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Abiah Mead (Strickland) MP (deceased)

Adam de Strickland MP (1172 - 1251)

The children of Walter and Christian were Robert, William, daughter Amabel, wife of Sir Richard de Preston, and an elder son Adam, presumably named after his paternal grandfather, Adam de Castle Carroc...

Agnes Strickland (Parr) MP (bef.1443 - aft.1490)

Agnes PARR [Parents] 1, 2, 3, 4 was born 1446 in Kendal, Westmorland, England. She died 1488 in Sizergh, Westmorland, England. Agnes married Sir Thomas STRICKLAND Knight on 1464 in Sizergh, Westmorland...

Agnes Curwen (Strickland) MP (c.1490 - bef.1543)

Agnes STRICKLAND Death: PRE 1543 Burial: Workington. Father: Walter STRICKLAND b: 1464 in Sizergh, Westmorland. Mother: Elizabeth PENNINGTON Marriage Thomas CURWEN b: C. 1494 Chil...

Agnes Strickland MP (1806 - 1874)

AGNES STRICKLAND Author and Historian Evidence Published by the National Records of Scotland 27 March 1836: Letter from Thomas Traill, Duoro, Ontario (where he has emigrated with his 2nd wife, Ca...

Amabel Strickland MP (b. - 1333)


Amy Strickland (Pace) MP (1739 - 1815)

Amy Strickland (Salvin) MP (c.1605 - d.)

Ann Strickland (Braswell) MP (1674 - 1744)

Ann Strickland MP (1711 - c.1760)

Anne Smith (Strickland) MP (1662 - 1727)

Anne Ashton (Strickland) MP (1500 - 1546)

Strickland of Westmorland, England Anne married Sir Richard Assheton, son of Sir Richard Assheton and Anne Foulshurst, about 1525 in England.535 (Sir Richard Assheton was born about 1500 in Middleton...

Benjamin Strickland MP (1730 - 1806)

Carolina Maynor (Strickland) MP (deceased)

Caroline Strickland MP (1781 - 1867)

Catharine Parr Strickland MP (1802 - 1899)

Find A Grave Memorial Life in Canada When Catharine wrote The Backwoods of Canada (1836), her account of the Traills' first settlement in the bush, she did so "full of hope" for their future (See...

Christina de Strickland MP (deceased)

David Braswell Strickland MP (1735 - 1804)

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Douce Strickland (Croft) MP (1415 - 1466)

Douce CROFT Death: 1466 Father: Nicholas CROFT Douce de Crofte was born at of Dalton Leighton, Lancashire, England. She married Walter Strickland, Esq., son of Sir Thomas de Strickland and Ma...

Edward Arthur Strickland, I MP (1551 - 1576)

Edward Arthur Strickland, II MP (1596 - 1661)

Eliza Alexander (Strickland) MP (1788 - 1860)

Elizabeth Strickland (Hunt) MP (aft.1736 - 1815)

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Elizabeth 'Betsy' Henderson (Strickland) MP (1806 - 1894)

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Elizabeth Seaman (Strickland) MP (c.1620 - c.1654)

Descendants of Capt. John Seaman of Hempstead, Long Island, NY according to Mary Thomas Seaman: 1928 Capt. John1 Seaman was born Bet. 1603 - 1610 in Essex, England, and died 1695 in Hempstead, Queens...

Elizabeth Loreyne Strickland (Loreen) MP (1641 - aft.1724)

More About Elizabeth Loreen: Christening: February 02, 1656/57, Earsdon by North Sheilds, Northumberland, England Married before 1663 in Liverpool, England.

Elizabeth Strickland (Goforth) MP (1807 - 1888)

Elizabeth Boon (Strickland) MP (1660 - aft.1737)

Thomas Boon of Isle of Wight Co., Virginia did NOT MARRY Elizabeth Jordan (b. August 21, 1668) (the d/o Richard Ratcliff).Per Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, W. W. Hinshaw, Vol VI, pp 31-34; she marr...

