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Aaron Tauber MP (1747 - 1815)

Aaron Tauber was born in Holesov in 1747 and died there on 22 January 1815 in his 68th year of age. He was the son of Moses Tauber (1725-1790) of Holesov, and his wife, Tscharna (1729-1802). At the t...

Adella ("Adele") Tauber (Teschner) MP (1851 - 1902)

Adella Tauber (née Teschner) was named in honor of her maternal grandmother, Adel Kohn (née Lasar) (1784-1849). She was born in Vag Besztercze, Hungary on 28 April 1851 and died in Manhat...

Amalia Löwy (Tauber) MP (1852 - 1900)

Amalia (Tauber) Lowy (1852-1900) was the wife of Moritz Lowy (b. 1849) and the mother of three children -- two daughters and a son (Sandor). Only one of her children, Rosa, lived to adulthood. Amalia d...

Anna Katharina Roeder (Tauber) MP (1670 - 1751)

Anna and her children came to Pennsylvania circa 1724. They had to travel about 10 miles from Mutterstadt to Manheim by foot or oxen cart with their belongings. Then down the Rhine River to Rotterdam, ...

Bertha Tauber MP (1881 - 1882)

Betty Tauber MP (1834 - d.)

Note from Robert Hanscom, a descendant of the Tauber and Knopfelmacher families (5 May 2015): Betty Tauber, eldest daughter of Jacob Tauber and his second wife, Peppi (Knopfelmacher) Tauber, died as ...

R' Binyamin Zeev Ashkenazi of Vilna MP (c.1615 - 1682)

1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- pg.1 1913--1990- The Eger Family Association-אילן א Rich well to do and learned director of the Jewish community in Wilna...

Channa Tauber (Zwillinger) MP (1772 - 1826)

Channa (Zwillinger) Tauber was born in Holesov, 1772, and died of pneumonia on 24 June 1826, "age 48", but -- based on her age at marriage (age 20 in 1792) -- she was actually 54 at death. Her marriage...

Charlotte Adelaide Hanscom (Tauber) MP (1889 - 1947)

Charlotte Tauber had the Hebrew name of "Sara". She accompanied her parents to the United States in November 1897, and the ship manifest lists her as "Sari Tauber". Following her mother's death, Charlo...

Cornella Felber (Tauber) MP (1883 - 1964)

Cornella / "Ella" Felber (Tauber) was born in Drietoma, Trencin Co., Hungary on 9 May 1883, and died in Manhattan, New York on 19 September 1964, age 81 years. She came to the U.S. with her parents in ...

Elisabeth Maria Tauber MP (1832 - d.)

VATICAN CITY, NOV. 9, 2011 ( Benedict XVI today reminisced about the stories told him by his mother, as he was awarded honorary citizenship of a northern Italian town where his grandmothe...

Flora Rothenberg (Tauber) MP (1885 - 1977)

Flora Tauber had the Hebrew name of "Finkl". New York Times -- 28 June 1977 (obituary) ROTHENBERG, Flora, age 91, on June 26, 1977. Beloved wife of the late Abraham Jacob, beloved mother of Rabbi R...

Fradel Tauber (Wolf) MP (b. - 1843)

"Die Familie Wolf" - by Ernst Wolf 1924 . 115 see family chart :

Irma Miriam Buchler (Tauber) MP (1875 - 1934)

Irma (Tauber) Buchler's Hebrew name was "Miriam", which she later adopted as her middle name. She was born in Drietoma, Hungary on 20 September 1875. She died in Bronx, New York on 11 June 1934, age 58...

Johanna Pollak (Tauber) MP (deceased)

"Die Familie Wolf" - by Ernst Wolf 1924 see no. 118a

Johanna Freedman (Tauber) MP (1874 - 1923)

Johanna Tauber was always known as "Anna." She was named in honor of her father's grandmother, Channa Tauber (Zwillinger) (1772-1826), and her father's eldest sister, Johanna Glasel (Tauber) (1835-1866...

Josefa ("Peppi") Tauber MP (1811 - 1886)

Witnesses listed on the 1833 marriage record of Jacob Tauber to Peppi Knopfelmacher were his mother, Widow Rebeka Tauber, and her father, Markus Knopfelmacher (of Zaroschutz, but familianten of Mahr. W...

Leopold (Löbl) (Aryeh-Leib) Tauber MP (1803 - 1887)

Leopold Tauber was a twin to his brother, Moises. He had the Hebrew name of "Aryeh Leib", and was born in Holesov, Moravia on 28 April 1803. As a younger son, he had very few rights in his native Morav...

Maurice (Moritz) Tauber MP (1879 - 1942)

Moritz Tauber had the Hebrew name of "Moyshe". He was named in honor of his maternal grandfather, Moses Teschner (1821-1879), but may have also been named after his paternal great-grandfather, Michael ...

Michael Hersch Tauber MP (1770 - 1847)

Michael Hersch Tauber was a Hebrew schoolteacher in Holesov. He also may have been a religious leader, possibly a rabbi. Over the years, he resided in several different households in Holesov's Jewish q...

Minna Tauber (Kohn) MP (1846 - 1898)

"Die Familie Wolf" - by Ernst Wolf 1924 see no. 277a

Moizes Tauber MP (c.1725 - 1790)

Mrs. Yitzhak ben Zev Meisels (Tauber?) MP (c.1570 - d.)

