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Gregorio Ruperto Syquia MP (c.1855 - d.)

Vicente R. Syquia MP (b. - 1894)

Alicia Syquia-Quirino (1903 - 1945)

Alicia Syquia-Quirino was shot to death by the Japanese solders during the Battle of Manila. Source: Alicia Syquia-Quirino's Death Certificate: NOTE: She was 41 years, 3 months, and 19 days o...

Caridad Florentino (c.1872 - c.1930)

Emilia Jimenez Syquia (deceased)

Estefania Jimenez Syquia (deceased)

Hector Jimenez Syquia (deceased)

Jose Angco Syquia (deceased)

Juan Jimenez Syquia (deceased)

Lourdes Bautista (Syquia) (deceased)

Marilen Syquia (1944 - 2003)

Petronila Jimenez Syquia (deceased)

Rafael Syquia (1913 - 1986)

Vicente Syquia (deceased)