Elizabeth Strickland (Basse) MP (1604 - 1664)

Ellen Carleton (Strickland) MP (c.1557 - aft.1622)

Ellen Strickland Birth: ABT 1557 in England 4 Death: AFT 1622 in East Riding, Yorkshire, England 1 Father: Walter Strickland b: 05 APR 1516 in Sizergh Castle, Westmorland, England Mother: Agn...

Esther Hall (Strickland) MP (1768 - 1848)

Flora Ann Vince (Strickland) MP (1755 - 1862)

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Frances Strickland (Diamond) MP (c.1775 - c.1830)

Frances Smith Strickland MP

Frances Smith Strickland (born Frances Smith c. 1941) is an American educational psychologist who served as the First Lady of Ohio from January 8, 2007, to January 8, 2011.

Jacob Strickland, I MP (1705 - 1790)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A111339 Notes for Jacob Strickland I: "His (Matthew, Jr.'s) son, Jacob Strickland, First, was born about 1720 in Isle of Wigh...

Jacob Strickland, II MP (c.1741 - 1804)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A111340

Jacob Strickland MP (c.1590 - 1635)

Date of birth may be 1600.

Jane Strickland MP (1641 - 1699)

Jane 'Jennie' Strickland (Hale) MP (1790 - aft.1840)

============= See more detailed description in Jennie's mother Hannah Hale (1765). Photo from FindAGrave. =============

Jane Strickland (Fenwick) MP (1604 - 1663)

Jane Fenwick was born in Bitchfield, England 1604. She married John Strickland in England, before 1620. Jane died 1663 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York, at 59 years of age Bitchfield is a small vi...

Jared Strickland MP (1783 - d.)

Joan Strickland MP (c.1462 - 1528)

Jane STRICKLAND (or Johanna)(or Joan) was born 1465 in Sizergh, Westmorland, England.  Parents: Thomas STRICKLAND b: C. 1440 & Agnes PARR Married Thomas MIDDLETON d 1517. He was the son of ...

Joan de Washington (de Strickland) MP (c.1274 - c.1305)

When Joan De Strickland (1272–1352) married Robert De Wessington, her estate included the parish of Natland and combined with that of Warton. Sources: ) - history of surname only 1 The American G...

Joanna Wood (Strickland) MP (c.1628 - 1680)

Joanna Stricklandwas born at County Westmoreland, England. She was the daughter of John Strickland and Jane (?). Joanna married Jonas Wood "Halifax", son of Henry Wood and Prudence Atkinson, circa 1648...

John Strickland MP (1584 - 1672)

In his will, John Strickland mentions only having had four daughters. He mentions grandchildren -- "all those children who have been born of my daughters." He mentions some "sons" but these are sons-in...

John de Strickland MP (1301 - c.1352)

John de Strickland Birth: 1301 - Sizergh, Westmoreland, England Death: 1352 - England Parents: Walter de Strickland, Maud (Matilda) Spouse: Alice de Stopham (widow) Married about 1319

Katherine de Strickland (Neville) MP (1497 - 1536)

Sources Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists who Came to America Before ...  By Frederick Lewis Weis, Walter Lee Sheppard, Kaleen E. Beall. Page 50, line 36

Katherine de Strickland MP (1337 - 1427)

Leona Troughton (Strickland) MP (1700 - c.1722)

Lovisa Hollister (Strickland) MP (1785 - 1855)

Lucinda Strickland (Peeler) MP (1816 - d.)

Interesting court record of a story about husband Thomas being murdered. It says, "In the matter of claim 458007 Lucinda Strickland widow of Thomas Strickland Co E, 1st Ala Cav. On this 30th day of...

Lydia Strickland (Millard) MP (1768 - aft.1833)

Mabel Tempest (Strickland) MP (c.1444 - d.)

Mabel STRICKLAND Birth: in Sizergh, Westmorland, England. Father: Walter STRICKLAND b: C. 1406 in (clue) Mother: Douce CROFT Marriage Richard TEMPEST of Stainforth (Sir) (d. Feb 1488/9)...

Mabel Strickland (Betham) MP (c.1380 - 1460)

Margaret Strickland (Curwen) MP (1572 - 1630)

Margaret Curwen had 4 sons and 3 daughters. Father: Nicholas CURWEN b: 1550 in Gillingham, Yorks, England. Mother: Anne MUSGRAVE b: in Eden Hall Marriage Thomas STRICKLAND b: 1563 Chi...

