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Conchita Chuidian Sunico MP (b. - 1990)

Conchita Chuidian Sunico was crowned Miss Philippines at the 1935 Manila Carnival and is remembered as high society's "It Girl" before WWII. She founded Karilagan International to promote Philippine fa...

? Sunico (deceased)

abelardo sunico (deceased)


Antonio T. Sunico (1920 - 1987)

Cesar Banzon Sunico (1934 - 2003)

Dionisia L. Sunico (deceased)

Domingo Sunico (deceased)

Emilita Sunico (deceased)

Flordeliza Sunico (1955 - 2008)

Florentina T. Sunico-Salamat (deceased)

Francisca Sunico (deceased)

Gloria Gonzales-Sunico (1932 - d.)

Hilario S. Sunico (1847 - 1918)

It is unknown why Hilario and his brothers took on 'Sunico' as their surname, instead of following the usual practice at that time of either taking on a surname from Governor General Narciso Claver�...

Hyacinth Exito Sunico (Exito) (deceased)

leon sunico (deceased)

Nati Sunico (deceased)

Natividad C. Sunico-Eleizegui (1903 - 2001)

NELFA SUNICO (deceased)

Nicanora P. Sunico-Recto (c.1910 - d.)

Nilda P. Sunico-Castro (1925 - c.2006)

Nilda, who was Chairman of the Pediatrics Department of the Manila Central University Hospital, was honored in 2003 as one of Ten Outstanding Citizens in Caloocan City

Oscar P. Sunico (1921 - 2008)

Petra Sunico (deceased)

Rafael Roxas Sunico (1960 - 2010)

Tito Sunico (deceased)

Ramon L. Sunico (1900 - 1948)

Ramon Sunico Araneta (deceased)

Ricky Sunico (1958 - 2007)

Rodolfo B. Sunico (1930 - 1977)


Teodoro S. Sunico (c.1852 - c.1919)

Unknown Sunico (deceased)

Victor M. Sunico (deceased)