (bef.1711 - c.1795)


Pres. Hermanus Steyn d'Jonge from the Republic of Swellendam MP (1743 - c.1804)

Hermanus STEYN b1c3d6 was born on the farm Bruintjiesrivier of his father, Hermanus STEYN d'Oude. When he was about nine years old, the family moved to the farm Doornfontein adjacent to the Sondagsrivi...

Hermanus Steyn, b1c3d6e1 MP (c.1767 - c.1799)

Foutiewe inligting: Volgens GISA SAG Vol 12 dd 2005 bl 210 was Hermanus 'n 2de keer getroud te Cradock op 5 Sep 1824 met Heyltje Magdalena Robbertse. Indien dit korrek is kon hy nie 1797 gesterf het ni...

Hermanus Steyn, b1c3d6e1f1 MP (c.1789 - 1835)

Lived at Brakrivier, Somerset. Left on the Great Trek about January 1836 in the A.H. Potgieter group. Was near the Vaalrivier by October 1837. Might be associated with the farm Vangfontein adjacent to ...

Hermanus Johannes Steyn, b1c3d6e1f1g1 MP (1809 - 1882)

Lived at Agter-Sneeuberg, Somerset. Departed on Groot Trek in January 1836 in the A.H. Potgieter group. It seems he participated in the clashes at Vegkop and Bloedrivier. His wife was a sister of Pres....

Hermanus Johannes Steyn, b1c3d6e7f2g2 MP (1827 - 1913)

Doop GISA KD 269 : 349 & KAB VC 691 : 196 In sy vader se boedel en Testament word sy naam as Hermanus Jacobus gegee. Op sy moeder se Sterftekennis word hy Hermanus Johannes genoem maar sy geboorte ...

Hermanus Stephanus Steyn, b1c3d6e7f3g4 MP (1832 - 1910)


Hermanus Gerbrand Steyn MP (1863 - 1934)

The Genealogical Society of South Africa eGSSA branch - Contributed by: GGSA Vaaldriehoektak Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG 25861

Hermanus Johannes Petrus Steyn, b1c3d6e2f1g7 MP (1829 - 1892)

Johannes Petrus b1c3d6e2f1g9 and Hermanus Johannes Petrus b1c3d6e2f1g7 are brothers, not the same person. Source: SAG 12 p.211 and also in Die families van Ou Swellendam Deel 1 STEYN p.9. Death certi...

Hermanus Petrus Johannes Steyn MP (1857 - 1901)

Surname STEYN Name Hermanus Johannes Petrus Age 44 Address Groenvallei ward 2 Carolina Commando Carolina Battle Carolina, WelteVrede Buried Bergendal from Groenvlallei, Carolina Ref ID 29...

Hester Aletta Wilhelmina Steyn MP (c.1884 - 1901)


Hester Johanna Steyn, b1c8d3e3f10 MP (1830 - 1871)

Cape Civil Deaths - Ref : 7242 Filed 5 August 1871 Hester Johanna de Jager ( nee Steyn ) passed away on 2 July 1871 on the farm ' Lemoenkraal ' Fort Beaufort District, Eastern Cape Colony. She was ag...

Huibrecht Getruida Steyn MP (1876 - 1931)

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG 23185

Isabella Gordon Visser, formerly van der Merwe nee Steyn MP (1895 - d.)

Her Mothers Death Notice Please keep it here.

Isabella Elizabeth Steyn, b1c3d12e7 MP (c.1791 - d.)

Digital copy of her baptismal record image 18 Transcription: Isabella Elizabeth De Vader is Johannes Stijn den 25 dito (September) De Moeder Barbara Willemina Vogel Getuigen Pieter Forie & Isabel...

Jacoba Maria du Toit (Steyn) MP (1832 - 1880)

Death Notice / Sterfkennis "South Africa, Cape Province, Kimberley, Probate Records of the Supreme Court, 1871-1937," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 7 November 2016), 007810150 > image 105 of 2...

Jacobus Steyn, b1 MP (bef.1683 - 1752)

Jacobus Steyn b1 About version 20140708 Brief summary: Parents: Unknown father X Maria Losëe. Two theories about his father. First: Probably Douwe Gerbrandt Steyn SV. Second and possible: Some othe...

Jacobus Steyn, b1c8 MP (bef.1723 - 1801)

Profession: Farmer/Boer Grootvadersbosch Also: Heemraad - ? Ritmeester - Cavalry captain Burger van Swellendam - Citizen of Swellendam Source: Die families van Ou Swellendam Deel 1: Steyn O...

Jacobus Steyn, b1c8d3e2 MP (c.1785 - c.1865)

Digital copy of baptismal record image 91 Transcription: Ano 1785 dito 18 is gedoopt Jacobus de vader dou Gerbrand Stijn de moeder maria helena malan de Getuijgen Jacobus Stijn Susanna fo...

Jacobus Frederik Steyn, b1c3d6e7 MP (1780 - d.)

Jacobus Steyn, b1c6 MP (c.1719 - c.1723)

Jacobus Arnoldus Steyn, b1c3d5 MP (c.1742 - c.1743)

Jacobus Arnoldus Steyn, b1c3d6e7f6g2 MP (1832 - 1921)

Death Notice / Sterfkennis: "South Africa, Cape Province, Kimberley, Probate Records of the Supreme Court, 1871-1937," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 7 November 2016), 007735916 > image 377 of ...

Jacobus Johannes Hercules Steyn, b1c3d6e2f1g10h3i1 MP (c.1896 - d.)

Jacobus Arnoldus Steyn, b1c3d16 MP (1762 - 1802)

Jan Gysbert Steyn, b1c8d13e11f4g1 MP (c.1880 - d.)

Johann Conrad Steyn, SV/PROG 4 MP (b. - 1817)

New information from Marie Vermeulen : Ek het die volgende inligting verkry oor bogenoemde. Van die kinders wat aangedui is as die kinders van Susanna v d Caap glo ek dit is nie reg. Ek het inskrywin...