Margaret Derwentwater (Strickland) MP (c.1370 - 1449)

Married Sir Robert Lowther,   d. 9 Apr 1430, of, Lowther, Westmorland, England   Children  Hugh. Married Mary Ann de Derwentwater Mary. Married James Pickering Ann. Married Thomas Curwen ...

Margaret J. Strickland (O'Dell) MP (1862 - 1932)

Residence : 1910 - Militia District 1442, , Georgia* Residence : 1930 - Pitts, Wilcox, Georgia** Reference: FamilySearch Family Tree - SmartCopy : Apr 13 2016, 13:29:58 UTC

Margery Strickland (Fouleshurst) MP (1443 - d.)

Margery FOULESHURST, daughter of Sir Robert FOULESHURST Knight and Joan Vernon, 1, 2 was born 1443 in Crewe, Cheshire, England. She married Sir John BYRON Knight on 1462 in Clayton, Lancashire, England...

Marlida Strickland (Bolton) MP (deceased)

Martha E. (Mattie) Strickland MP (1857 - 1924)

Mary Ann Clifton (Strickland) MP (1835 - 1910)


Mary Strickland (Clayton) MP (c.1684 - d.)

Mary Clayton Parents: John Clayton, Alice Bowyer vi.    Mary Clayton, born Abt. 1684; married Thomas Strickland Aft. 1713; born Abt. 1680. Links The Clayton family.   By Henry F. He...

Mary Strickland (Hollister) MP (1730 - 1806)

Mary Ann King (Strickland) MP (1836 - 1914)

wife of John King* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Mar 20 2017, 17:31:07 UTC * Reference: FamilySearch Genealogy - SmartCopy : Mar 31 2017, 18:19:04 UTC

Mary "Polly" Strickland (Connally) MP (1782 - 1840)

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Matilda Strickland (Bates) MP (1803 - 1853)

buried 2.8 miles from Austell in Strickland and Peek Cemetery Mableton, Cobb County, Georgia, USA* Residence : 1850 - Coxes, Cobb, Georgia, USA** Reference: 1850 United States Federal Census - SmartCop...

Matthew Strickland, II MP (1663 - 1730)

May have been born Crosthwaite Parish, Cumbria, England. died Bef. October 25, 1730 in Newport Parish, Isle of Wight Co., VA Notes for Matthew M. Strickland, Jr.: A second source gives his birth ...

Matthew Strickland, I MP (1627 - 1696)

born February 27, 1626/27 Most researchers show that Matthew immigrated from England to the colonies in the latter part of the 17th century. Some show that Matthew was the son of Edward Strickland an...

Maud de Strickland MP (1262 - c.1342)

Nettie Eugene Credille (Strickland) MP (1928 - 1962)

Birth: Dec. 7, 1928 Greene County Georgia, USA Death: Mar. 6, 1962 Married December 9,1947; called "Nettie Jean" as child and by family (Shared by Gail Hannah) Family links: Parents: Talmadg...

Piety Strickland (Bolton), sister of Marlida MP (deceased)

Priscilla Taylor Strickland (Young) MP (1747 - 1825)

Priscilla Lord (Strickland) MP (1843 - 1926)

Prudence Hollister (Strickland) MP (1767 - 1843)

Rachel Coil (Strickland) MP (1818 - d.)

Rhoda Strickland (Hollister) MP (1760 - 1822)

Sir Robert de Strickland MP (1195 - 1248)

Robert de Strictland Birth: 1190 - West Ward, Westmoreland, England Death: 1236 - England Parents: Walter FitzAdam de Strictland, Christiana de Lehem Wife: Beatrice de Catesford Son: Willia...

Robert de Strickland MP (1195 - 1278)

Robert Strickland, MP MP (1600 - 1671)

Family and Education b. 1 Jan. 1600, 1st s. of Sir Thomas Strickland* and his 2nd w. Margaret, da. of (Sir) Nicholas Curwen† of Workington, Cumb.1 educ. Trin. Camb. 1615.2 m. 10 Jan. 1619, Margaret, da...