Nanetta (Netty) (Nany) (Anna) Tauber (Kohn-Zerkowitz) MP (1815 - 1900)

Nanetta (Kohn-Zerkowitz) Tauber, known alternately as "Anna", "Netty", and "Nany", was born in Trencin City in 1815 and was still alive in 1890. Her deathdate is unknown. It is believed that she left T...

Rudolphine Winkler (Tauber) MP (1877 - 1965)

Rudolphina Tauber had the Hebrew name of "Rachel". She was named in honor of two great-grandmothers -- Rachel (Rosalia) Zerkowitz (first wife of Nesanel Kohn-Zerkowitz, 1783-1847) and Rachel Teschner (...

Sheva (Schewe) Tauber MP (1749 - 1817)

Sheva (Knopfelmacher) Tauber was born in Holesov in 1749, and died there (in household #29) on 26 February 1817, age 68 years. She was the daughter of Rabbi Moses Knopfelmacher (1718-1798) and his firs...

Simon Tauber MP (1844 - 1930)

Simon Tauber was born in Trencin City on 22 January 1844, and died in Bronx, New York, 27 September 1930. He was named in honor of his mother's deceased brother, Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz (c1822-c1831). S...

Stella Solomon (Tauber) MP (1894 - 1987)

Stella Tauber had the Hebrew name of "Sheva". She was married in 1917 to Max Solomon and had three children: Adele (Solomon) Zepnick, Jerome Solomon, and Kathleen (Solomon) Ringel. Stella Solomon died ...

Wilhelm II Tauber MP (1831 - 1900)

"Die Familie Wolf" - by Ernst Wolf 1924 see no. 277a

Tauber (1924 - 1943)

Tauber (Weil) (deceased)

(child) TAUBER (c.1864 - d.)

יצחק אייזיק Tauber (deceased)

36 Tauber (b. - 1787)

? Tauber (deceased)

? Tauber (Lok) (deceased)

? Tauber (Steiner) (deceased)

? Talbot (Tauber) (deceased)

? Tauber (deceased)

? Tauber (deceased)

? Tauber (deceased)

? Tauber (deceased)

? Tauber (deceased)

? Tauber (deceased)

? Horvat (Tauber) (1888 - 1944)

? Tauber (Zvi Baruch) (deceased)

? Tauber (deceased)

? Tauber (deceased)

? Tauber (Loew) (deceased)

? Tauber (deceased)

? Täuber/Wantoch (deceased)

?? Tauber (deceased)

???? Tauber (Ullmann) (deceased)

Aaron Tauber (deceased)

Aaron Tauber (1834 - d.)

Aaron Tauber was named in honor of his paternal great-grandfather, Aaron Tauber (1747-1815) of Holesov. He was still living in 1848 when he is listed as a 14-year old male in his parents' household.

Aaron Tauber (deceased)

R' Aaron David Tauber of Teshin (deceased)

Aaron Tauber (1809 - d.)

Aaron / Aron Tauber (1891 - d.)

Aaron Leib Tauber (deceased)

Aaron Àron Tauber (deceased)

Aba Chija Tauber (deceased)

Abbe Chiye Tauber (deceased)

Abraham Tauber (1887 - 1943)

Abraham Tauber (deceased)

Abraham Tauber (deceased)

Abraham Tauber (1912 - d.)

Abraham Tauber (deceased)

Abraham Tauber (deceased)

Abraham Tauber (1844 - 1908)

Abraham Tauber (1733 - 1795)

Abraham Tauber (deceased)

Abraham Tauber (1811 - d.)

Abraham (Lazar-Abraham) Tauber (1838 - d.)

Abraham Tauber was still alive in 1848, when he is seen as a 10-year old boy in his parents' household.

Abraham Jakob Tauber/Darnowitz (deceased)

Leipniker Familiant #93 F. Hillel, Die Rabbiner und die verdienstvollen Familien der Leipniker Gemeinde p. 120 I. b. 1.

Abram Tauber (1858 - d.)

Achsa Tauber (Miller) (1884 - 1945)

adela / dela tauber (deceased)

Adele Perles (Tauber) (1882 - d.)

Adele Taussig (Tauber) (1863 - 1942)

Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes Vorname Adele Nachname Taussig Geburtstag 23.06.1863 Wohnort Wien 9, Seegasse 9 Sterbedatum 09.10.1942 Sterbeort Theresiensta...

adele tauber (1898 - 1980)

Adelheid "Edl" Bellak (Tauber) (1813 - d.)

Ado Tauber (1815 - d.)

Ado Tauber (Tõwe) (1781 - 1847)

Tõrve Tauber 1836-1850a.

Adolf Tauber (deceased)

Adolf TAUBER (1824 - d.)

Adolf (Eduard) TAUBER (1886 - d.)

Adolf Tauber (1888 - 1914)

Adolf Tauber (1863 - d.)

Adolf Tauber (deceased)

Adolf (Abraham) Tauber (1848 - 1918)

HBM678 SEČ (Setsch bei Blowitz, o. Plzeň-jih) Birth image 6

Adolf Abraham Tauber (1832 - 1902)

Agatha Tauber (1831 - d.)

Aharon Tauber (deceased)

Aharon Wolf Tauber (deceased)

Aharon Tauber (1665 - 1741)

ר' Aharon Tauber (deceased)

כתב יד אהרן וברך שלא עשני אב"ד

Aharon Tauber (deceased)

Ahren Duvid Tauber (deceased)

Ahron Duwid Tauber (b. - c.1945)