Roger Strickland MP (deceased)

Rosa Nell Summerford (Strickland) MP (1910 - 2006)

Sarah Hickman (Strickland) MP (1713 - 1803)

Sarah Strickland Birth: 1713 - Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight, Virginia Death: 1803 - Edgecombe, North Carolina, United States Parents: Matthew Strickland, Ann Braswell Husband: Nathaniel Hickman

Simeon Solomon Strickland, I MP (1776 - 1833)

============= From FindAGrave: Notes & Photo from Gwen Langley Pittman The Strickland's were some of the earlier settlers of Wayne County, Mississippi. Simeon was born about 1776 in North Carolina....

Simeon E. Strickland MP (1801 - 1853)

Methodist Circuit Rider Nine children - 3 daughters, 6 sons - one son (Russell Glen Strickland b. Jun 29 183 died in the Civil War Battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia.* Residence : 1850 - Coxes, Cobb, Geor...

Solomon Strickland, I MP (1735 - 1818)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A111376

Solomon Strickland MP (1779 - 1843)

Stephen Strickland MP (deceased)

Stephen Strickland MP (1781 - d.)

Lt. Stephen Strickland MP (deceased)

Susanna Moodie (Strickland) MP (1803 - 1885)

Susanna Moodie Biography (1803–85) Born near Bungay, Suffolk, England, Susanna Strickland lived mostly at Reydon Hall, near Southwold, until her immigration to Canada in 1832. The last-born of th...

Ted Strickland, Governor of Ohio MP

Theodore "Ted" Strickland (born August 4, 1941) is an American politician from the state of Ohio. Strickland served as the 68th Governor of Ohio, from 2007 to 2011. A member of the Democratic Party, ...

Sir Thomas Strickland, of Sizergh MP (c.1440 - 1497)

Thomas Strickland, Knight Birth: C. 1440 Father: Walter STRICKLAND b: C. 1406 in (clue) Mother: Douce CROFT "1464. Sir Thomas, in the next generation, renewed the alliance with the family o...

Thomas de Strickland, MP MP (c.1367 - 1455)

Thomas de Strickland (1367 – 30 July 1455) was the oldest son of Sir Walter de Strickland (d 1407), Sheriff of Westmorland, and Margaret de Lathom. He is best known for carrying the banner of St. Geo...

Sir Thomas de Strickland, of Sizergh MP (c.1300 - 1374)

'Sir Thomas de Strickland1 'M, #34099, d. 1377 Father Sir Walter de Strickland d. a 1344 Mother Eleanor de Goldington ' Sir Thomas de Strickland was born at of Sizergh, Westmoreland, England. H...

Sir Thomas Strickland, KB, MP MP (c.1563 - 1612)

Married Margaret Curwen Elizabeth Symon Children: Walter Strickland Thomas Strickland Lord Jacob Strickland John Strickland Margaret Strickland Robert Strickland Dorothy Stri...

Thomas Strickland MP (1816 - 1867)

Thwaite Strickland MP (1625 - bef.1670)

It is indicated that records of Dedham, Massachusetts show that Thwaite Strickland was a signer of the 1635 Covenant that established Dedham and was an original settler there. Dedham is on the Charles ...

Walter de Strickland MP (c.1260 - 1342)

~Ancestral Roots . . ., 41:29, Sir Walter de Strickland ...he was of Sizergh, m. Elenore Goldington, daughter of William de Goldington & they were divorced in 1298. He married Maud. It is not know whic...

Sir Walter Strickland, Knight, of Sizergh Castle MP (bef.1464 - aft.1506)

Agnes PARR [Parents] 1, 2, 3, 4 was born 1446 in Kendal, Westmorland, England. She died 1488 in Sizergh, Westmorland, England. Agnes married Sir Thomas STRICKLAND Knight on 1464 in Sizergh, Westmorland...

Walter Strickland, of Sizergh, Esq. MP MP (1516 - 1569)

From Stirnet's "Strickland02" page (membership required to view without interruption) : " Tudor shows that Walter had the following first marriage which is not reported by either BP1934 or BLG1952 ." ...